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Despite US, Russian & Saudi Opposition, Climate Summit Reaffirms Paris Goals


Despite US, Russian & Saudi Opposition, Climate Summit Reaffirms Paris Goals

Juan Cole

The Climate Summit at Kotwice, Poland, ended on a positive note, with the 195 countries present committing themselves to financing instruments in a quest to cut carbon dioxide emissions and keep global heating to 1.5 degrees C. (2.7 degrees F.). Given that so many countries are producing so much CO2, that goal may not be practical. The next best thing would be to stop heating at 2 degrees C. (3.6 degrees F.)


Wow, melting electrical lines from the heat----figure this out in a hurry, America and the world, or we’ll no longer have refrigerators or the internet. I supposed we can all build really deep root cellars—or maybe we’ll have to live in them. Of course with heat comes evaporation.
The next time these people all gather to decided on the world’s future. Can we lock them in, and cut the electricity and see what they do when they run out of food, and light and water and contact outside of their temporary prison. Maybe they would lean something after a few days.


It is good to see that the Paris agreement continues even with Trump as president. It was Obama’s leadership that made the agreement possible and at least without US leadership the agreement remains intact and countries are still striving to do better. It appears climate change has already caused loses of coral reefs and greatly reduced populations of flying insects. As the temperature increases scientists will probably make other alarming observations. Since the warming is occurring so quickly it is probably the effects on ecology that we should be most concerned about. Loss of pollinators would be disastrous as would widespread extinction of various type of life. Civilization is dependent on ecological systems. A collapse of ecological systems would spell disaster for humans as well.