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Despite Puerto Rico Disaster, Vulture Firms Relentlessly Seeking Billions in Debt Payments


Despite Puerto Rico Disaster, Vulture Firms Relentlessly Seeking Billions in Debt Payments

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Exposé details how firms are banding together to take money from Puerto Rico despite the island's $95 billion in hurricane damage

devastation in puerto rico


And with the pals of Mnuchin leading the charge…not unlike his own vile predation on homeowners awash in mortgage debt due to underhanded, misleading practices by banksters…leaving the homeowners and their families homeless and still owing the debt. Greed…ghoulish, grasping greed.


Like vultures and cadaver beetles feeding on carcases…stripping the flesh with unrivaled efficiency leaving only the bones, which any number of carnivorous animals will then devour. When I lived in PR, wild dogs and mongoose were to be avoided, now is it the ravenous, rapacious banksters.


Vultures are good for only two things:

  1. Feeding on the dead or soon to be dead, and

  2. Target practice.


Vultures of the human kind for target practice. Condors and vultures are either on endangered or threatened species lists, human ghouls are not.


There is a gentrification taking place in PR and it is picking up steam:


In my reading of economic history, there is nothing like a disaster for bringing out the worst in the financial community.

Trump’s response to Puerto Rico’s pain has demonstrated just how cynically Mammon responds to human suffering. For this particular false god, which increasingly rules America, dismal events represent just another opportunity for profit.

It can justifiably be wondered if the president’s chief aim, beyond exercising his propensity for sadism, is to maximize misery so as to maximize the amount of additional treasure that will flow into Wall Street’s huge vaults.

At all events, I wouldn’t expect amelioration of any kind from the more powerful Trumpites, not in the realm of climate change or anything else. They remind me of the sailor whom Voltaire portrayed in CANDIDE. As the sailor surveys the ruins caused by the Great Lisbon Earthquake, he enthuses: ‘There’ll be something to pick up here!’


The symbol for the USA as the Bald Eagle is a creature similar to vultures in that they don’t mind eating carcasses. This fits.



That is their job in the eco system. There would be a lot of filth and disease if something didn’t take care of.


The Virgin Islands are pretty much in the same shape as Puerto Rico, they are struggling financially and the devastation from the hurricane.


Big bankers are doing God’s work.


Get this guy back on track. I love him. He so solvened B’s poison left behind. Pinpoint…


The island in uninhabitable. People are drinking rat poop. Evacuate it now and leave only the willing and able to rebuild. What the hell is wrong with us? Post the name of vulture corporations on massive billboards.


“Vultures of the human kind.”

Their actions have one goal, to use the corrupted laws of the land to steal other’s assets.

Sometimes, perhaps not too infrequently, this causes their victims depression, distress, health issues, and occasionally death.

Vultures of the human kind live off the suffering of others.



The city of Flint, Michigan declared bankruptcy. The Republican governor appointed a receiver who cut the Flint City Council and Mayor out of the decision-making process. Then the receiver cut the budget to the water works, and he poisoned the city water supply with lead. The people of Flint sued for medical damages, and the State of Michigan had to pay up.

This disaster happened in part because Puerto Rico’s receiver didn’t take care of the electric wires and in part because the receiver wasn’t going to pay hardly anything to fix the electric wires, which is threatening to cause a massive cholera epidemic all over the island. The question is, can the receiver’s boss be sued?


Ok, why did Flint Michigan declare bankruptcy? What about Puerto Rico? Include the Virgin Islands because they are operating on credit.? What happened and who did it?


“Some of the team appeared on Democracy Now! Wednesday morning to discuss their findings.

Pardon me, but watch what?


Trump is Wall Street`s sTRUMPet . For Puerto Rico Food and Water is Out. Asset Stripping on Colossal Debts is In.