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Despite Trump Efforts to Foment War With Iran, Experts Say Biden Has Chance to Restore Needed Diplomacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/despite-trump-efforts-foment-war-iran-experts-say-biden-has-chance-restore-needed

Why does the United States pick on so many nations and accuse those nations of being
what the United States is actually doing and being? Is it really our job to starve and bomb the people of other nations so that America can pretend it’s the world 's greatest power?
It is getting embarrassing to see such empty headed actions. : (


No. The world’s greatest "bully."


Hi PonyBoy:
sigh—and weirdly those who escaped ( by payoff, connections , graft etc.) the Vietnam draft end up being the most good thirsty. : (

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Yeah, it almost got my brother. No telling what would have happened to him if he went over there.

As it turned out, he lived another 22 years to the age of 42 before a tree took his life.

I miss him.

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The article states that:

“Look,” Biden told Friedman, “there’s a lot of talk about precision missiles and all range of other things that are destabilizing the region. [But] the best way to achieve getting some stability in the region” involves dealing “with the nuclear program.”

Unfortunately it is highly doubtful if Biden has any plans upon dealing with Israel’s nuclear program and the approximately 400 nuclear weapons which it has in its arsenal. Criticizing Israel takes courage and that is something which a moderate like Biden is quite loath to do.

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The most troubling aspects of this article are

  1. that a corporate predator like Biden is seen as a hopeful figure,

  2. that Biden would include the Saudis and the UAE in any negotiations with Iran

(guaranteeing greater trouble when there is NO need for their inclusion),

  1. that Biden is resolved to add on and lengthen further restrictions, and

  2. that dimwitted Ro Khanna had to reinforce the unwarranted ASSumption of Iran being

a nuclear threat - something for which there has never been any proof.


What would give any thinking person the idea that Biden and his evolving warmonger cabinet would not want a war? The American economy is based on war. They’ve been at war for +/-250 years and love it. With some luck they’ll realize that they can’t afford an all-out confrontation with Iran and start bombing someone less dangerous, but it’s virtually guaranteed that they’ll be attacking someone.


Hi PonyBoy:
I’m sorry about your brother dying at 42----was he a timber person?

He was a Chemical Engineer who prefered to cut down trees on his property rather than hire someone who does that professionally.

An intelligent person who had momentary lapses of reason.

Don’t ever attempt to do what he did Stardust, and discourage anyone you know who attempts to do so.

Hi PonyBoy,:
Oh that is so sad and I am so sorry.
Don’t worry about me and a saw as I am not that comfortable being around them — I actually have more trouble with scissors.

Why not have a Nuclear free Middle East and include Israel? Stop dancing around the subject and include the Big Elephant (Rouge State of Israel) in the deal. NUKE FREE MIDDLE EAST.

Regarding your points:

  1. Agreed. He is simply the latest in a long line of bipartisan bought-and paid-for war-shills, courtesy of AIPAC. Harris will be ultimately worse, though, as she represents the nouveau BLM/Feminist-inspired sacrosanct caste, criticism of which is not permitted.

  2. Agreed. One must understand that Iran must not be allowed to exist as an independent nation and not a mere vassal of the US like the Arab states, notwithstanding Syria and Yemen. It is this, rather than the fantasy about it being an existential threat to Israel - concocted by the Zionists and then mixed with Kool Aid and swilled by Evangelicals - that presents the real threat. Inclusion of the Arabs in any negotiation to the end of achieving any meaningful deal would be a Sisyphean undertaking, even if Biden was permitted to have good intentions. On a related note, the much parroted treatise of last weekend by an “Expert on US-Iran Relations” to the effect of “What Israel fears is not so much Iran’s pathway to a bomb but, rather, Iran’s pathway to Washington” is simply hyper-drivel spun out by State Department stenographers and purveyors of Zionist pulp fiction. For selling their soul, I hope that the literary whores were well paid, having to collectively - and in unison - sing for their supper as earnestly as they did.

  3. See Item 2 above.

  4. Agreed. The person mentioned is obviously either a bit of a cunt or, otherwise, a low-calorie war-shill-clone; I would honestly prefer if he were the former.