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Despite Warnings of Otherwise 'Preventable Deaths,' Trump Heads to Wisconsin for Super-Spreader Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/17/despite-warnings-otherwise-preventable-deaths-trump-heads-wisconsin-super-spreader


Canon fodder:…" With the rally set to take place in a rural area outside of Janesville, it was reported that attendees would be forced to take shuttle buses—only increasing their exposure to the virus—to get to the event site…"… well that seems right if the plan is to establish natural herd immunity…these large scale events, part of the plan to spread it quickly and to many people.


A group of psychiatrists recently upgraded their diagnosis of Trump and declared him to be a “psychopath”. This careless rally in Wisconsin helps to proves it. Trump’s ego must be fed at all costs and fuck the health of his idiot supporters. I have a shorter word to describe this Orange Pustule He is a MONSTER. Keith Olbermann was right - Trumpo the Traitor isn’t just the worst president in U.S. history, he is the worst person in its history. We should also think very seriously about the fact that his rise to power is, just as AOC said, a symptom of something that has gone very wrong with our country, maybe to the point where it cannot be stopped.


Who’s the dipshit with the orange skin and weird hair?


Super Spreader mentally and a mental poison; approbriatley, now Trump’s infection is also a physical poison. The only antidote for Trump’s miasma, like any disease, is total eradication before it spreads any further !


I gotta say, it’s a real gd head scratcher when the people that you want to vote for you are at a very high probability of contracting this virus at your ego-fest rally.
Dead people cannot vote, 45.
Sick people…hmm, well 45, you just hate the mail-in ballot, right?


He’s fired the $70,000 “coiffeur” and this is the result.


Wisconsin is currently second in the nation for new Covid cases – behind Texas, but ahead of Florida and California. A Trump rally in these circumstances is mind-boggling and would be instantly banned just about everywhere else in the world.
Right from the start Trump, an illiterate bully and personification of capitalist arrogance, has been an agent of Coronavirus transmission and a liability for public health.
Such events however expose a darker reality, the mentality of the people in the Trump cult – what a mess?


This quite possibly could be a nothing burger, and here’s why. I’m still not convinced Trump has really tested positive for the virus. There are now approximately 30 people related to the WH and Trump’s campaign who have supposedly tested positive, yet as far as I know, not one of them has had any serious symptoms, not even the people who are considered high risk because of other health factors. To me this defies the law of averages. Couple this with the fact that doctors “treating” Trump wouldn’t give straight answers about his testing since his hospital stay, nor has he quarantined for the proper amount of time. I think there is still a good chance this was another Trump scam to garner sympathy, knowing he is down in the polls, and trying to appeal to the average American voter.


Can you call it genocide if the victims go willingly to their deaths in order to worship their Dear Leader? Just like the average Chinese willingly enduring famine and complete upset of their culture to satisfy Mao. After all, he had simply made mistakes so we would have a better life afterwards. Many in Hunan Province(his birthplace) still revere him, hanging a photo of him besides photos of the ancestors to kowtow to when entering a room. Imagine those who survive Trump and were his fans bowing to a photo of him in their living room…

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"President"Alfred E. Newman as in, “Who me worry?”

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Didn’t those mooks learn from his last visit? They surged EXACTLY 2 weeks after his last book burning.
The sad part is that there are a LOT of fellow libs in WI who are also in danger. Now they will have another surge right on Election Day.

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I must admit, in theory he gives the Fuhrer a real run for the money.


The dude is just a random idiot. Not worth wasting time on. Ignore the flabby little weirdo and soon he’ll be gone.


Why lump CA? On a per capita basis we are WAY down on the list.

That was W.

Good question. They are all around me (trump cultists) as numbers rise and hospitals fill up in Wisconsin.

How is this (going to trump rallies) not worse than refusing to wear seat belts which is a law for which you will be fined if you do not wear one?

These people are choosing ----enthusiastically---- to go to an event where there will be casualties as a result of their behaviors. And many (most?) know this and don’t care.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner (he kept Dick Cheney’s heart ticking—I guess D.C. technically has a heart!) stated:

“What else could you call an act that because of its negligence results in the deaths of others? …People will die as a consequence of this,” said Dr Jonathan Reiner on CNN. Doctor Calls Trump’s Rallies 'Negligent Homicide

And it’s not just trump. It’s all that attend these hate rallies.

They should not be allowed to fill up the hospitals when they get sick.

I say this with a bit of panic in my voice as I am in Wisconsin. My friends/family have been very careful, followed the guidelines and we can only watch in horror as any wise, science based protective measures are being completely kicked to the curb by the ignorant assholes in leadership roles (Wi. Supreme Court and many local “leaders”) enabled by those that wave their f—ing trump and u.s.a. flags in support of hate, science denial and willful ignorance.

trump is like a massive, orange carbuncle filled with the puss of people that choose to support and enable him.

Just as there are certain areas where people cannot get homeowners insurance due to weather disasters, the people that choose to go to these hate rallies should not get medical care if/when they get covid.

In hurricanes officials tell people who do not evacuate in spite of evacuation orders: “write your name, social security number in permanent marker on your body because we cannot help you----you are choosing to stay in spite of orders”.

Taking up precious space, using up precious medicine, exposing health care professionals because they chose to go to trump’s rallies---- not caring if they get or spread covid-----it’s hard to wrap my head around this when you hear about or see innocent people die . . . people that were careful, followed the guidelines or people who can’t get help from another illness because of hospitals reaching capacity.


Yes, I do believe he could mow down any number of people with an AR-15 on 5th Ave. and his followers would give him a pass.
Seems like some sort of mass hypnosis.

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So trump can’t be indicted, but can he be sued for wrongful death cases?

He is all four of the Four Hoarsemen.