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Despite Reversal on Hyde, Joe Biden Far From Reproductive Rights Champion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/despite-reversal-hyde-joe-biden-far-reproductive-rights-champion

From the article:

“…praise from Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), who called it ‘Proof that the power of women can change things.’”

With all due respect to Rep. Lee, it’s proof of Biden’s power to tailor his words to the zeitgeist.


We already know Biden is no Progressive. He’s dead center where his Rich puppet masters want him to be, to serve their own interests… Certainly not ours.

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Speaking (out of both sides of his mouth) at a Democratic fundraiser in Atlanta Thursday evening, Biden said “If I believe healthcare is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s ZIP code.”

Mr. Biden, You cannot claim to support healthcare as a right and further imply that the right is not dependent upon one’s ZIP code while at the same time refusing to support National Improved Medicare for All. (Both proposed House and Senate Bills include coverage for All reproductive care including abortion.)

There is NO middle ground on this issue. You are either for insurance/pharma cartel profit care or for health care. You cannot be for both.


Yes, he tailored his words to the zeitgeist. Is anyone stupid enough to think that anything except his words have changed here? Are there people left who are not yet convinced that Biden is a soulless opportunist, except possibly those voters who are just as soullessly opportunistic in their own lives?


Biden is progressively more (and only) self- interested. And Barbara Lee is either a boot licker or a fool.


Biden is of the old school, the old bad school, where women knew their place, and left before the men broke out the cigars. He will never change his stripes. He will never lead the charge to improve our lives. He counts on beating Trump by sitting on his duff comfortably, by being tepid in everything. Isn’t that Hillary’s failed play book? If you want a definition of a neo-liberal centrist, one who refuses to get out of our way, of Warren’s and Bernie’s way, I give you Biden. People like him brought us into this mess, not Trump.


Why else would Biden be called: THE FRONT RUNNER?

Joe Biden has his own baggage, and it ain’t Louis Vuitton. The Hyde Amendment was named after Henry Hyde, the Illinois Republican, who, in his 40s, made a “youthful error” by committing adultery. There is a long history of painfully bad legislation regarding women’s health.

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Biden is worse than Trump…not!

We are better off w Trump than a Centrist like Biden. Why? TIME to mitigate for Climate Change. We can all agree that humanity is in a hurry to deal w the Ultimate existential threat. There are 3 scenarios.

  1. Trump wins. If Trump wins, we have 4 more years of Hell. Then, we can use the time to defeat the failed Centrists & elect a Progressive who will get on w adaptation.
  2. Biden wins & does not Jack $hit for 4-8 years. Centrists, during Obama terms LOST power at every level & branch of government. They are Neoliberal warmongers & will suck so hard that a Republican will be elected on the flip. The result is an indefinite, like never, postponement of Climate Change mitigation.
  3. We elect Sanders or lnslee. In this case, we start rolling out the Green New Deal straight away.
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In my judgment Biden stands for at least as much evil as does Trump and does so more effectively than Trump— as do many of his Democratic colleagues.