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Despite Overseeing Soaring Civilian Casualties, Trump Points Finger at Pentagon Leaders as Warmongers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/08/despite-overseeing-soaring-civilian-casualties-trump-points-finger-pentagon-leaders


And the problem with Trump’s saying that military leaders are warmongers intent on enriching the defense industry would be…what?

I agree with Trump that the Pentagon leaders are war mongers, but so is Trump so what do you think is behind Trump’s demonization of the Pentagon?


Civilian dead, such as innocent farmers working out in their fields, are by remote control.
Some contract with a game controller,sitting in Arizona or New Mexico looks at a two dimensional tv screen with low count pixels from a drone.

Spots a guy carrying a suspicious device. Sends in a million dollar missle to evaporate the fella.
The farmers family runs out to their husband and dad, so he zaps them with the second missle.
The suspicious item was a rake handle, not a rifle.

That was the recipe during Obama Afghan surge.
In 2018, Afghan police and army suffered 16,000 casualties from Pakistan Taliban.

Today, Trump probably finally figured out that NSC appointments made by pentagon into his west wing staff are spies to make sure our top brass know what crap he is up to.

If I were to name the worst militant intent on destroying America and it’s established institutions, it would be the “presidential impersonator” residing in the White House.

Any way you think we could convince the Military Brass in "bombing the shit out of it?"


The article states that:

" As a candidate and as president, Trump has also repeatedly [promised] to stop what he—and many peace activists—often call America’s ‘endless wars.’ He has [come closer to ending] the U.S. war in Afghanistan …"

Apparently Trump, the alleged anti-war president, has not tried very hard as the article also notes that Trump has also engaged in as many wars [7] as his predecessor Obama. Thinking that Trump would actually keep his word would be an exercise in delusion.


Plus he also vetoed the bill that would have ended US support for the brutal Saudi war on Yemen, not to mention selling the saudis all the weapons they could ever want. This is just trump being the con man that he is trying to convince people he is the “peace president”. I think most Americans ar sick and tired of all these endless wars and he is just trying to appeal to them in an election season.


This is the reason you see a particular group of ‘Never Trumpers’ on the Right - they’ve always feared he might be an isolationist and pull back on empire, which threatens that massive pot of MIC gold. Of course, it was just another ploy during Trump’s campaign to capture Americans weary of untold military spending and endless war. Trump also tried to play the populist card with manufacturing jobs. Yeah, that’s a hot one: A rich, narcissistic, cutthroat real estate developer giving a crap about the working class!

But I do applaud Trump for exposing this ridiculously obvious truth. Military spending has replaced Social Security as the third rail of U.S. politics. Surely no Democrat has the courage to challenge the bottomless pit of empire. Even Bernie’s military cuts were tepid and he never addressed the essence of what our country has devolved into - a maniacal killing machine used for asserting world dominance. And private financial gain.

If Biden wins, he’ll be indebted to the neocons currently backing him. The Democrats should have distanced themselves from warmongering long ago. But then again, it would force them to look in the mirror and see they’ve been every bit as pro war and immoral as their counterparts. In fact, the NT’s endorsement of Biden shows how confident they are that Uncle Joe won’t derail the Defense money train.

Elites realized long ago that military spending was a fool-proof way of transferring public money upwards. Ain’t nobody making no profits with welfare spending or most other outlays for the commons. As the Nazi’s demonstrated, point to (imagined) foreign threats, build the army and call ‘unpatriotic’ anyone who opposes the plan.

So Bill Maher, Rachel, CNN, NY Times and the rest of the MM, if Biden wins, how about a town hall meeting featuring all those filthy neocons you’ve been sleeping with and question their views on the following:

Single Payer
Green New Deal
Labor Unions
Military Spending
Global Warming
The Palestinians
Taxing Wealth


Summer 2019, Kushner borrowed 500 to 700 million dollars from some one in the middle east.
He probably does not have to pay it back.
Could the donor be …?

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The old adage “credit where credit is due” only applies in this case to those who aren’t bankrupted by the crimson stain of warmongering themselves. Trump has killed thousands upon thousands of civilians while appointing military industrial complex insiders to his administration and boosting military budgets to record levels. In short, he is the warmonger-in-chief.

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I did not vote for Obama either time due largely to his warmongering, but his civilian death toll stands in the hundreds, very low thousands at most. Trump has killed far more civilians than Obama, but far less than Bush.

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He does not have their support and they might just drag his ass out of the WH. Also, he is trying to gain as many voters as he can and maybe thinks some peacenicks might go for this. That he is a chief con man and hypocrite who is using language from the “left” is fairly obvious.

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That was also my thought. I know for a fact that Generals Kelly and Mattis who detest Trump and who he fired… would love to frog march Trump out of his bunker in an orange jumpsuit! Especially Kelley if it is true about what Trump said at Kelley’s sons funeral and calling dead soldiers " losers and suckers"…

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Is this about Trump attempting to drive a wedge between the Military brass and the troops?

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Trump is doing what he does best, shifting blame and creating more chaos. I don’t think the generals are taking him seriously anyway, since the last POTUS who challenged the MIC got his brains blown out. This guy is just a clown. Don’t waste the ammo.

Um, that he’s lying?

Not admitting that he is a warmonger also, and that his military budget increases (above what the Pentagon asked for) enabled the Pentagon’s warmongering.

Let’s look at an infantry company with a captain as commander and second Lts as platoon leaders. First Lt. is executive officer. 11 to 13 person squads led by a sgt.
200 men and women.

These folks know each other. They train together, go to Kuwait or Afghan together. Actually, politics is not usually the important subject civilians think.
The chain of command with photos is right there everyday, posted.
They know Trump is commander in chief.
They know we are in garrison inside Afghan, Europe, middle east.
A few soldiers are out there in the wilderness, watching.

The US army has not won in 28 years. I blame west point curriculum and that
the cadets appointed are too politically connected to a congress persons fund
raising. The bagmans nephew goes in.

The army in 2020 is still worn out and needs about 2 more years of peace to
rebuild morale, train, recruit. The southeast states now provide most army enlistees,
Midwest area is second.
New England and west coast enlistees are rare.

The presidents remark is laughable. The sargeants have 4 year degrees. More than the local Chicago cop who has a HS diploma and 90 days training. CDers here blame ex military for the
police brutality - but is the hiring interviews that bring in bullies with racist attitiudes. Military service does not auto create a racist - on the contrary.

Trump is less the warmonger-in-chief than his predecessor. Remember the “surge?”

I am hardly a Trump fan, but his record of interventions compares favorably with Obama’s. Remember his surge in Afghanistan, interventions in Libya, Syria, and Somalia? Don’t recall Trump doing that sort of thing.