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Detained Children Forced to Recite Pledge of Allegiance 'Out of Respect' for Country That Tore Them Away From Parents


Detained Children Forced to Recite Pledge of Allegiance 'Out of Respect' for Country That Tore Them Away From Parents

Julia Conley, staff writer

While tearing children away from parents under a policy designed to keep asylum seekers from entering U.S. society, the Trump administration is forcing those same children to pledge their allegiance to the country that is actively trying to expel them.

We make the children recite a pledge of allegiance to the country that took them from their parents. This is calculated sadism.https://t.co/pYHl4VBxRt


Please define “forced”?

The WaPo article says “required.” The tweet of the article says “make.” How do we get to “forced,” giving the impression of gunpoint or something. I want to ask how they were taught the Pledge in English.

This is how aggregation goes awry. It’s a terrible situation. Let’s not make it any worse.


It makes sense in a psychotic/moronic (ie trumpian) kind of way.
Pledging allegiance is rudimentary brainwashing after all, and it has worked wonders on american kids who as adults typically would not question authority if their lives depended on it.
If you are a sociopathic idiot, you’d probably think this would be a good way to ensure that these abused children do not come seeking revenge a few decades from now.


If the kids don’t speak english, and have been taught to say it in english (phonetically, I assume) how does this do any good. They won’t understand the words/meaning. Besides being a rote exercise in “doing what you’re told” how is this even a useful plan?


As a veteran public school teacher, I did not force/require that the pledge be mouthed. We did stand.
On the Native reservation, I displayed deer antlers above the U.S. flag. We did not recite the pledge or talk about it.
A new principal led the pledge over the PA system. She was a tyrant.


Yes, “one nation, under god, with Liberty and Justice for all”.…yes, under god, greed, war and corruption…for Richard Stands…WTF has taken over this nation? Peoples pathetic excuses for minds? The Body Snatchers? Video gaming? Mind-control drugs? Blinky-eyed, mealey-mouthed preachers? The thing about vulture capitalist fascism and militaristic jingoism, it reaches deep into the vulnerable mind, especially ones that have not had a widely varied education in history and the humanities…only how to get a job and become a wage slave…so much for the democratic experiment - it was subverted by what wealth can buy (media/journalism) and promote (greed) - all bought-out by wealth and greed…wave bye de bye…


These are Children. When a figure in authority gives an ORDER the child is not aware that they have certain rights that allow them to refuse. They can fear consequences even if there no direct threat of consequences.This is coercion and force and coercion are the same thing.


Seems clear to you. Don’t know that it’s so clear to the kids, especially in the midst of all their other trauma.


Yes it is clear to me. The Children are being FORCED to pledge the declaration of independence by definition.This hardly means such instruction is somehow benign.


This is just wierd. Forced or not, there has not been a time in our history that a prisoner, or detainee has been asked or forced to cite the Pledge of Alligience. The funny thing is that they are pledging their lives to our country. If the pledge is something that has meaning, then they would be on their way to citizenship. What an odd way to ‘punish’ l, if that is the case or attitude by asking someone to pledge their alligiance. The stranger things is the ending, “…with liberty and Justice for all.” Is it? And, do they have?


I think the very purpose is to ensure they “do what they’re told.” The words don’t matter; the message is in the coerced action.


I imagine you could write a book about the agonies and ironies of teaching American history and being required to brainwash Native American children about how “great” America is at a res school.
I didn’t realize how terrible the Native American genocide was until I saw the incredible movie Little Big Man.


The “God” that the Trumpers and pledge of allegiance refer to is a dangerous, vicious, mean, psychopathic, jealous, stupid god.
Their God flooded the whole world, killing all life except what was in one boat.
Their God drowned people in the Red Sea.
Their God consigned “His people” to slavery.
Their God could have gotten rid of Lucifer, but didn’t.
Their God required a human blood sacrifice, and so set up his own “perfect Son” to be tortured and murdered.
Their God is as sick as they are.
I never did and never will pledge allegiance to their insane, stupid, immoral God.


I will repeat that, while the Pledge recitation is appalling and highly symbolic, it’s hardly the worst, let alone the only, injustice or trauma that these kids are suffering. The main thing, and more important the younger the kid, is that they’re disoriented and have little promise of getting back to a life that makes sense. The best person(s) to help them adjust is their parent.


But have you noticed they don’t believe in climate change. How strange.


I couldn’t agree more. What happens to the little ones who don’t cooperate at first, you know the ones who don’t understand what the heck is going on, what happens to them is the big people start pushing the uncooperative ones around and try to control them like little goats. The other little victims are watching all this pushing and crying, and they know the deal soon enough: better to go along to avoid the pains.


Are they all dressed in brown shirts, too?


You are so right. They refuse to accept science, but believe as fact that an invisible sky father murdered his own son, will send you to hell unless you comply with an ancient book, and is a god of love.
This is how I respond when the sky father people attack me:


Shades of 30’s/40’s


Positively Kafkaesque.