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Despite 'Relentless' Assault by Corporate America, Gallup Poll Shows Support for Unions at Near 50-Year High

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/29/despite-relentless-assault-corporate-america-gallup-poll-shows-support-unions-near


One stratum of the cabal they/we are up against:

And from the Marshall Project this morning:
When your doorbell is Big Brother. The smart-doorbell company Ring, owned by Amazon, has partnered with more than 400 police departments nationwide — far more than previously known — to provide video from individual citizens’ private web-enabled doorbells to aid police in their investigations. Police and company executives say their collaboration makes neighborhoods safer. But critics say it’s an undemocratic surveillance dragnet being marketed as just another app. Washington Post


The Middle-class will come back as soon as the Unions come back. It’s that simple


When they gut union rights, states claim the moniker “right to work”. If they gut pensions, do they claim “right to retire”? The People need to reread 1984 and realize that Corporate America is Big Brother. “Want fries with that?”


Be Union, Buy Union, Live It!! Actually, it’s the only way to work! Union dues are damn cheap for what they bring members!


Iowa has 8% union represented workers. Was 15% 40 years ago. A union local has its represented workers at $15.00 per hour and health care insurance with $20,000 per year co-pay in an Indiana high tech aircraft bearing manufacturer.

John Deere moved its hydraulics machining shop to Mexico last summer. Over 250 union jobs gone. Caterpillar had already moved their hydraulics from Joliet, IL to Mexicp. The workers there were at $26.00 per hour plus full benefits = $38.75 per hour earned.


Every worker needs a union. Let’s change our Labor Day to May 1 when the rest of the globe celebrates us.


“Buy the union label.”

Adopting M4ALL would be a welcome sister to union building.


Well, the Hawkeye State took out the unions in the 1970s when they figured out saying " right to life " worked where saying " right to work " didn’t.
Once the Bible-thumpin’ hoodwinkin’ salesmen get their stinky foot in the door, you damn near have to cut it off a chainsaw to get it out of the house, so to speak.
The history of the meatpacking business in the Midwest is a case study in how to destroy small farmers, small cities, union-run plants and create industrial food processing. That sow’s ear taste anything like a silk purse with some cash and a benefits package in it?
Yum, Yum. Bon Appetit.


One of the biggest impediments to strong unions is ourselves. The 1% have played the division tactics perfectly since the 1970’s. The only way we have strong unions is if the 99% realize they must put their prejudice aside, no matter what it is. Whether your union or not, if you don’t stand with your 99% brothers and sisters, no matter the color of their skin, or economic standing, we will all fail. This also includes the professional class and academics, unless your a billionaire, like it or not, your part of the 99%.


The fight for union rebuilding and power, goes “hand-in-glove” with Universal Single-Payer not-for-profit health insurance inclusive coverage taken together is essential to rebuilding the middle-class,.

Ttaking the parasite middle-men insurance industry and their restrictions, rejections, high deductibles, low policy coverages, and massive increases of all aspects of health-care!

Taking for-profit insurance/doctor obscene cost increases out of the equation is essential! People are lied-to regarding health care costs.and coverage - they are not “saving money” they are getting ripped-off from giddyup to whoa!

The “deal” you might think is economical does not cover what any person or family really needs (unless you’re rich and pay thru the nose!) in case of need, onerous employer/company expenses are increased and pay decreased! Universal Single-Payer creates a nation-wide base of health care that really works for everyone - except the insurance parasites and their corrupt doctors!,

Strong unions! Strong Universal not-for-profit Single-Payer!