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Despite Pressure From Trump, UN Votes to Demand End to Israeli Settlements


Despite Pressure From Trump, UN Votes to Demand End to Israeli Settlements

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite unusual diplomatic maneuvering involving President-elect Donald Trump, Israel, and Egypt on Thursday, the United Nations Security Council passed a historic resolution on Friday demanding an end to Israeli settlements.


And Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who serves as chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations of the Senate Appropriations Committee, threatened to "reduce United States assistance to the United Nations" if the body "moves forward with the ill-conceived resolution."

Law and order only when it's convenient for the status quo, eh?

The Israeli settlements are not only illegal, they are plainly immoral. As is U.S. underwriting settlement expansion at the same time as the U.S. goes "neutral" to let the world's voice speak truthfully (not that the Security Council is the world, by any means, but the overwhelming opinion of the world's people, when asked, is that Palestinian people are people).


could not be happier though I want a stronger statement from my government on calling Israel what it truly is - a rogue state out of control and why are my tax dollars helping it by paying billions to them for continuing to deny rights to Palestinians who have lived in that land for centuries? I will call my representatives in D C when they return from their undeserved long vacation and tell them what I want from them. agreement with the still in power Obama on this one and much more.


A decided number of the emperor's anointees (and his son-in-law for sure) will take exception to the UN vote to end the ILLEGAL HARMFUL settlements. Adelseon, Icahn and Cohn will surely bring pressure to bear (withholding "donations" and lobbying gratuities for various friendly repug members of Congress) on T-dump for the US to drop its UN Membership...and just to secure their ONE TRUE HOMELAND to which they devote their total allegiance (physically and financially) even though they made their fortunes while US citizens...and on the backs of their fellow Americans whom they would leave twisting in the wind.

We have one long, hard, treacherous road ahead of us to SAVE OUR NATION FROM COLLAPSE under the upcoming reign of terror.




You are so right! Thank you.


I read an article here by a Palestinian activist , Why UN Resolution on Settlements Would Be Bad for Palestinians, that basically said this is a Trojan Horse that is bad for Palestinians.

According to the article, all the good things, highlighted in an article like this, are already official UN declarations.

So what matters is what's new here and what's left out, according to this article:

What's left out is any enforcement of this resolution or the previous ones already condemning all this.

What's new here is language putting the two state solution into legal terms, instead of leaving the door open for a one state solution of one state where everyone has full rights. Instead a two state solution could lead to bantustans that are basically apartheid reservations for second class Palestinians. With a one state solution a just two state solution becomes the compromise. Without it the just two state solution becomes the radical solution and the compromise is bantustans.

This would explain why the Obama administration suddenly doesn't seem interested in having Israel's back; the reality is that the abstention is having Israel's back.

I don't know if this is an accurate analysis in this article. But it is frustrating that the news reports doesn't include this critique being made by Palestinians.

What do you all think?


They just want to complete their manifest destiny East like America did westward.


Let's see, you move into the land of another people, calling it your "God-given" land, start pushing them out, war, and when they fight back, you call them terrorists.
Reminds me of another country, only instead of calling them terrorists, they called them "savages" and committed complete genocide.


Whatever is in the UN fine print, nothing will be done to bring or secure justice to the Palestinians! The Israeli extremist racists have buffaloed the entire world with their subversion and threats, all masked in a cloak of religion.
Racist exceptionalism, deceit and lies, subversion and big-money, war and conflict, are the Israeli methods, and no state or international body has the moral compass or moxie (balls) to challenge their extremism/terrorism and their flouting of international law! What goes around comes around, and in the case of this odious state, hopefully damn soon!


I have no idea, but it seems like Obama's trying to juke some pr points for his party after an election in which the myth of Democrats being the "good guys" finally imploded. None of this is enforceable; none of it will come to pass. In anoteh month, Trump undoes all these likttle symbolic and measly bone-tossings that Obama's engaged in right now.

But it's going to allow Democrats a chance to claim, as some do on here, that "see? we're really different!"

My feeling is simple: you can tell a nation's intent by its money trail, and Obama was at the helm and driving this past record increase in financial and military support for Israel. And that has real, tangible effect on the world. So he's got Israel's back as much as ever.

This just smells like party damage control, which we've been seeing a considerable amount of since the election debacle. The pipeline deferrals and delays (all of which will be restored in amonth or so), the "muslim registry", now Israel. All issues where there is a substantial schism in the Democratic base.

Trickeration! :wink:


Though imperfect due to lack of ability to enforce, this statement cheers me simply because for once, the US wasn't a total bully. We deserve contempt for our hypocrisy and our insistence that we always know best - even when acting illegally. It is long past time for the rest of the world to call us on it.


Every moment Trump spends undoing one of Obama's executive orders is a moment he can't be doing REAL DAMAGE. I hope he gets so swamped by all the little stuff that he just cannot function.


In California, the term was "diggers," which meant dirty, debased sub-human creatures, the view of hatred by whites rooted in ignorance and greed (Euro Americans bathed far, far less, by the way, than Native Americans), and this paved the way for the genocide, 90% of indigenous Californians (of the Native peoples who survived the Missions' genocide previously) exterminated. As Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation, California state-funded Euro American gangs literally were murdering whole villages (it was not just "disease"!! and even to the extent that disease was not a small factor, it came in the context of communities traumatized, starving due to native foods decimated by the invaders, and often on the run out of their homelands, so death by "disease" here might in some ways be like death by "disease" in the Nazi concentration camps; no respectable historian emphasizes that disease took the lives of Jews and others in the Nazi camps, as if that distances the Nazis from culpability, yet this claim is the the dominant one in U.S. history books explaining Native American genocide). It is an incredible, incredible thing the way Indigenous peoples have evaded complete destruction--that they have is a testament to human and Indigenous capacity that makes putting a man on the moon, by comparison, an utterly tiny achievement.


I've read that Israel has now decided to withhold all foreign aid to Senegal, presumably because of its vote today (they also cancelled an important Senegalese official's visit to Israel).

If they're going to play hardball, I suggest that the US withhold exactly the same amount from the foreign aid we give Israel. What the heck are we doing giving them aid anyway, if they're just going to pass it on to other countries? I know that that's the way the world works now, but it really is quite absurd.


Thank you very much for pointing this out, LibLib. It was definitely worth reading, and actually I'm pretty swayed by Abunimah's arguments, for he makes them clearly and grounded in both logic and a sound reading of history, far as I can tell.

You summarize this well, I think. In other words, bantustans, inhospitable and dangerous and insufferable "living" (to put it nicely, for then there are the intermittent "mowing the lawn" atrocities Palestinians will continue to face, with the U.N. Security Council's effective blessings) for Palestinians indefinitely, same story it's been for 2/3 of a century: that is all that is being offered, ultimately, either with or without this U.N. resolution, because there is no enforcement of even the good parts of this resolution nor any of the other resolutions regarding Israel and Palestine.

One state with equal rights for all: that seems the only really viable goal in terms of enacting justice and peace. Yet this direction isn't even up for debate in the Security Council.


I agree. I have been following the situation for a very long time and more recent investigations have left me with the distinct impression that the world has more to fear from the Zionist movement than the "Muslim Terrorists".


Don't make this an issue of who is Jewish among the Trump coterie. The lack of support for Palestinian rights is far more general.


There will not be a two state solution. Is there a Mandela who can lead Israel out of its dead end.


Christ, progressives are hopeless.