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Despite Trump's Threats of Retaliatory Tariffs, France Passes 'Pioneering' Tax on Tech Giants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/despite-trumps-threats-retaliatory-tariffs-france-passes-pioneering-tax-tech-giants

If the taxing situation in France is the same as the one in the US, these companies don’t pay any taxes or virtually no taxes in the US. Why shouldn’t France force them to pay pittance in France?


When i lived in portugal i read in the newspaper that one of the internet companies (of which i subscribed) were proud to exclaim they had 4 million customers. At that time the cheapest account was 1 euro per day. You do the maths. After a long battle and several threatening letters from their “lawyers” i was able to extricate myself from their clutches. It’s the same in france. Not to mention the car insurance companies.

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A famous bank robber was once asked by he robbed banks----he said, becasue that’s where the only is.
AHA! That’s exactly the same reason why corporations should be taxed—because that really IS where all the money is! : )


If corporations are treated as people, and not subject to taxation, then us people must stop paying any taxes as well.

All of us.


That is where the money is – No s**t

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You knew i’d like that song. Thanx.

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Sovereign countries have a right to tax any business operating within their territory however they want, regardless of where that business originates or is headquartered. Politicians need to stop this knee-jerk reaction that just because a corporation may see increased taxes, tarrifs, fees, etc. that corporation will pass along the increase to the consumer &/or cuts jobs. The political ideology actually paves the way for corporations to do this, tells corporate management, “That’s ok; we expect that. Of course, go right ahead.” These corporate giants can afford the tax without passing the new expenditure on in the price of it’s services or cutting it’s workforce, or it can use it’s political power by leaving/not serving the country which applies the tax. But that probably wouldn’t make the most sense!

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This is our backyard and our property, If you want to Play you have to Pay.

France is right. In America I pay more taxes than the Richest Companies in the World, Apple and Amazon just to name a couple.


First thing I thought of is “Born on the Bayou.”
Had Fogerty been plagiarized. Or the Hollies?
Anyway, they remind me of one another.
Great to hear this one. It’s been a long time since.

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Born on the Bayou…

Or, born on the Isle of Wight…

Or, on Strawberry Fields…

Sorry, I got sidetracked.

Great medley my friend. Had to light up halfway through Hey Joe. Quite a trip.

And ain’t it wonderful that supposed Democrats are also crying foul?

“France is not alone in pursuing taxes on tech giants in the absence of a global agreement. BBC reported Thursday that ‘the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy are all looking at introducing their own versions of a digital tax.’”

But not lapdog Canada – the corporate plutocrats can relax in the Great White North.

Hey Joe was a trip, wasn’t it?

Whether it’s “Medicinal, or Self-Medicating,” I strongly believe that lighting up does more “good” than harm.

Wish I could share one with you.

The wife has never been to Washington. If we ever make the trip we will get a hold of you for a stop over in Penn.

The welcome mat is already out.