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Despite Some Losses for Progressives, 'Fantastic Night for Centrists' Framing Misses the Point of What's Happening Inside Democratic Party


Despite Some Losses for Progressives, 'Fantastic Night for Centrists' Framing Misses the Point of What's Happening Inside Democratic Party

Jon Queally, staff writer

While progressives hoping for tide-shifting victories by progressive insurgents such as Dr.


Centrist Democrats? More of the same in other words.

I am reminded of that Mercedes Car Coomercial where a salesperson for another Vehicle brand claims “it drives just like a Mercedes” with the rejoinder “Then why not get a Mercedes” ?

Centrist Democrats vote “Just like Republicans” so why on earth would people not vote Republican?

The only people this a victory for is the 1 percent.


We have had decades of stagnating wages for most. Explosion in private debt and inequality. Wages have stagnated while the costs of everything from college education, to housing and healthcare have continued to exponentially grow. The system is thoroughly corrupt, as are both parties. The environmental crisis is approaching very quickly, and I could go on. What exact solutions to “centrists” (center of what) propose? When it comes to the environmental crisis, it isn’t just global warming. It is far beyond that. What radical changes (only radical changes have a .0001% chance of working) are they willing to support? When it comes to healthcare, what exactly do they offer, and how can this system be made to be more efficient, given how inefficient private insurance companies are and given the overly complicated nature of the healthcare system? When it comes to inequality, and the power differential between workers and capitalists, what solutions do centrists offer? Hell, are they interested in even pretending to have a solution for that? Reversing financialization? Corruption in politics? The fact is that the “centrists” are horrible opponents to the right wing. They will go into power, offer no solutions, things will continue to get worse. There were some wins for the left, which is good, but the Democrats will not support anyone wanting to radically change the system or their party. They will throw their weight behind those that don’t want to change a system simply not working for most people anymore.


Well, parasites on the Democratic Party (one, Lrx, is in the process of posting) won too. See, their shitty ideas, strategies and arguments are key to the Democrats remaining the party that it is, and people on the left winning would kick their worthless asses out. So, they won too. Not sure if they are the one percent, just their well paid and happy puppets.


Brent Welder lost to Sharice Davids, an Emily’s List-backed candidate. Neither are progressives.

While Davids website lists “Priorities,” it contains nearly no details whatsoever about much of anything (except for expanded Medicaid - a good thing). She’s a Hillary-backed Dembot.

Welder, a labor lawyer, worked for the notoriously-corrupt, anti-union James P. Hoffa Jr. of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. As National Field Director he was primarily responsible for organizing political campaigns and get-out-the vote, NOT organizing workers. The IBT regularly endorses Rethugs and right-wing Dems.

Neither Welder nor Davids recognize the 95% of human beings who live outside of the U.S., nor do they mention the U.S. global empire and the fact that – in addition to slaughtering people, wrecking nations and poisoning the biosphere – the massive U.S. military budget makes progressive programs impossible and domestic austerity inevitable.

On a local/national/international note: I live just outside of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. It had a special election. Dem Danny O’Connor and Rethug Troy Balderson are running for a seat that lasts until Nov. Already Dems are Trumpetting it as a great anti-Trump victory, though the final votes can’t be counted under OH law for 11 more days. (Don’t ask me why).

In any case, O’Connor ran an issueless campaign extolling the virtues of Duopoly bipartisanship. His main radio commercial featured a Trump voter and supporter who supported him because he’s “authentic.” The sickening commercial blasted at least 10 times each day.


Not only do Dems vote as Rethugs, even worse, they corral progressive voters, energy and resources under their “big tent,” making progressive electoral politics damned near impossible. This is their main priority.


It seems to me the center left of the Democratic Party is in better position to win in more conservative areas while the progressive wing is in better position to win in more liberal areas. It seems seems clear that people have been making a little to much out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s surprise victory in the Bronx and Queens. It may have had to do more with a demographic shift than the progressive policies she was calling for. Her opponent had not faced a primary challenge in something like 16 years. And during that time I believe a large number of Hispanics moved into the district making it now 50% Hispanic. So a Latino candidate probably had a big advantage and that might have been responsible for the margin of victory. The polls got it all wrong, most likely because the Hispanic voters did not turn out in large numbers in the past. The polls are based on past voting patterns and most like having a Latino candidate brought out an unusually large number of Hispanic voters. But that being said, Medicare for All does seem like an issue that is really gaining traction as so many people are unhappy about the present health coverage situation. So that is probably the best issue for shifting the Democratic Party to the left. But there are an awful lot of conservative voters in the US, particularly outside of major cities, and I would expect the center left to be dominant in the Democratic Party as we move forward.


