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Despite Trump's Bluster, Diplomacy Moves Forward as North and South Korea Announce Joint Talks


Despite Trump's Bluster, Diplomacy Moves Forward as North and South Korea Announce Joint Talks

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Public groundswell in favor of diplomacy is needed once again," says Peace Action

Demonstrators take part in a rally for nuclear disarmament in Berlin on November 18, 2017. (Photo: ICAN Germany/flickr/cc)


Some good news for most; but probably not good news for Trump and his warmongers.


At last something real and positive for the world coming from the Olympics.


Good for the Koreans. Now take plarb Donny into a corner with a large bed, a saucer of blow, and a half dozen whores desperate to piss, and much would be right with the world.


And once again Donnie secludes the U.S. from the rest of the world, further revealing that the “beacon of peace and democracy” believes in anything but. I do wonder though how the U.S. will try to inevitably sabotage these peace talks.


Maybe with the US finally out of the picture this divided nation can work together to develop an agenda they both can support after half a century of US interference. Remember that it was Chinese political expansionism and our politically driven fear of communism that drove this atrocity in the first place. I hope that when China becomes the world leader, as inevitable as that is, she can do a better job than we did with our constant strife and fear-mongering.


I think you’re mostly right, but the US won’t be “out of the picture” for a long time yet. Our troops in South Korea and ability to install weapons without being asked, as well as our economic ties, will be a continuing stumbling block to the Koreans managing to work out reunification.


I think that the timeline will be a lot faster than you may invision. Arguably the end of the English domination began with the War of 1812 and Great Britain’s dominance, while extended by the American Civil War, was effectively over before the turn of the century. Things move a lot faster today with instant communication and with most of the worlds larger developed nations having the capability of awesome destruction large turf wars are unlikely. We have already lost our industrial base and our military might hasn’t had a successful effort of any significance since the end of WWII. Our balance of trade hasn’t had a positive flow since 1975 and is now at record deficits. We can no longer afford to squander huge sums on military might to support far flung foreign investments and the burgeoning income inequality is becoming a real issue with the electorate. No, I don’t believe that we will be totally impotent unless we allow the plunder of the wealth of our nation to continue but as the cops of the world we are no longer effectual.


I was speaking only of Korea. The installation of ever more weapons there, and prolongation of hostilities with the North, serves to feed the US weapons industry, one category where I would guess we have a positive balance of trade, and unfortunately one field djt understands fairly well.


As the world heaves a collective sigh of relief, it prays that Trump might sit on one hand and uses the other to cover his mouth. Silence is golden at this God given point.