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Destroying Mosul to Save It: Possible US-Backed War Crimes in Iraq Exposed


Destroying Mosul to Save It: Possible US-Backed War Crimes in Iraq Exposed

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Iraqi forces celebrate their victory over the Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul, a damning new report by Amnesty International sheds light on the killing of Iraqi civilians at the hands of the U.S.-led coalition which "may constitute war crimes"—and demands that the coalition acknowledges the loss of civilian life and takes steps to lessen non-military casualties.


Inside of 2 years, Mosul will have been re-taken by ISIS or whatever the local resistance mutates into. All of this horror…FOR NOTHING.


US bombs dropped in Syria near totals from the Vietnam war, equals big profits for arms manufacturers, war profiteers, and political/Congressional co-conspirators who also profit from the murder and misery of millions - plenty of big money to be made re-building what we destroy too! - “defense”? BS! Crimes against humanity! “Its not fascism when we do it”!


“Devastation in Mosul: Iraq seizes city from ISIS, but battle left thousands dead and 700,000 displaced.” Now that is how you create refugees, immigrants and terrorists!


Fuck the USA!
The country is sick and getting sicker.
USSR= Soviet Republics.
USA= Sovereign States. The way Empires die.
Afghanistan should have or be a historic lesson!


General Mattis was given a free hand by Trump, and he did the same thing as he did in Fallujah: he ordered the the massacre of a city. Back in the “homeland,” all the pundits and politicians agree that Mattis is “the grown up” in the administration.


AFTER THE Tonkin Gulf hoax which precipitated the bombing of North Vietnam, we watched the footage of B-52’s dumping their staggering loads of bombs on Vietnamese cities. As with all saturation bombing, it only made the survivors vow more strongly to carry on against an implacable enemy. Something which should have been learned by the same tactics in World War II.

  • As we watched the bombing of Afghan villages, with even more sophisticated weapons, Impersonal or Personal took form. We destroyed many villages in Afghanistan and killed the people to save them from the Taliban, or al Qaeda if you wish, as we did the villagers of North and South Vietnam, to “save them from the evils of Communism”. And, as usual, if they are dead, they are terrorists, not innocent villagers. It plays better in the press. Now, we also have uncounted “collateral damage.”
     **_Impersonal or Personal_**

In days of old, when knights were bold
War was a personal thing.
Hacker and hackee stood face to face,
And skill wore the blood of the loser.

We are modern, now, and war to us
Is a distant thing of interest.
We watch the box, the press debriefed,
And kills tallied up on the screen.

Bomber pilots from eight miles up
Remark upon the air,
How the bombs they drop, like flowers bloom,
In a garden far below.

We seldom hear from the target zone;
Those peasant lands below,
Where death rains down without a sound
Then shakes the ground with wrath.

Nowhere to run and no place to hide
Collateral damage, they died.
Firestorms rage and suck the air
From the child who can’t even scream..

And later the village rubble is strewn
With calcined bones in the sun.
And no one knows which belonged to whom;
The wind scatters the ash to the hills.

The Pentagon proudly reports to us all
That still more terrorists are dead.
And we all must believe what we’re told, you see,
For we hear no protest from the ground.

Then a distant echo from Vietnam days
Breathes quietly into my ear.
_“It’s sad, but we had to destroy that town,_
_To save it from the evils of Communism.”_

1 September 2003

It never ends, does it. The arms makers cry all the way to the bank.


Now, fascist military control of the American government. Probably, close to the way this military dictatorship has always been.
We can continue to hope for PEACE and a functioning DEMOCRACY.


How many people that pushed for this horrific war have been held accountable? How many media figures that pushed strongly for that war are still on the air and are not made to confront what the war has done? How many politicians are still around pushing for similar policies? How many governments do we support that have far worse records than the governments whose human rights records we condemn, like Cuba? Yet, we think we’re in a moral position to wag our finger at the world and to denounce people and governments that violate human rights. I know that the victims of our policies won’t read this, but I will say it anyway: As an American, I am sorry and I am sorry that I and others couldn’t stop this war from happening in 2003.


