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Despite Turkish Posturing, Detente with Israel Won’t Change the Gaza Blockade


Despite Turkish Posturing, Detente with Israel Won’t Change the Gaza Blockade

Allison Deger

Israel and Turkey announced this afternoon a detente, ending a six-year diplomatic rift. Relations broke down in 2009 after Israeli commandos killed 10 Turkish nationals during the seizure of a passenger ship, which departed from Turkey as part of the “Gaza Freedom Flotilla,” a sea convoy packed with aid and activists.

Among the casualties was a dual U.S.-Turkish citizen, Furkan Dogan who was 19.


Patching-up relations with Turkey won't bring back all the victims of Israeli violence, whether Turks, Americans, Palestinians, Lebanese or international citizens protesting illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories and blockade of Gaza.
The terrorist Israeli war criminals will never give-up on their expansionist mythology or agenda - they will continue to kill any perceived threat to their expansionist dream of Eretz Israel - whoever has to pay the price for their extremist racism and crimes against humanity even if its the whole world!


The terrorist apartheid sadistic war criminal Natanyahu and the state of Israel needs to be dealt with BDS not a peaceful gestures of outreach for the cold blooded murder of the Marmara flotilla passengers and the blood of thousands of Gazans Natanyahu has killed in 2014 Israeli barbaric attacks.


so. Netanyahoo comes away triumphant and Turkey sucks the iron tit! This must be a joke.


"“I understand the many Israelis that disagree or feel hurt by the agreement, but our elected leaders have the responsibility to act in the country’s best interest,” said Rivlin.

This is taking hasbara to an entirely new level. However, a most Talmudic statement by Yisrael's president.


"who volunteered an American oil
and gas expert to facilitate concurrent economic talks on a suspected
adjoining energy agreement between Israel and Turkey.

“The United States welcomes this
step. It is something we have talked about for several years,” Kerry
said of a potential oil and gas deal. "

The Levant Basin, an off-shore oil and gas play possibly equivalent to Saudi Arabia, lies off the coasts of Gaza, Israel, Lebanon and Syria; and Turkey is to the north of it.