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Despite White House Chaos, Trump Delivers Favors for Corporate America


Despite White House Chaos, Trump Delivers Favors for Corporate America

Robert Weissman

The Trump administration may be dazed and confused about many things, but not about its corporate agenda.

From Scaramucci to Spicer, from Kelly to Kushner, one thing doesn’t change at Donald Trump’s chaotic White House: Its devotion to delivering for giant corporations at the public’s expense.


Who’s he paying off, and why?

Billions in Free Media Campaign Coverage don’t come cheap.


It is obvious that the bait and switch extended back to the days of the clown car spectacle and the dis-anointing of Jeb Bush (as the favored son of the Republican Party) by the Repubs who somehow went from dismissal of Trump’s outsider status in government circles to more or less uniform approval and support for Trump to be the ‘candidate royale’ representing corporations and conservatives. How did that switch come about so abruptly? Moreover aside from a few tentative mumblings from some Repubs they generally had little comment about the ‘bait’ - the populist anti corporate blatherings of Trump said for the masses! The ‘switch’ proceeded apace and one could almost mark the successful ‘deals’ as they occurred with previously antagonistic Repub advocates.

By the time Trump became the nominee and then president, various forces amongst the Repubs were putting forth names of their ideal appointees to Trump’s cabinet. Whether through the influence of his right wing advisors or by accretion through subsequent name dropping etc. Trump the outsider in government managed to find these appalling individuals to appoint to agencies they once opposed. These people were suggested to Trump by Repubs, many probably as part of the deals for supporting Trump earlier on.

The fact that Trump has a bull in a china shop personality notwithstanding, he is quite subtle and sure running the hyperbolic public image machine of brand Trump. So practiced is Trump when running a con that he can effortlessly create a distraction but more subtly he even create a distraction by seemingly to reverse his feelings or views on a former ally. Did it really take that long for Trump to come down on Sessions and to what end anyway? Sessions is who he wants in the office and to replace him would be difficult.

Now from out of nowhere, Mitch McConell is in the Trump crosshairs! A distraction, a diversion as well as a con because it is a non starter from the get go as Mitch ain’t leaving now is he? Trump knows how to play the media so that it plays the audience… us!

This has all been steps in a well timed progression in the full scale Corporate Conservative Coup blitz now underway by Trump and the Republicans.

It wasn’t just Gorsuch and look at how long that was set in play by Repubs! Trump is the showman, the media image, the front man and both the con artist and something of a diversion himself.

Trump nominated Gorsuch. Lol. It is very likely that when president Trump first heard the name of the future justice, he exclaimed “Gorsuch who?” Until being informed of the nominee’s mother having been Reagan’s appointee to head the EPA, Trump grew… hyperbolic about him!

Republicans (and many quisling Dems) have found their point man to lead the way to dismantling our Constitution based democracy in favor of creating a Corporate based democracy.

Seems like Repubs have had this in the works for a long time and only needed a Trump to set the con in motion.


“DESPITE White House chaos” ?

White House chaos is designed to be the smokescreen that distracts us and enables Trump and the GOP to accelerate wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1%, thereby further widening the income and wealth inequality gap. Its working better than a Swiss watch.

Recall Brer Rabbit in Song of the South pretending that he feared the briar patch more than anything until he was thrown into it and laughed while delivering his most memorable line “I was born and raised in a briar patch”. That parable has been woven into GOP strategy for decades and their pretending not to like Trump is just the latest iteration of it.


thanks… that was my first response. I’d imagine that game theory might very well be part of the fuel for the scheme. The profile has been like carnies counting cards in poker and playing dice with a constantly re-packed and loaded set.


If Trump’s loyal voters found out how he lied to them, some might petition their representatives to insist on impeachment.


I’m no particular fan of Rachael Maddow, but I’m not finding any other teasing apart of the history of CIA/lawyers/WH activity and the implicit crony scrub team, generations old. Worth the time…


The criminals Obama refused to prosecute are now running the country and stealing with impunity. Obama deserves the blame. He empowered the greedy and ruthless just as Clinton did. We need a new party or to take back the Democratic Party.


How are they going to find out? Have you listened to the radio lately, read a paper or watched Fox or CNN?


O’Bummer may deserve some blame, but he was really just more of the same – plus it started long before Bill Clinton stuck us with with the ISDS provisions in NAFTA.  And good luck taking back the DamnocRatic Party; like the RePooplicans they’re owned lock, stock & barrel by their corporate masters and have been for years.  The DamnocRats are protected by MSNBC and the rest of the ‘liberal’ media, just like the RePooplicans are protected by Faux “News”, and all of them will gang up on any attempt to start a new party.  And now there’s Trump “News” waiting in the wings to bat clean-up.   1984 IS Here At Last!!


I’m sure there are many who voted for Trump but realized soon enough their mistake.


This feeds into the great Liberal Original Sin. The Liberal elites like Clinton and Obama think that the boobs who voted for Trump are the problem not their lack of a cohesive economic message. 1) Minimum SS payment equal to minimum wage. 2) Return taxes to FDR rates 3) Tax corporations on their gross not net income. Net income is a fraud. It is a stew created by lobbyists and accountants. 4) Corporations completely out of politics. 5) Religions pay taxes like everyone else.