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Despite Vow Not to Probe Billionaire Owner's 2020 Rivals, Bloomberg News Runs 'Ridiculous Hit Piece' on Warren and Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/24/despite-vow-not-probe-billionaire-owners-2020-rivals-bloomberg-news-runs-ridiculous


If Bernie and Liz hadn’t used Amazon the headline would’ve been:

Sanders and Warren Overpay for Office Supplies – Wasting Donor $


Such a capitalist reformer,


As with any election in the USA , the battle for votes is not between Republican and Democrat , it is between the 1 percent and the 99 percent.

Bloomberg represents the 1 percent. Most Democrats and Republican members of the Congress and Senate represent the 1 percent. The hit piece on Sanders and Warren is because they appear to represent the interests of the 99 percent.

This dichotomy exists across all of the Western Democracies including here in Canada. Pay less attention to what party the candidate belongs to. Every choice of a candidate boils down to the same thing. Who does s/he really represent and 9 times out of ten the answer is the 1 percent. They are all owned and the owner class resents any person who tries to convince the working class that they have a voice in all of this.


Bloomberg is not doing very well in Iowa. The super Tuesday strategy may provide him some delegates to the democrat convention, but he will have to buy the super delegates and hope for a second ballot.

He will not be the person who brings common sense governance to DC.


Obvi the DoomBorg’s sole purpose in entering the race is to secure a platform from which to distort and gaslight Bernie’s/The People’s political movement.

The DoomBorg is an oligarch. He believes in Permanent Monopoly: the permanent consolidation of all economic and political power in the hands of his tiny class.

This is the age old battle, between the People and the Monopolists. The People want economic democracy and the DoomBorg class wants a government that only works for them. DoomBorgism is neoliberal fascism. Which is just another name for SERFDOM FOR ALL BUT THE SUPER-RICH. Their essential message is Shut up, Pay your tribute to Caesar, and Enjoy the goddamn circus.

DoomBorg can go pound sand.



Besides the obvious conclusion that Bloomberg media is worthless to the 99% in terms of getting information (I would never look there for anything - at least the Washington Post can do stories like The Afghanistan Papers - has Bloomberg News ever done anything of consequence?) is the obvious fact that individual consumer action is very ineffective compared to governmental regulations. I use Amazon too and I buy a lot of other stuff that in a perfect world I would prefer were made and sold very differently. But do I support Amazon charging sales tax, paying business tax, paying fair wages, having fair business practices, etc.? - hell yes. Companies rarely do anything to be nice - it is all bottom line. It is our job as voters (and organizers) to get politicians in who will regulate them and all other companies in a much better way.

I hope I don’t have endure hearing about Bloomberg much longer - at least he didn’t make the debate.


I could love Mike Bloomberg if he ran as a Republican and took away only Republican votes.

I could love Amazon if they paid a fair share of taxes.

“Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, helping young things to grow.” – Dolly Levi in The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder.

[Damn, I wish I’d said that!!–but I’m saying it now because it bears repeating and repeating and repeating.]


You miss the point of Bloomberg’s candidacy. He is absolutely not there to win the Presidency. His sole reason for entering the primaries is to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination, by siphoning votes away from him in NY and New England, as well as on Super Tuesday, and denying him a first ballot nomination victory, so the super delegates can choose an establishment shill like Biden. It is far cheaper for Bloomberg to blow a couple of hundred million bucks keeping Sanders from becoming POTUS than it would be for him to maybe start paying his fair share of billions of dollars in income taxes he would have to under the more progressive income tax system Bernie is proposing. Amazon’s Bezos put him up to this. His constituency is really the 100,000 richest people in the U. S., who need to be taxed out of existence, so they don’t have the all out of proportion influence on our politics and society that they do now.


He’s not on the ballot in Iowa. Or New Hampshire. Or Nevada.

Anyone up to funding a hitman to silence another corrupt billionaire?


