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Despite Security Mania Since 9/11, TSA Failed to Find 95% of Fake Weapons in Mock Tests


Despite Security Mania Since 9/11, TSA Failed to Find 95% of Fake Weapons in Mock Tests

Jon Queally, staff writer

Despite creating a world where you have to take off your shoes, empty every drop out of a water bottle, dispose of toenail scissors, and expose yourself to a full-body scanner (or submit to a physical pat-down) every time you want to get on an airplane, the Transportation Safety Administration failed to find a full 95 percent of fake weapons which passed through airport security checkpoints during covert tests performed recently by the Department of Homeland Security.


Anyone who has ever done security knows that TSA is not real security.
It is a programing of the population, it only harasses the honest people.

More importantly is the real meaning of the 95% Failure Rate.
If we assume the same failure rate with the general population, it means…

That either whole bunches of terrorists are getting weapons through TSA
There are no terrorists trying to get through TSA screening.

Even Dummies know that indigenous tribal factions from the most backwards nations on the planet are not infiltrating our defenses.

They ain’t coming…It’s a LIE.

I have more security issues with the local gangs in the neighborhood.


There are a lot of questions regarding this - I presume that the fake bombs didn’t contain the nitrates in real explosives that can get detected by the checkpoint equipment.

Also, if it is so easy for a real suicide bomber to get on a plane, there must not be very many of them.

But one thing for sure, the already offensive, and unpleasant process of flying somewhere (I only fly because my job occasionally requires it) is about to become more unpleasant. It looks like we will be seeing those x-ray machines coming back.


I’d say they used real threats
Inspector units usually do live testing, otherwise it would skew the results.
Nitrate testing is either a proximity sensor or a swab test.

Simple misdirection would clear most hurdles.
And it sure looks like Keystone Cop mode. How about that razor sharp x-ray tech.

When TSA last told me to unload any Tic-Tacs from my pocket, I just
had to shake my head in utter embarrassment for our law enforcement training.
If this is where you are concentrating focus…


Chertoff is an Israeli agent agent doing the work of the Mossad. 911, inside job. Mossad and CIA to pillage treasury for “defense contractors” and middle east chaos. While Israelis steal land and water.


One thing that amazes me going through security checkpoints is the degree to which these TSA agents are utter, low-hangin’ fruit.