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Despite Promises of ACA, Study Shows Two-Thirds of Personal Bankruptcies Still Caused by Illness and Medical Bills

Despite Promises of ACA, Study Shows Two-Thirds of Personal Bankruptcies Still Caused by Illness and Medical Bills

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new study shows how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has failed to solve one of the major crises in the American for-profit health insurance system that it was supposed to help eradicate: bankruptcies related to high medical bills and other healthcare-related costs.


Those who defend ObamaRomneycare need to answer this question: If the ACA is so wonderful, why is support for expanded, improved MFA so strong?

Here’s your bonus question: Why is it acceptable to leave 30 million Americans without healthcare coverage while health insurance company profits are subsidized with your tax dollars?


Death or debt. That’s the corporate version of choice offered by the free market health care system.


M4A is the only way (copyright) :slight_smile: :grin: wink
Unfortunately the Blue Dog, 3rd Way, Centrist, Corporate incrementalists and Democratic ‘Leadership’ are bought and paid for by the industries they would have to control in order to get M4A accomplished. I still hear the congressional puppets in these crowds using the Republican term “Access to Healthcare” which means Status Quo. I’m afraid it will take a Third Party to get this done. And that will take another generation. Pelosi and Schumer are NOT our friends


Building on the ACA makes zero sense, and those that talk about building on the ACA don’t ever explain what the hell they mean by that, outside of pitiful crumbs here and there. There were good parts of the ACA, some of the consumer protections, the expansion of Medicaid, but is an overly complex system that still has massive inefficiencies, still leaves people tied to their employer in regards to healthcare (which empowers capital relative to labor), still leaves millions uncovered, still costs far more than any system in the world, still has far more overhead than traditional Medicare or single payer systems. Why in the hell would we build on that? Why would we go back into negotiations to re-create such a flawed thing, as opposed to just expanding and improving already existing and far less complex public sector programs, all of which are more popular and more efficient than private healthcare? It isn’t as if the right wing politicians in power will sign on to any of it anyway.


Pretending that the right wing will ever sign on to real health care reform is just an excuse to water down medical insurance legislation. Ever since Obama signed ACA in March 2010 polls have consistently shown ACA approval ratings in the 40s, not much different than Trump’s approval ratings during the past two years.

The ACA is a corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform, designed by Liz Fowler to steer away from any hope for a move to single payer medical insurance.


ACA was so obviously a giveaway to the insurance industry.No discerning,rational person would have expected any other outcome


Death or debt or both

“Affordable Care”?

Just an “Act”


Duh. You can keep telling Democrats until you’re blue in the face that they’re getting played but apparently their pride is more important than their lives.

And it’s going to happen in 2020, too, and that’s if Trump doesn’t win re-election, which he probably will if yet another corporatist Democrat is elevated to the throne.

Well, you know that a chunk of those darling Democrats are holding that fat, juicy Deathcare stock in their little portfolios. A few (thousand) peasant lives are an acceptable price for their middle class comforts.


There is enough money to pay for Medicare for ALL----I read yesterday that the US military just bought Israel’s Iron Dome System-----so I wonder how much they got?
I think everyone in America would rather spend money on making people healthy and well— but with so many military killings, those war costs are even higher than health care for all could ever be. : 0


I’ll have the Monty Python salmon mousse, please.

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Are you suggesting that the 70 House votes to kill the ACA were bogus all along. That they really were happy with the insurance co. getting rich? Ohh, they’re good.

You are only as useful to the Corporate:State:Scientocracy that passes for ‘People’s Government’ as your income earning and life savings accumulated. As soon as you are bled out, the Fed UniParty puts you into a ‘resource account’, where your new poverty supports a whole range of government drones and contractors stealing the life savings of those still working, to cover your bloated 3x more expensive than any other industrial nation and 19th in outcomes ‘healthcare’.

I’ve had life-threatening illnesses when I was without insurance. It’s scary! The hospital doctor said, "Congratulations, you survived the heart attack. I can’t do anything for you. Good luck!’ And I’ve also had life-threatening illnesses with insurance, where the HMO either dismissed my request for care, or else private doctors over-procedured me, until there was no more coverage in my annual account! Now I take close care of myself, rigorous diet and exercise, and haven’t had a health problem in 15 years.

