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Despite Warnings of Otherwise 'Preventable Deaths,' Trump Heads to Wisconsin for Super-Spreader Rally

CDC software is old. New replacement comes on board this december. They also track fewer cases of abortion than another site.

“lead to death and further illness that otherwise could be prevented” from the article,
About 300,000 extra deaths to feed his evil ego.
Reality TV producer, who is behind the curtain?
Looks like it is donald, himself. And
if he makes you cry, he wins.

I’m waiting for the Skinhead shave to side with those fine people.

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There is an awful lot of irony considering trump. But for him to call out anybody else for not keeping their mouth shut is priceless.
Thanks for the laugh, trump just can’t help himself from stepping on his own tie.

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It also seems right if you want to spread the disease in order to inflict further chaos into the election.

I wonder how many MAGAS are Quanon followers ?

There is speculation that Trump is in fact Q ~ it wouldn’t surprise me, frankly.

But you know, science is a form of elitism. Perhaps these people are feeling left out - or are simply angry at all mainstream elites - which would include progressives.

Too many wars - non-stop in fact - too much bad food - too much beer and drugs and entertainment - all to fill that hole in the soul - of a too civilized people.

I don’t know - it looks like the Roman Empire in its decline - same fantasy people in charge - most with no real lives.

I think the folks who are willfully ignorant should sign a DNR medical directive-Do Not Resuscitate order and have it tattooed on both arms before attending a Trump rally or going bar hopping or whatever. That way, valuable health care can be directed towards others who have endured isolation since February.
I have DNR tattooed in red on both arms, plus a large poster in red ink on my door with DNR ORDER IN PLACE. That way, if I’m out of it and someone calls for a wellness check, the EMT’s know the deal.

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Allow me to expand my post, I wasn’t clear, I’m not saying these rallies are going to be safe, those same laws of averages says someone there will probably be contagious, and infect many people, stretching your local healthcare system to the breaking point.

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Agree, The one thing about Trump, he’s consistent, he’s been a liar and con artist his entire life.
I could be wrong, but I think he has a financial stake in that drug cocktail also.

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I’ve a question for you then Caroline.

Do these “trump cultists” have the “ordinary virtues” ?

By that I mean compassion and caring for local things - a friend in trouble, a community devastated by a natural disaster and requiring their help ?

I think the answer may be yes - at least as much as any other group ??

I’ve ordered yet another book on this very theme, by Michael Ignatieff, former head of the Liberal Party of Canada and a long time professional academic, with roots in Russia I believe.

Here is a review of his latest book, the one I’ve ordered:

It caught my immediate attention - because for me anyway it rings true - I’ve seen it up close and personal innumerable times.

It is somewhat analogous to a quote I have of Abraham Lincoln - not a political quote:

“If we take habitual drunkards as a class, their heads and their hearts will bear an advantageous comparison with those of any other class.”

Hey stardustIBID, well at least Boris is reported to have had serious symptoms, and didn’t walk out of the hospital a couple of days after admittance. I never read anything on the severity of the virus with Bolsonaro though.
I don’t have any proof of anything, but don’t forget this was a military hospital, much easier to coerce the staff than a public hospital.

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Maybe that’s part of the attraction to his followers - he is very flawed ?

It is perhaps a vehement rejection of same old same old. Wasn’t Obama the drone king - smooth words and all ?

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I could never have imagined a cult where devotees had to play Russian Roulette with their own parents’ lives.

Find any excuse that you can to avoid Republicans. They smile at you just fine, but they are physically dangerous to your continued existence.


From the outside, America looks like a nation on the brink.


He is the very definition of a virus…invasive, pervasive, fatal. He is actually guilty of contributing to the ill health and possible death, (through covid) by virtue of his super spreader events, of United States citizens and visitors. He said he isn’t responsible. He clearly is responsible.

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It doesn’t matter, really. Any intelligent person stopped believing anything coming from this administration a very long time ago, yes?

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Your right, it doesn’t matter to most of us, as long as he gains no sympathy or votes from it. But it’s good to expose his lies and corruption. It won’t move his base, but could change the mind of a independent voter who voted for him in 2016.

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Someone told Trump about Jim Jones, and Donnie thought he sounded like his kind of guy. It explains why he told people to inject bleach and his desire to be the best “super-spreader” in history. Move over Typhoid Mary. There’s a new “share-iff” in town.

Check out the contrasts.Look at what just happened in New Zealand. That country has basically told neo-liberals to go f*ck themselves.


I am trying to carefully study the state polls whose author teams are solid performers over the years. Let us not fall into the 2016 NBC failures, watching the ‘averages’, or the self appointed experts.

I am trying to have 100% faith in the young perogi progs who tell me that Joe is in like Flynn.

But, Trump can pull this off, again. If Detroit and its Wayne county stay home. If demographics there since 2008 Obama (12 years) of folks moving out to find jobs, dying off, losing interest = Trump can win this state. And the dem U.S. senator is not strong either.

I am preparing for the disaster of Trump winning and dems taking senate and house. Senate will be stalled by using 60 vote idea.

From the INSIDE, it’s like one of those disaster movie, fun house rides… since we obviously fled the Hall O’ Mirrors to avoid pondering shattered reflection. Long before mountain bicycles, a bunch of us rust-belt hillbilly kids used to storm down old logging, fire or gasline service roads high, to keep from thinking, contemplating our “future?” We’d do zen at 35-40 mph down ridiculously lethal boulder & log strewn stripmines, rights-of-way… thinking only “AIiiEeeee!” An’at?

~https://www.futilitycloset.com/2020/10/18/resource-management/ (in Pittsburgh, it was zombies vs vampires)

~https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2020/10/18/the-emails-are-russian-will-be-the-narrative-regardless-of-facts-or-evidence/ (it’s that TIME of year, AGAIN? Trick or TREAT!)

~https://gothamist.com/news/state-issues-order-curb-guest-list-massive-wedding-williamsburg (so, NU?)



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