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Despite Poll Showing Aggressive Climate Action a Winning Issue, Biden Boasts 'I Am Not Banning Fracking'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/31/despite-poll-showing-aggressive-climate-action-winning-issue-biden-boasts-i-am-not


Time to push Biden and the campaign to stand up for what is right – and what the people really want, rather than just playing defense to whatever Trump offense sets out.


Is this the new RNC approach? Just have Trump accuse Biden of something, and Biden takes the bait and takes a stance to prove Trump wrong. That way, Trump can just create Biden’s platform.
Trump can just create a platform for Biden that the Dem voters will be against, and keep those Dem voters home on election day.


Maybe Joe will release a campaign ad in which he declares that if people elect him and then try to push him to the left, they might just succeed in getting him to change his mind about fracking, M4A, letting KKKops murder black people, TPP, etc.

Of course if he cared about getting people on the left to vote for him, he probably wouldn’t wait until after the election to change his mind.

Oh well. We can always hope that he develops a benign brain tumor that completely changes his personality.


Biden is just more hope we can’t believe in. He is a poor candidate and his leadership does not bode well for the american nation. Having said that, if I lived in a state that was in play in this election, I probably would vote for him just to get Trump out. Since I live in a blue state, I can vote as I like and likely the Green party. Trump must go, next Biden. The republican party needs to go and next the democrats to where they can’t play this ongoing tennis match where we the people are the losers before the game even starts.


I think I’ll vote for Trump. Then if he wins, I’ll write him one letter a week until he caves in to my progressive demands. What the heck–it can’t hurt to try!


What does Chomsky have to say about this?

Just more evidence that there’s only one party in America, a party with two right wings - a blue one and a red one. A party-bird of prey.


In his defense, Biden has never said he’d ban fracking, it was an issue in the debates. It’s not even clear that Congress could ban fracking. Moreover, fracking’s growth under Obama was on private land, under jurisdiction of states, not federal land. And, what doesn’t get discussed enough, is what would replace natural gas depending on how a ban is structured. We could be talking about the best subsidies for coal one could ask for.

Just to note, it’s Trump who has reopened and greatly expanded fracking on federal land. Heck, he changed the boundaries of a national monument to facilitate more fracking. Biden proposes to stop new wells on federal land. If people feel like a second Trump term would be better on this issue, there’s little evidence to believe that.


There is no doubt that Trump need to be removed immediately. Having put up the worst choice imaginable as his democratic opponent, one has to wonder what the Democratic party is up to. I said if you are in a state that is in play - vote for Biden if you like to get rid to Trump. Otherwise, feel free to do what you like and maybe help the 3rd parties. I will never get the bitter taste out of my mouth at what the DNC has done in this election year and find the party failing to live up to its promise. Of course it is better than the republicans but that really doesn’t say too much.


Fair enough and I understand. I was just noting that Biden said nothing new today regarding fracking, it was a topic in the primary debates, and consistent with his position all along.

I’d say withhold your vote, at this rate Trump is going to win anyway.

More like a vulture picking at the corpse of this country.


Neoliberals want to elect Trump


And I’m not going to vote for you Biden, even as scary as a second Trump term can be.


Think The Killer Clown makes these accusations knowing the response, and the resulting diminishment of Joe Dough’s standing among more progressive voters?

And Biden doesn’t give a shit, 'cause it’s win the DNC way, or not at all.


Where, oh where, on Common Dreams is any reportage of the Movement for a People’s Party convention, which took place yesterday? Speakers included Nina Turner, Cornel West, Chris Hedges, Medea Benjamin, Jesse Ventura, Tim Black, and many more heavy hitters on the left. CD wants our contributions but is cherry-picking the news.


So he is being an absolute fool! I hav ebeen telling would-be non-voters that he was so good on the ecology up to a month ago! This is shameful and will go down in the history books as -another stupid guy who just could not stand up for what our world needs becasue of beingn outfoxed by a guy that was even more stupid than he!
He should be shaming Trump and his outrageous record on the environment!


Won’t ban fracking; won’t withhold aid to Israel under any condition; won’t support Medicare4All; won’t support the GreenNewDeal; addressing a crowd of wealthy potential donors: “If I am elected nothing affecting you will change”; — what is his position on Social Security?

What, other than grammar and hair style, does he bring to the country?


Obviously – no doubt as clandestinely planned in secret meetings with the GOPredators – the Democratic (sic) Party is deliberately betraying us. Again.

Indeed, after this latest Biden outrage, no rational human can doubt the Deceptocrats are working overtime to ensure not only a Trump victory, but to make this the election that thrusts the United States the rest of the way to overt, conquer-the-world, exterminate all non-Ayran-whites Nazism.

Nor should it – at least to the few of us who have managed to preserve the use of reason – be any surprise.

For in bitter truth – look at the record (starting with Vietnam) – the Deceptocrats have reliably functioned as the Republicans’ Fifth Column ever since the death-squad coup that terminated President Kennedy’s (last ever) humanitarian administration.

And now – in terminal fulfillment of a plan that no doubt originated in der Fuehrerbunker sometime before the Red Army took Berlin (if not in the Reichskanzlei c. 1933-34) – the Deceptocrats are giving the Nazis disguised as Republicans their long-anticipated, meticulously scripted final thrust to victory.

(Never mind they’re fully aware Trump’s victory will not only end forever USian constitutional governance; it will also mandate the death of the Democratic [sic] Party, which the triumphant Nazis will of course quickly outlaw.)

End of story; end of species; end of livable planet.