You don’t make a crooked tree straight by stealing the accumulated Medicare benefits of those who worked their whole lives and paid in every paycheck, by then re-distributing it to every person in the country. If they want national healthcare and single-payer, used MEDICAID as their model, and open up more VA hospitals to everyone. Medicare is a separate self-funded Trust Fund. It’s not theirs to loot.

But they will.

If they really wanted to ‘help the poor’, they would make Medicaid payments available as medical tourist coverage in Mexico and Panama, where you can get 1W care for 1/10th the price, and they would Open Borders foreign pharmaceuticals from Canada and EU at 1/5th the price.

But they won’t.

Immense harm done to citizens and the nation for lack of national health care system.
We are about 70 years behind other nations –
And it’s also taken down our medical system – if we had Medicare4All, we’d need total
retraining of doctors. Many have no idea what they’re doing.

Must be about time for a “Wounded Peasants” scam to show up with some deep-voiced country-western singer who was never in the military, of course, to pound his chest for us to donate.

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The ‘hype’ of passing ACA: it was a start, a foot in the door, to provide insurance to almost all uninsured, college students to age 26 under their parents insurance, and do away with pre-existing condition clause, subsidize those who could not afford the program, and expand Medicaid coverage, while taxing all workers for the costs.
The ‘hope’ of passing ACA was afterwards Congress would fix the program, work toward lowering medical and drug costs, and allow coverage for those left uninsured. Hell before Congress members passed ACA they demanded a subsidy from Obama to defray their cost for ACA insurance which they themselves were obligated to use, and Obama granted it, after going back on his word that they could keep the insurance they already had. Well we know how that worked out. Kaput. Every month for years the Republicans in Congress did nothing else but try to destroy the program. Meanwhile in the background a majority of the medical community and progressives have pushed for a universal one payer system for all.
It is very interesting in the past few weeks as the MFA drumbeat is loud and clear, the destructors of ACA are speaking up about keeping the program or parts of it, and lowering pharmaceuticals costs. This outflanking attack has many Democratic leaders’ backing also.
They fear the dragon they have awakened.

The ‘accumulated Medicare benefits’, like Social Security funds, are placed in ‘trust funds’.
A misnomer for sure, maybe an oxymoron or simply a moron. Here is the problem with this trust thing: There is nothing of value in the trusts. My politicians and yours took the cash that was withheld from our pay checks (fat cats don’t get pay checks) and wasted it on useless wars and interest payments on the US debt. Interesting thing about the theft, it was not credited as debt but subtracted from the outstanding debt so as to make it seem smaller by a few trillion. The same politicians now ring their hands that the trust funds will run out of money … if they don’t cut benefits to Medicare and Social Security. Meaning: To replace the loot, we will have to raise taxes on the fat cats that benefited from the looting. ‘They’ will not let us. So we (politicians) have no choice except to extract it from the middle class and move them to the middle poor class.

The legacy of “incrementalism” - the charade adopted by legislators pressured by criminal “lobbyists” who serve not the public, but the usurers and for-profit above all else. The political cowardice, corruption, and complicity that govern our legislators and the policies supported or buried under a mountain of lies and deception.

The timidity and “it’s the only thing we can pass” rubbish argument/justifications born of big-money bribes now dominant to fund elections in our manipulated “system”. Connected lobbyists granted access the “little-people” don’t have, and political weakness/corruption from decades of the power of de facto corporate/special interest taking control over public representatives and legislation…such was the ACA - an incrementalist sop to the insurance “industry”, big-pharma, and corporate health care hospitals that did not get at the problem, just put a rotting, suppurating band-aid over the wound that millions suffer from while some get rich. The R’Con “conservative” mantra of profits uber alles now rules the republic and we will be lucky to surviver the culmination of that rot; the trump regime.

Not my idea of promoting the general welfare or building for the Common Good.

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