I believe it was Harry Truman who once said that, when given the choice between a fake republican and a real one, the people will vote for the real one every time.
The fallacy of the Clintons DLC is still haunting the Democratic Party today. They have been pulling the party to the right for twenty five years now, and it’s no coincidence that during that time span the Democratic Party has become largely irrelevant.


Most of the “centrists” that won aren’t centrist if you look at what centrism meant during the heyday of Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh, say in the early to mid-2000s.


Yup, you keep believing that bullshit and you’ll keep losing elections.
Stop deluding yourself into buying that Clinton nonsense about him winning over republican moderates. He did no such thing. He won because republican moderates voted for Perot and stole 15% of the vote away from Bush the elder.


Another day, another subject, another “Correct the Record” sh!t sandwich from Lrx.


The democrats 2018 election plans are so cynical as to be hillarious. They plan to stay the center/right course, not committing to anything, and hoping that Trump and his republican apologists quite literally crash the US and world economy. And in the midst of that misery the democrats are counting on dim American voters to see them as some sort of saviors.
The democrats entire electoral model for the forseeable future relies solely on the Nation being destroyed by Trump.
I’ve got a plan, how about pushing for single payer, pot decriminalization, legal abortion, tax on the rich, regulating the corporate, infrastructure spending, 15-20$ minimum wage, elimination of the social security cap, and a green energy grid? How about steering the ship away iceberg, instead of waiting for it to rip the hull open and shouting I told you so’s as people rush the lifeboats?
I said years ago that the only difference between a republican and a corporate democrat is that, while both will kick you in the nuts and take your wallet, the democrat will at least shout “sorry” over his shoulder as he runs away.


Those who continue to believe that elections are a zero-sum game, where voters only have an A or B choice are just plain wrong. Those in the Ohio 12th Congressional district who voted for Green Party candidate Joe Manchik were not taking votes away from Democrat Danny O’Connor. Surveys have shown that the vast majority of Green Party voters will not vote for the Democrat if they have no Green Party candidate to vote for. We are far more likely to either not come out to vote, or leave that race blank on our ballots. This was true for the 2016 Presidential campaign as well. It is a bald-faced lie to blame us for the losses of unacceptable, corporate Democratic candidates who are not acceptable to progressives. Also, since Manchik was on the ballot as a Green, why the hell did MSNBC list him in the results as an “Independent”, while running him down as a Green Party “spoiler” verbally (especially Lawrence O’Donnell). The Greens need to loudly and persistently call out the spoiler lie every time the establishment media and political machine brings it up. Corporate Dems, we are coming for you. We are out to destroy the Democratic Party and replace you with us!


No, not the lesser evil! Voting for the more effective evil is evil.




What’s happening inside the Democratic party? The fake opposition party had a fantastic night!


The Dems are the relabeling party.

They relabeled Romneycare as ObamaCare.
They relabeled income inequality as the beauty of meritocracy.
They relabeled military spending as a jobs program.
They relabeled themselves as progressives and actual progressives as the problem.
They relabeled austerity as pay go.

Forget it, Joan, it’s Right-of-centertown.


That is the only hope!


Calling people who are mostly on your side evil is silly, particularly when the differences are generally matters of degree. Sometimes candidates lose, it happens. Voters just prefer the other person.

Gretchen Whitmere in Michigan is not Evan Bayh or Joe Lieberman, for example. Her primary opponent has endorsed her:

Hmmmm . . . is he evil for now endorsing evil after the voters spoke?

This take-the-toys-and-go attitude some progressives are taking is almost a chronic condition at this point. It’s the worst form of loserism. Whitmere is going to be a far better person for advancing progressive interests than the rightwing toolbox Republicans want to put into office, that will be there to do the opposite.

Do you want a judiciary that will lean towards voting rights? Do you want environmental agencies that actually work to protect the environment? Do you want health departments interested in expanding access? If you live in Michigan, there’s one way to ensure this happens in November.


Or Shantiananda, you could think beyond November and work to destroy the Democratic Party over a decade or two. The good news is, the Dems have been destroying themselves and only have high hopes in the near term because they aren’t Trump. Meanwhile, remember: they openly courted Republicans over the working class two years ago. as Chuck Schumer told us:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

On the other hand, if you think two tents are big enough to hold every viewpoint, you can perpetuate our current system. It’s working great for the oligarchs, isn’t it?