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'Destruction of Checks and Balances': WH Lawyers Reportedly Argued Trump Could Override Congress to Withhold Ukraine Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/30/destruction-checks-and-balances-wh-lawyers-reportedly-argued-trump-could-override


People really need to understand the toxically partisan nature of articles like this one. “Withhold Ukraine Aid”? What is that? First, it’s not financial aid to Ukraine, the money goes to US weapons manufacturers (in this case Raytheon, of Southern California). Second, we are not “aiding” Ukraine, we are arming them. Why are we arming Ukraine? Because in 2014 the US government under Obama’s CIA , engineered a coup (the Maidan “Revolution”) to install a puppet government hostile to Russia.This is very dangerous: as Noam Chomsky has said in recent years our two biggest threats are out of control climate catastophe and nuclear war. (On a side note Raytheon of all the weapons mfrs is the closest to the CIA and also just happens to be big donors to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.) The whole impeachment charade is about differences in foreign policy, it is factional warfare. It has nothing to do with the Consitution or “protecting democracy”. Even Obama called it an “intramural” squabble. This is how the Democrats are really opposed to Trump.


Hey boys and girls, can anyone say dictator? Look back at the history of Germany 1933 and Hitlers rise to power.


Excellent Idea. One thing to note is now Germany’s Social Democrats betrayed the interests of thier own working class base and greased the wheels of Hitler’s rise to power. Kinda like the Democratic Party today…


Excellent observation and eerily similar.


The emphasis should be on the ‘checks’ coming from the war monger industry to congress. Fined tuned to the point, they decide which weapon to be sold and which congressional district gets the MICC slop. Note the dems are getting more slop at this time than the repubs as they control the house and budgets. Over time the ‘checks balance’ out the scales and both parties are happy and thousands of innocent people are dead or starving refugees. But WTF somebody has to pay for expensive election campaigns.


It’s pretty sad that Jack Johnson can write excellent antiwar articles, but at the same time write this imperialist pro-war article.


Yes it is. Is CD’s banner of “fierce independant media” getting to be as meaningful as Fox News’ “fair and balanced” but from the other side?


Trump syndrome’s main symptom is hypocrisy;)


Great play on words.

I have talked to people who talk favorably of Trump due largely to the Liberal media/Democratic Party hypocrisy. Democrats are losing ground within the biggest constituency of voters - independants.


The Democratic leadership have both persuaded right wingers to join their party, and have pushed the left-leaners away from their party. It looks too deliberate to say it isn’t collusion between the two parties.

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Hello Tom_Larson,
I would suggest that the Dim-missing-wits have sold out the 'murikan people for the last 40 years plus!!!

There’s a profound level of interests of the R’s and D’s that overlap. They are both parties that serve the ruling class. They are both fiercly capitalist. They both hate genuine progressive policies. But what makes them different, besides surface level rhetoric, is that certain big businesses are also partisan. Facebook leans conservative, Google leans liberal, for example. For some reason, since the days of the OSS, ther CIA pulls its recruits from the Ivy League who leans liberal. I would not call in “collusion” ; I would call it cooperation.


Without checks and balances there is no rule of law our representative republic. Seems far to many want to do away with the rule of law


When do the parades start with the special hand signals showing allegiance to the god-king?

You mean co-opt-eration.

Like Con. Tulsi Gabbard for instance. Voting " present " when $430 million is a part of the " checks and balances " regarding Congressional powers.
If it would of been an issue of funding ( the wall/Posse Comitatis? ) that’s not about Ukraine and, not a campaign talking point ( impeachment ) would lovely hula hands Tulsi vote present? Her abdication of Congressional powers to the Executive Branch in budget matters has the consistency of mixed bunk oil and seawater, here.

The right-wing hypocrite party never did like the constraints of laws. Regulating banking and investment are examples. They never saw a regulation that they were happy with.

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Like I’ve said before, it appears that the dem party is in the throws of transformation, somewhat as drastic as the republican:- from Rhino to Tea Party, to whatever it is today.
While we criticize it’s past direction, perhaps we can encourage it’s metamorphosis.

Sorry, it seemed like a “glass half full” post was in order.