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Despite Professing 'Moral Angst' About Inequality, World's Richest Just Keep Getting Richer



The corporations. media and parties have done everything possible to send Bernie Sanders packing because his candidacy is the only reason that income and wealth inequality are an issue in the 2016 election. No other Democratic Party or GOP candidate would have initiated discussing this issue. We would have been forced to wait for Jill Stein to being it up during the final three months before the November election.


In the US, we watch as the rich now do to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor. Because the proverbial "masses" -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless -- were successfully split apart this time, pitted against each other, there's little we can do about it.


Actually, we've been discussing this issue in one form or another since at least the late 1980s.


The rising tide that only lifts the yachts


I kind of feel like this brought the middle and poor classes more together since we are both suffering. Middle class people know now what it's like to lose your home and have nowhere to live. That's how I feel, anyway.


"Unless companies here and across the globe rein in executive salaries, pay their fair share of taxes, and invest in decent jobs the yawning gap between the haves and have-nots will continue to grow."

Yes, let's ask and wait for companies here and abroad to "rein in executive salaries, pay their share of taxes, and invest in decent jobs." i'm sure they're looking for the chance to do just that...

Or we could recognize the ugly truth:

We will have to take their looted wealth from them, and restructure the political economy from top to bottom to eliminate the looting class.

And they will fight like hell to cling to their "looters rights."


Despite professing moral angst about inequality, the world's richest just keep getting richer, and keep supporting the politics that will ensures this continues.
In their nihilistic world view, they have no choice and must mechanically continue to produce profit, power and control at all costs - they are immune from personal responsibility for these actions and the endless suffering that they create. Sociopaths, they go to church, synagogue and temple. Sociopaths who subscribe to nothing except their right to dominate this world at will because they deserve to be lords.
Vote very carefully.
These animals are in charge of our lives but care little for the well being of this world and all its inhabitants.
The prevalent social consensus that rules us is insanity - you can change that.
Start today.


You have done more to sow division among the 99 percent, than the average person with your never ending propaganda that serves to take the focus off of those who actually have worked to drive those divisions.

No, for you it's all about repeating this meme, rewriting the history and message of OWS, and occasionally showing your true colors when you defend the corporate servicing Obama.


Let us not forget that Hillary gave a speech on income inequality wearing a $12, 400 jacket.


Nothing will or can be done about the enormous wealth inequality. Ultimately, the system will collapse under its own weight.


ok, i get it, she is too stupid to be prez.


So many opinions expressed here, regarding the disparity of wealth, but not one strategy in any of the commentaries, or in any of these articles.

Although the connection may seem vague, Naomi Klein's book, This Changes Everything does point in the right direction, because nothing that happens in this world is unconnected to the whole.

The true issue, as I see it, is the difference between having enough and wanting more. The so-called 1% will never have enough.

For those of you who are curious, look up the word schadenfreude. Does this apply to your perspective?


When students learn about the time period called, "The Gilded Age"; that time when people like the Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts, etc, reigned supreme, I doubt students are learning today that, the income disparity is greater now than in that past Golden Age. Like the Oligarch's of yesteryear, ones who also bought elections, fought any controls on their various industries tooth and nail, in many ways today's Oligarchs are much worse, since it isn't just about owning the majority of the money supply, but everything possible to own, including whole government's and the bureaucracies that go with them. They do this far better today than in times past, having learned their lessons about how they lost some of their power once upon a time. This makes them far more dangerous than in that past Gilded Age and many are quite aware of this nowadays, in light of the polling data showing 90% of Americans have lost confidence in the government and it's system, the consequences of rule by the few are being felt most everywhere. The Natives are becoming restless as they say and understandably so. What's to be done about it may be one the largest questions the current generations will ever face.
Many are saying we need a mass people's movement to overturn the status quo and I agree, however unlike the movements of the past, I hope the next one that takes on the system also learns from past mistakes and doesn't simply settle for changing the faces of an already wholly corrupt system with a bandage placed here and there. That solution has been tried before and look at the result.


The "mass revolution" might be too late, because the 1% in the fossil fuel industry are killing the atmosphere that humans need to survive as a species.


History dates the struggle much earlier; reference, the communist movement in Russia, and Castro & Guevera in Cuba. However, once the rebel leaders arre ensconced in the palaces, the new oligarchy continues, (meet the new boss, same as the old boss). The problem is much deeper; go to the evolutionary roots of humans' survival, which is based on competition (my food, my needs, come first). When we learned to collaborate instead of compete virtually anything was possible. Yet the "mine" issue continues to derail our greatest ambitions for our species.

Now that the fossil-fuel industry is killing an atmosphere needed for the survival of the human species, the cockroaches are waiting for their turn. Which means that all of these commentaries are just so much space filler.


This article is redundant. however it is sadly needed because this message has not reached enough ears to sway an election. The rise of another corporate lackey to the candidacy for president for the Democratic Party is ample proof of that. The big question today should be Will the power of money be thwarted in the streets or the ballot box? Unfortunately history does not show a lot of hope for the latter of these options.


I worry that the people of the world are demoralized in the face of these facts. Everyone knows about the Vicious Cycle but did you know that there is also a Virtuous Cycle?

John Oliver just purchased and forgave $15 million worth of medical debt. That is one place to start a revolution.

There are others. Remember of that top 62 people who own much of this world- 4 are Walmart heirs. 62 people vs. humanity- I know which side I think has the power.


I recently saw the numbers of species loss and while I realized we're in a period of mass extinctions on the same level as happened during the end of the Jurassic period, I didn't grasp it as well until I read how many species are dying off every hour. Sort of made it more real for some reason. In any event, it's seems insane to continue living in a such a way that such mass extinctions have become normal. Along with all sorts of pollution, including nuclear, oceans becoming more acidic daily, global warming in progress, with record highs, including more importantly perhaps, record lows that are not nearly as low as they should be, meaning even at night, radiational cooling isn't happening as it should, which clearly is caused by more and more greenhouse gases, Our situation becomes more dire each year and I believe we all understand why this happening, what is causing it to happen, many of the who that are behind the curtain are well known, but not all, and what to do about it is pretty clear too. There just aren't any or enough political will to alter our course, or so people are led to believe, but it's not like we're talking about some kind of ideology here, or party politics. Polluting the earth to the point of no return is not politics, but science. The survival of our and other species is stake and if those in positions which allow them to reverse course decide against our survival, they and perhaps even the system(s) they represent, must fade into history.


Would that we the people could find a way to work collaboratively to save and protect or species and the planet without the necessity of a bloody revolution. The moneyed culture has, as in Poe's 'Masque of the Red Death' has fortified itself behind the armed power of the governments fearing what their excesses will bring to them, which is why the vilest corporations invest so heavily into the political puppet show. 'Other-ism' is at the root of the problem, when some people see themselves as apart from others. Essentially it is a fearful mind that seeks to set itself apart, where the concept of having enough cannot be understood, where needing more is ever the driver. If not for the vast holdings of wealth, these pitiful few would be in some asylum for the unwell. It is now, more than ever before, the time to change before the atmosphere is too toxic to support human existence. When our leaders no longer lead it is the time for people to collaborate and lead themselves. The Constitution said it perfectly: We the people... What will 'we' do? Naomi Klein wrote 'This Changes Everything' a definitive observation on what is happening. Read it and decide what you will do?