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Despite Warnings of Otherwise 'Preventable Deaths,' Trump Heads to Wisconsin for Super-Spreader Rally

I hadnt thought of the blood clots. Thank you A_N for that hopeful nugget.

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That’s the official number. It’s suggested that shit-hole countries lie about the true numbers to cover up their shit-holiness. I’ve lost track of the “excess death” statistics. That is surely the more meaningful number.

It has not been unquestionably proved that immunity is even possible, how many people will acquire it, or whether or not having the disease gives immunity to those who suffered from it. But that’s just those highly trained medical people, Donald knows much more.

Those are very good questions and I believe what you are getting at is something explored in 2016 when many progressives were angry (among other things) at HRC for calling trump supporters (paraphrasing here) a “basket of deplorables”.

I thought about my angry, hate filled post after I posted it. In part, it was a knee jerk reaction to the number of trump caravans in my area that are nothing more than intimidation behaviors skirting the edges of violence.

The signs for trump are angry, hateful----some still have their angry signs about Obama up.
My daughter and I have been heckled for wearing masks.

This is certainly bringing out the worst in me as evidenced in my rant post. I tend to err on the side of empathy, compassion and try to check myself, self reflect and all that when I go dark and let rage take center stage. Sometimes that has hurt me.
When I should have simply severed ties with people who were clearly narcissistic I stuck with them----- which was not a healthy thing to do.

The common thread that I’ve seen consistently in trump supporters who I know (friends, relatives and neighbors) is racism, sexism and a hatred of science related to AGW (and lately covid).

At times, I’ve caught a brief glimpse of their intense hate that has bubbled to the service that shook me to my core. In one case it was an acquaintance who went on a rant about wanting all muslims dead. I kid you not.

And this was someone who volunteers through her church, helps poor women but bitches about them being “welfare queens, mooching off society” when she leaves their homes.

And yes, you would see her doing roadside clean up in her community. She would participate in “ordinary virtues”

But get her talking about poor people on welfare, people of color, AGW: all bets are off as far as values of compassion, empathy . . . .

None of these people were struggling economically ----quite the opposite in fact.

I know in 2016 there was a push to focus on kindness, empathy for the trump supporters or right wing republicans ------not anger. Try to figure out their pain and help them etc.

I’m mixed on all of this and haven’t a clue as I see such massive amounts of disregard for the natural world and people of color, women . . . .

Psychologically we are learning that some people are not capable of empathy or compassion and trying to make that happen is fruitless and can be damaging for those in relationships with people who are malignant narcissists and/or sociopaths or psychopaths.

For racists who may have the capacity for empathy, compassion . . . . I just don’t know how to change their racism and their views that the natural world is something that humans should control and dominate.

It seems like that would take a lifetime of re-parenting with a healthy community that sets an example.

Just some quick thoughts as I appreciate your comments and I did have regret for my angry post.

Getting back to your question:

Perhaps. But beyond that, can they expand their compassion to people of color, poor people, women, the natural world. Can they move from their own back yard thinking to global thinking in a time period where there can be collective positive change? (we are running out of time)

From what I’ve seen and heard I’m doubtful.

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Somewhere along the line I became a radical anarchist, to the point where the slightest hint of contempt for anyone – looking down one’s nose at anyone – just makes my blood boil. I see somebody being rude to a poor waitress for no reason, and that affects my opinion of that person from then on: They’re in that “I’m superior to someone else” camp. They’re habitual abusers, getting a kick – an infantile lift – out of putting other people down. I prefer to avoid such people. There’s absolutely no way to reach them, in my experience. Like getting stuck behind that ever-broken “cone of silence” from Get Smart.


That’s why I’ve ordered Michael Ignatieff’s book “The Ordinary Virtues”. Apparently he found in a three years journey of research that the only near universal morality is to one’s immediate circle.

Extending this natural compassion is tricky - not universal ~

Thanks very much for your reply - it’s helping me figure things out ~