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Despite Torture-Loving Pasts, Schumer Not Pushing Democrats to Oppose Pompeo or Haspel


Despite Torture-Loving Pasts, Schumer Not Pushing Democrats to Oppose Pompeo or Haspel

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Senate's top Democrat is not calling on his fellow party members to oppose President Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of state—torture-praising Mike Pompeo—or his nominee to lead the CIA—"actual torturer" Gina Haspel.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York made his stance clear to reporters on Tuesday.


Her official portrait should bear the caption “The Banality of Evil.”


Please remember folks - we need to vote in more Democrats.

Especially Zionist toadies like Schumer (oh, those darn Palestinians!) - then we can hold their “feet to the fire” because that always works!

I eagerly await his next make-believe populist response (within earshot of a TV camera, of course) so he can prove to his fellow Democratic sycophants that he is a man of the people.

Telling Schumer to go f*%K himself is all I got.


How deep must we sink?

Direct Democracy


Oh, come on now, it’s a new day and there is a new leaf on the tree…that is dying. No accountability, ever. Thus the planet was destroyed. Get caught with an ounce of pot go to jail, destroy life as we knew it and get a promotion and a raise.

Good old-boy Chuck didn’t even fight off this new bank bill. He is no democrat. He is a shill for a far off distant land is all.


Have we hit rock bottom yet?


Never ask such a question… It can always go downhill from here.


Yeah, she has such a sweet, grandmotherly appearance… For a war criminal.


Sociopaths usually do. Obama looked very trustworthy too and is still well spoken. It’s what they do. HRC wasn’t smart enough to be convincing or to say the right things. All belong in a prison asylum for the criminally insane - the violent ward. I even believe Bernie belongs in that ward now, he was very very convincing and said all the right things before he shilled for WWIII for a year pushing Russia hacked our election on Democracy now. And heck even Amy Goodman, who I used to donate to, too - can join that group since she also kept up the Russia/Election hacking narrative. I can’t think of anyone who isn’t a sociopath who could say things so just and right as if they understand right and wrong and then be for the opposite - murder and violence, mass destruction of animals, nature and human life… WWIII.


Wall Street/Israel whore, Chuck Schumer, now disgraces himslef in a new way. Fellow DINO Dianne Feinstein is also on board with this shit. Fuck both of them.


Of course he isn’t. In the likely same way that neither of the Clintons will do so, despite their collective vast experience.
One party, two right wings.


Probably one of the reasons she was selected.


You’re right! After all, the Dems might be neo-liberal, warmongering, Corporatist, Wall-Street loving, Israel-worshipping cowards, but by GOD they are better than those neo-liberal, warmongering, Corporatist, Wall-Street loving, Israel-worshipping Republicans who are also racists!

Everyone together: Vote Democrat! Vote Democrat! Vote Democrat!


A torturer-in-chief to run our secret police, and a Koch shill to represent Putin’s - oops, I mean Trump’s – foreign policy. Seems like things have come full circle, remembering that the Koch’s dad made his fortune building refineries for Stalin and Hitler. And the Dems lie down like beaten dogs (sorry, that’s unnecessarily mean to beaten dogs), too corrupted by the same money to put up any resistance. Feinstein’s remarks were especially egregious… “Well, while she was committing human rights atrocities in violation of the Geneva Convention (and thus in violation of U S law) it wasn’t ‘explicitly illegal’, so she’s o k.” Thanks, Dianne, you’re such a wonderful human being. When we primary you out this election here in CA, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Please read the following article, then the three-part expose that preceded it, and pass it on to as many people as you can:


Wait… You’ve given up on Amy Goodman? May I remind you who brought you this story?


We have not only hit rock bottom, we’ve brought in the bulldozers so we can dig in even deeper.
As much as I like Bernie, what in the world will it take for him to say “Enough is Enough, I’ve had it with the Democratic Party” ?


We already knew that Schumer doesn’t have a problem with torture; otherwise, he wouldn’t be supporting Israel.

Senator Diane Feinstein said that “torture is now illegal in the United States.” When wasn’t it illegal? And why did the U.S. execute Japanese soldiers at the end of WWII for the same things that the U.S. has been doing more recently?


Oh no, he’s a Democrat alright. The problem is that a lot of people identifying as Democrats aren’t in the rank and file.

This hasn’t been a New Deal party in nearly a half century. I think that pretty much qualifies as a trend?


Democrats work for Plutocrats.