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Despite Win in Court, Net Neutrality Facing Battles on Multiple Fronts


Despite Win in Court, Net Neutrality Facing Battles on Multiple Fronts

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Even as a federal court gives a boost to the legal underpinnings of net neutrality, the critical open internet protection faces parallel attacks from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and now Republicans in the U.S. Senate.


Imagine your phone call with no neutrality protections. Like: perhaps being interrupted by one of those efin "machine voices!" A message: "We regret to inform you, that there will be an extra $5 charge to talk to anyone from Common Dreams. Please answer by saying yes or no...... Please answer by saying yes or no.......Please answer by saying yes or no....Goodbye now"

Who owns our country? NO ONE! We are a nation with a representative government. The absurdity of the corporations attempting a coup - and to then begin running our lives as a business - is becoming a grating irritability and now we have to fight it off, again.


We, the real Americans, are being bought and sold by the laws that Congress passes that help their rich buddies fatten their bloated wallets with little regard for the consequences of these egregious actions. I've written more emails to my rep and senators these first few months than over the last 3 years. The idiotic bills come faster than I can hardly keep up with and I don't work due to a bad disability, which frees lots of time to keep up. I pity the folks that haven't time to see how bad we're all being screwed on a daily basis. Everybody; keep fighting to keep our civil freedoms intact and vote to rid some of the 'swamp' next vote, to send a message they will all hear.


The Li'l Jimmy Burger app is running slow.
The phone company is now business partners with Ronald McNasty.


I just can't imagine what the net will morph into. It will be so, so very commercial. So DULL. So little information.


I'd sure like to see more comments here from CD'rs-
This must be stopped- It will take from us most good news and communication and our ability to respond-
They have taken our Television, our Radio and Newspapers-Don't let them have the internet!
If net neutrality is taken away, Trump will have A ticket to ride and roll all over us-


Obviously republicans don't care about our freedom to access information. When our ISPs can pick and choose our search results, they are in fact censoring what we read. Why don't republicans care about our freedoms? I got sick and godamed tired of conservatives bitching and moaning about liberal democrats taking away "our" freedoms. But when these bitchers and moaners take the helm, this is the buttscrewing they deliver to us! I pay my ISP for free and uncensored access to the internet. But these ISPs aren't being satisfied with that and they want to abuse their business with me by taking advantage of me. These conservative republican flapdoodlers sell me out by taking away my rights and freedoms... I'm a little too pissed to even communicate effectively about this right now. I'm so sick of the fascism being displayed by these so-called freedom loving conservative republican HYPOCRITES!


The internet was developed and paid for by the taxpayers of the US, so is this theft? Then hang'um.