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Despite Unprecedented Year of Extreme Weather, FEMA Ditches Every Single Mention of 'Climate' From Four-Year Strategic Plan

Despite Unprecedented Year of Extreme Weather, FEMA Ditches Every Single Mention of 'Climate' From Four-Year Strategic Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While 2017 was the costliest year ever for destruction from extreme weather events—and even as much of Puerto Rico is still struggling with a slow and "dehumanizing" recovery nearly six months after Hurricane Maria—a look at the new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) four-year strat

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Memo to POTUS: the laws of physics don’t care whether you believe them.


As if leaving it’s mention out of the plan can change the reality coming for the people the plan was written for. Only in Cloud Cuckoo Land II would these clowns not be laughed out of office.


What is Trump trying to prove? His efforts to eliminate climate change from the discussion are having no effects at the state and local level. I think it is just a political thing to get votes from the millions of climate deniers who he depends on. The rest of the world ignores him and most of the country ignores him. It must be the Ruxh Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Fox News, etc audience that is driving this. Outside the right wing alternative universe climate change is a big deal and getting bigger.

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Denial of Science is a prerequisite to Ignorance.


Naomi Klein has pointed out that the petropredators and their radical opponents both know that the climate crisis exposes fatal flaws in the established order.

To the Plutocrats, suppressing climate awareness is like suppressing Communism or Anarchism, only more so, as climate awareness is a much stronger - actually inevitable - threat to oppressive structures.

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No matter how many times you post this… nothing changes, not even you. Give it a rest.

Just afraid you muddy the waters with unproven stuff. I checked this out, all of it, there’s been no scientific proof this is being done in U.S.

The right wing can only rise and maintain control over the nation by lies,
right wing propaganda of lies, destruction of facts and knowledge –
and by violence.

This has always been true – it’s still true today.

Global Warming is a very dangerous subject for Elites who control our natural
resources through the gift-giving of Our Founders to Elites …

Our natural resources should have been taken out of the hands of private owners
decades and decades ago.

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There’s an entire system of Elitism/Oligarchy behind this clown, sadly.

And Our Founders actually put it in place.

Steven –

You are addressing issues that some here are unfamiliar with –
but they are legitimate issues.

I’ll have to click on your link re fracking water getting into foods, etal –

but, of course – there will be endless complications to this pollution by fracking
which is a totally insane process to get gas out of the ground, causing many
problems from tap water going on fire to earthquakes.

Keep at it – !! :slight_smile:

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Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Do they really think that climate change will go away if they don’t say the words? These people are one-half step above chimpanzees on the evolutionary scale.

Exactly, we are subjects of Mother Nature- and nature does not care what party one belongs to on this Earth!

Insult to other animals- they live in a fantasy world of spoiled idiots.

No matter- we belong to the Earth - not the opposite way around.