So thousands more terrorists created to save Mosul. Eric Prince and all private contractors of war and producers of killing machines are giddy at prospect of endless war.


As with the Russia story: “Possible.” “Potential.” “Likely.”
But verifiable proof, not so much. Even if that, we “likely” don’t get the truth anyway.


What I don’t understand is the end game here. Biden gave an interview a few years ago about the groups the US was supporting in Syria and Libya and he admitted that the actual moderates were small business people and regular people that weren’t fighting Assad and Gadhafi. Who are those groups, the “moderates” as the press calls them? Jihadists, people that get support from our “allies” like Saudi Arabia, groups that have gotten support from Israel and the US for decades, groups we directly and indirectly support now. Robert Dreyfuss has an amazing book called “Devils Game” that goes into the record of how Israel and the US supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, what would become Hamas and the jihadists in Afghanistan (a group that Reagan likened to our founding fathers and called “freedom fighters”), among other groups. We are giving billions in financial and military support to the Saudis, who have actively supported radical and violent groups in the region, and as I said, we support jihadists in the region as well directly and indirectly. Those groups also have grown as they have because of the war in Iraq and our policies in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, among other places. So, we defeat a group identified as ISIS, does anyone believe that their ideas and tactics are going to go away, especially given what we’ve done and continue to do? It’s thoroughly illogical, and millions have died because of what we’ve done. Seems to me that we’d fight ISIS by ending our support of the Saudis, radically changing both our foreign policy and those in charge of our foreign policy, ending our policies in Syria and Libya, supporting true economic development, confronting the oil companies and moving away from their toxic products (which would also undermine the Saudi Royal Family) and figuring out a way to pay reparations to the victims of our policies in the region. We’ve supported truth and reconciliation commissions in other countries that have been through these types of conflicts. It’d be nice if we held people in the Bush administration accountable and sent them to the Hague too, but our system does nothing but shield the war criminals we create from being held responsible for what they’ve done. Kissinger has respect in both the political parties, and that is shocking. Clinton this last election was reaching out to war criminals like Kissinger and Condi Rice for their support and touted the support of lots of horrific neocons, and she was heading the “liberal” party in our system.


Yea, but is gives the military industrial complex more future revenue. It is never ending war and destruction so these profit takers can have an never ending trip to the bank at the expense of the American taxpayer and the loss of innocent lives in all of these places of “adventure” for our military.


While you may be correct in your assertions, we have still not found the weapons of mass destruction which led the US into Iraq bringing war and destruction with it. We have still not found the damage done to American ships by the north Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin. We hear so much and read so much - but how much is true and how much is an effort by spin masters to deceive people into supporting war and destruction based on falsehoods? It is really hard to get at the truth but you seem to have some source. What is it?


True, US and Iraqi soldiers weren’t using body cams that recorded their crimes against humanity. Still, its unlikely that all the innocent civilians mentioned below brutally murdered themselves:


Sure. And we entered WWl to stop the Huns from bayoneting babies. If we are interested in reducing human suffering we would be welcoming refugees fleeing the horror and chaos we did so much to create. We would not be supporting the rain of fire coming down on the people of Yemen. ISIS is unmitigatingly awful. That does not give us license to add to the carnage.


You are way behind the curve. Also, that curve is entirely irrelevant to this story.


The grim fact is, he is the grown up. While Caligula performs for the Senate.


Wonder where the ISIS weapons were made and who sold them to them or left them behind for them to pick up?


Should we have helped create ISIS in the first place?

Should we continue selling arms to Saudi Arabia so they can bomb and starve the Houthis?

Should we fight Al Qaeda in one country and support them in another?

Should we blindly enact whatever war policy Israel dictates?

Should the D-party kowtow to the whims of Haim Saban?

Should Henry Kissinger direct the military policy of Hilary Clinton?