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Despite Widespread Outcry Over Police Shootings, Nearly 1,000 Americans Killed By Officers in 2017


Despite Widespread Outcry Over Police Shootings, Nearly 1,000 Americans Killed By Officers in 2017

Julia Conley, staff writer

African-American males accounted for 22 percent of those killed, despite making up only six percent of the U.S. population


I decry the “shoot-first-ask-questions-later” attitude of too many in law enforcement.

But can’t we talk about the topic without resorting to strained statistical analysis. Twice, this article points out that men (first black, then white) are killed by police at a greater rate than women. Wow.


Stop calling the fucking murdering PIGS police “officers”!!!


Did they edit the article? I’m not seeing any mention of how many women were fatally shot by police, or what percentage of all shot and killed were women?


From the article:

“African-American males accounted for 22 percent of those killed, despite representing only six percent of the U.S. population. Forty-four percent of those shot were white males, who make up about 31 percent of the population.”

When you do the math, African American women would be roughly 7% of the population, and white women would be nearly 38% of the population. When you leave those numbers out, it magnifies the fact that men are the vast majority of victims when police kill people, which would already be obvious to anyone with a clue. That’s a statistician’s trick and not worthy of a Common dreams article.


So there’s roughly a 6:1 ratio of people killed by police to police killed.

Too damn much violence all the way around. The think the more damning statistic isn’t the almost 1,000 killed, but the fact that 250 were UNARMED. Depending on the individual circumstances, the others may, or may not be justified. But there’s no excuse to kill unarmed civilians.


That actually sounds like the article concealed (or disregarded) the fact that men are killed by police at a greater rate than men, rather than pointing it out.

The gender skew appears to be far stronger than any racial skew (looks like a total of 45 women were shot and killed by police last year–about 5% of the total) but for some reason, the racial skew seems to be newsworthy while the gender skew is not.


Roughly 6:1?

The ratio is 20:1.


And there’s not quite one sworn cop per 400 civilians. So that means the civilians are killing cops at more than 60 times the rate that cops are killing civilians. Presumably, some of those killings would be deemed justifiable by a reasonable person, but my suspicion is that the proportion of civilian killings by cops which are justifiable is larger than the proportion of cop killings by civilians.


no, there were about 150 dead policemen


Believe me, I’m not defending police violence - we’ve over-militarized the police for decades, and it’s come home to roost


Ah, I see what’s going on. The figures cited here are only for civilians fatally shot by police, which means hundreds of civilian deaths at the hands of police are not included. The comparable score would be police shot and killed, which is more like 44 (I don’t know if that includes friendly fire), so that would be more like a 20:1 ratio of fatal shootings. (Which would mean cops are getting fatally shot by the public at only around 20 times the rate the public is getting fatally shot by cops).


I had no sense that was what you were doing. I only thought you were trying to add some context to the raw numbers–which is what I tried to do as well.


I love how the Post is making all of their data freely available to the public on GitHub. Looking at the data, I notice that the same percentage of Whites and Blacks shot by the Police had a gun but Blacks shot by the police were twice as likely as Whites to be unarmed.


As more and more police officers get acquitted for murdering people, the number killed will rise exponentially. Especially as the country turns more into a police state by the week.


And the major news media has been gagged in fear of inciting reprisal. So much for press courage.This goes all the way to the top of our law enforcement pyramid. All the way to the presidency. We have a reactionary training and hiring system modelled after the military. A very poor system for a democracy.


Pigs will be pigs.
The Amerikkkan police state.


Typing glitch. That should have read that men were being fatally shot at a greater rate than women.


Men commit more violent crimes than women. One would expect it


There’s more to it than that. Only 4% of the people killed by police were female and 96% male. That’s a way bigger difference than the 80-20 difference we see in violent crime. I suspect that the police see women as being less threatening to them and are thus less likely to shoot women they come into conflict with.