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Despite Trump Claim, Research Shows US Covid-19 Testing Rate Just 39% of Level Needed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/10/despite-trump-claim-research-shows-us-covid-19-testing-rate-just-39-level-needed

Trump: “We don’t need no stinkin’ data. Without data, there will be no deaths. Problem solved. Hoax over.”


It’s amazing to me just how many Americans don’t realize how many of us there are.
There are over 330 million people here. That’s 330 million that will need tested, many multiple times, in the next year. At our current pace we will only test about 35-40 million over that period.
Considering America’s other penchants for selfishness and stupidity, only a highly effective and very quickly distributed vaccine will end this pandemic within the USA, and we are best case scenario a year away from that.
Stupid people are going to drag us all down with them.


I have said since this started that I could end cancer deaths in America tomorrow. Just make me the head of the CDC, and I’ll simply stop counting them.
Problem solved. Now I can work on poverty.


IMHO, the cat has been out of the bag – or the genie out of the bottle – for so long now that testing to enable contact-tracing and isolation of a significant percentage of the already infected individuals would be almost impossible. Given that such a large number of people are already carrying the virus – a situation that could have been avoided had EU-like shut-downs been in place here during the Spring – we are in very deep doo-doo, and the situation is going to get MUCH worse here before it gets better.  MAYBE the CDC estimate of ten times as many people having the virus as
are currently being reported are correct, and MAYBE these mostly asymptomatic people will be immune – or at least resistant – to re-infection, but that’s not something we can count on at this point.  Shutting down completely enough and long enough to effect a die-out of C-19, as was done in the EU, is no longer a viable option . . .


Hetty Green was the richest woman in America during the Gilded Age. " When her son Ned broke his leg as a child, Hetty tried to have him admitted to a free clinic for the poor. Mythic accounts have her storming away after being recognized; her biographer Slack says that she paid her bill and took her son to other doctors. His leg did not heal properly and, after years of treatment, it had to be amputated." - Wikipedia

No other country has three million confirmed cases of SARS-COV-2. Even the impoverished colonies of the USA aren’t doing as bad per capita. We’re sick and some of us are now dead or dying because we’re cheep cheep cheep.


21 Stores That Had The Absolute Perfect Response To People Not Wearing Masks



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It’s not just the cheap, cheap, cheap fat cats controlling our Executive Branch and Senate who are to blame, but the stupid, stupid, stupid self-centered MAGA-Morons who insist on their “right” to gather closely in bars and on beaches
to share the virus with one-another and – unfortunately – to spread it among the rest of us.  I’d almost be willing to put up with a Chinese-level implementation of facial recognition technology if it could be used to deny hospital admissions to those who become ill with C-19 as a result of willful stupidity — especially like attending indoor religious gatherings and political rallies.


Congress and the Courts are harboring (to say the least) a fraud in the White House.
And they are allowing him to seek re-election.


“Despite Trump claim” applies to every GD thing the orange malignancy has uttered in his lifetime. Metaphorically, God has struck down the hubris of the United States. Climate change was simply not killing us fast enough to get us to act rationally. Covid has revealed the depth of the depravity of the ruling class and their moronic enablers as a preview of what is in store for us not too far down the road when the climate crisis fully takes hold. Fasten your seat belts folks, it’s going to be a bumpy night.


I wonder where the author is getting her information from, but I don’t think Kansas should be on her list of states testing at the optimal level because according to Worldometer its testing rate is only about 7.1%, which is one of the lowest rates in the country. That’s why Kansas has one of the lowest (known) infection rates. It’s really disgusting how people are being deceived into thinking that states like this are somehow less harder hit and therefore safer than states that have tested more.

I think the author should get her facts straight and print a correction of her error (which I doubt will happen) because serious errors like this might give people a false sense of security thinking their state is better off that it really is.

USA’s biggest basic vulnerability is our over-the-top extreme inequality, with such features as undocumented workers comprising much of our economy in multiple sectors (e.g. agriculture, meat-packing, hospitality, etc.), nursing homes mercilessly cutting all expenses to the bone, and by far the largest mass of imprisoned people (convicts and migrants) on Earth. All of these confined sites of extreme inequality look especially tasty to the airborne microbe.

And when the microbe escapes from San Quentin Prison, it emerges with new talents (contagion, virulence, drug-resistance) acquired via genetic exchange with plasmids of co-infections. You’re right that testing looks increasingly futile in this context.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers);

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  01/23/2020           1           1
>   8.  02/20/2020          12          13
>  12.  03/19/2020      15,206      15,219
>  16.  04/16/2020     646,493     661,712
>  20.  05/14/2020     750,409   1,412,121
>  24.  06/11/2020     603,906   2,016,027
>  28.  07/09/2020   1,090,904   3,106,931
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This country was already in deep shit before trump. Now we are at the bottom of the outhouse shouting for help.

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Its possible to make a biosensor FET from COVID-19 antibody and graphene that can do tests in around two minutes and wokjrks extremely well for a long time, it may last for years.

These tests would be cheaper and more accurate than most other methods, and a lot faster.

In other words, its possible to make COVID-19 meter using electronics, not chemistry.

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Where I live in the Pacific Northwest they say tests are available.You show up, fill out a questionaire, and they tell you you don’t qualify. As you leave you notice a sign on the wall: MASKS, GOWNS, AND OTHER PPE DONATIONS NEEDED.

Isolate for the long haul or else…


Really, what level of testing IS needed?

It’s obvious the virus is everywhere. In a shocker, NYT published that in Queens the concept of herd immunity has fairly well been reached at about 68% of those tested showing antibodies to the virus.

Scamdemic and political nonsense and terrorism is what this is all about.

Do we do annual tests of the population to see how many people have the flu? Common colds? COPD or other respiratory matters?

No. The only reason for this is politics.

A sad comment regarding the decline of the society in the land of the free and home of the brave. Americans huddling at home alone, wearing masks, thoroughly in terror of a virus.


Right. It’s politically very bad when so many keep dying every day. USA is resuming a national pace of a thousand COVID-19 deaths per day at this writing, undoubtedly on its way back to two thousand.

Earth to TulsiFan, Earth to TulsiFan: Come in please.

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On the other hand I see multitudes of unmasked folks in public settings that don’t have a clue.
They are the people who think taking a knee at a sporting event is disrespecting something. That others are out of their minds for following suggested behavior to keep themselves and others safe.
I guess they resent being good stewards in being community responsible, so much that they would stubbornly risk the health and lives of everyone else including family, friends, and workmates.
These people are the reason this country never makes any real progress in healing the nation of it’s many ills.

In case you haven’t noticed, people have been dying every day for a very long time. About 125,000 a year in this country die from taking prescription drugs as prescribed.

In fact, the numbers have been grossly inaccurate and highly cooked since this began, but perhaps you would rather not deal with that natural bureaucratic phenomenon.

You might not be aware, but hospitals have high financial incentive to classify patients as Covid. Higher to put them on a vent.

Money talks.