Bloomberg has too much power.

Durig the years when Bloomberg was NYC mayor his personal wealth went from $4.6 billion to $13.7 billion. During that time he railed against the public education system (which his appointees as Superintendant of Schools grossly mismanaged), warning of a $4 billion deficit and calling for cuts of all kinds. Meanwhile this 9th richest American donated $1.8 billion (yes billion) not to support NYC schools, which would have eliminated half that budget shortfall, but to wealthy private Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore! That amount of money, if donated to NYC’s own public university, the City University of New York, could have not just put the decrepit and struggling institution that once allowed so many of the city’s low-income population to get a college degree and move up into the middle class, back on its feet, but also to allow it to get back to it’s origins as a free university for all city residents. Nice one Mayor Mike!
Now he’s using his ownership of one of the country’s most well-off and powerful news organizations, Bloomberg News, as a compaign tool to trash two leading rivals, Warren and especially Sanders, who want to make wealthy oligarchs like him back into ordinary people without such obscene wealth. Anyone who would vote for Bloomberg to be a presidential candidate has to have a screw loose.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


Very many folks labeled rich in monetary wealth earned it.
Some inherited the loot.
Some stole the funds.
Some borrowed money and bought out their competition.
Monopoly market position has its own rewards!!

Is bloomberg’s ego / shadow unlimited?
I cannot even believe he is a democrat by his record as NYC mayor.
The money he spent per vote there was egregious. But it was his money, not mine.

16 years ago, an aging mayor spent 25 million of public money to get re-elected in east chicago, indiana.
5, 327 votes for that mayor divided into 25 million = $4,700 for each vote the mayor acquired. And it was taxpayer money that he spent!!

If you will kindly forward $4,700 to me as my Christmas gift, I will gladly vote for you.
Thank you.

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Hi Dave! Good to hear from you, even if you are preaching to the choir! Bloomberg is scum.


He’s teamed up with Bezos/WaltonFamily to offer a $300 dollar Amazon/Walmart gift certificate for anyone who writes his name in on the ballots in all other states besides those two, though.
Supposedly Joe & Jill Biden, Mayor Petey and Sen. Booker want $700 gift certificates before doing so. It’s in the negotiating stage at this point. Rev. Al Sharpton and Con. Clyburn want to know if they get an entire congregation to write in Bloomberg’s name, they’ll get bonuses ( snark ).
Everything is in flux politically when you can buy elections in the U. S. and, have $150 Billion to spend, of course. " Is this a great country, or what? "

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While it is pretty clear that Bloomberg does not want Bernie Sanders to be president, the last thing his candidacy does is siphon votes away from him anywhere. In fact, as you might expect, the overwhelming second choice of Bloomberg supporters is Joe Biden. No siphoning whatsoever from Bernie.

Where Bloomberg will attempt to hurt Bernie is through his flood of ads. Phase one of that campaign is underway and is trying to reach the third of Democrats who have no opinion of Bloomberg - so he is spending to give those people a positive impression claiming to be a fighter for popular positions. It will be in Phase two of his campaign ad spending when we will see the usual lies that attack progressive positions for things like Medicare for All as unrealistic and supposedly a barrier to Democrats defeating Trump. That will be relentless.


I was reading comments waiting to see if someone was going to mention Biden.
Bloomberg is likely a spoiler candidate.
He will be siphoning votes from Biden so I don’t get the premise of him taking away votes from the progressive candidates.
Perhaps he is there to turn over his votes to Biden when he (Bloomberg) drops out.
It’s “Silly Season” so let the games continue.


Excellent teaching video. Thanks for sharing it.
This follows my personal understanding for a number of years now. Hence I’ve learned how to filter these media sources. That might be the next educational video, how to filter what is being thrown at us.
Running away to internet news is not the whole answer.

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So he lied (already).
Anyone surprised? It’ll get worse because he really doesn’t care if he wins or not