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Despites Vows, Documents Show Trump Retains Close Ties to Business Empire


Despites Vows, Documents Show Trump Retains Close Ties to Business Empire

Common Dreams staff

Appearing to show proof of what ethics watchdogs have warned from the start, documents obtained by news outlets show that President Donald Trump has not distanced himself from his business dealings to any secure or measurable degree.


Look at that face. He's running out of energy and getting tired and ever more angry, because getting angry is the only way he knows how to deal with stress and conflict. He simply cannot cope, mentally or emotionally, with the complexities of the office, expecially with the blowback to the shock-and-awe strategy of the first 100 days. He's gonna blow. I just hope there are some adults around when he does it.


One can hope that he suffers a stroke or heart attack before he has the chance to reach for the button.


Little hands + little penis + giant ego = one bigly dick.


The trumpenfuhrer emperor will not divest or release his tax returns because he doesn't want to, and apparently cannot be forced to - who or what agency will step-up and do so?
There isn't any opposition from the R'Con Congress or the AG of the US (you know the "Justice" Department), and no opposition from craven complicit Dem Party establishment - doesn't seem to be any "checks and balances" left, especially after confirmation of trumps/bannon's scotus "fascism forever" corporate-right Manchurian Candidate, a perfect right-wing storm that threatens the very foundations of our free republic!

The DC hotel must be divested, trumps personal and family ties to his "empire" must be divested (and removed from "advisory" posts), and his tax returns that will (I am confident) show/prove further conflicts of interest with foreign nations and international corporations/banks, many overt lies like his charitable-giving, corruption (trump "university") and paying zero taxes! Hey, paying taxes and obeying the law are only for the little people right?

If there is no justice for ALL, there is no justice for any! Not even the prez is above the law, but this "malignant narcissist" is so ego-driven and arrogant he "believes" he is - just like he "believes" 3 to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the election thereby depriving his egoness of the popular vote - an extremely dangerous threat to our entire nation and world that had better be reigned-in toot freakin sweet before his mental illness drives us all off that damn cliff!!.................


" Donald Trump has not distanced himself from his business dealings."

Like I have posted before, from my perspective, Trump's decision to run for POTUS was anything but altruistic or to make anyone but himself great. Purely a business decision!


Excellent comment! Thank you.