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Despite Panama Papers, EU Pitching Another Tax Evasion 'Smokescreen'



Outstanding article exposing the criminal collusion of the so-called remedies being concocted by the governments who are committed to supporting oligarchic rule and furthering the aims of the multi-nationals. These are the same entities who 'negotiated' the TTIP, TISA and TPP.


The litmus test for the EU and its love of capitalism and multinationals is whether they have the balls to collect a security transfer tax. Like NY they might pass the law and then not collect the money. As for the United States all of the stolen and legal money in the world is in accounts traded on Wall and LaSalle Streets. Half the gold in the world is in the basement of the federal reserve in NY in numbered accounts! Our government has no balls either. A half percent tax could sequester enough carbon to reverse the CO2 build-up in one growing season.