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Détente and the New Cold Wars


Détente and the New Cold Wars

Karl Meyer

The essential key to addressing real threats to international security and peace, as well as to resolving smaller wars and regional conflicts, is to reverse the present trend toward Cold Wars with Russia and China. The world needs active cooperation among the United States, Russia, China and other influential countries, through agreement and cooperation within the United Nations framework. We need to return actively to the vision set forth in the United Nations Charter, and abandon the fantasy of unipolar world domination.


Yet another naive article:

"A second harmful error of the Bush and Obama regimes has been their belief that they could take advantage of popular unrest and revolts in Middle Eastern countries to knock off dictatorial governments and, by aiding oppressed rebel groups, establish friendly client governments in these countries."

The unrest was fomented by the neocons in the first place. It did not occur in the absence of hegemonic ambition. Until the neocons are publicly called out on their nefarious ways, expect little movement toward peace. They have the reins of deep state and are clinching tightly to them.


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I agree that there were and remain legitimate grievances in the Arab world. Unfortunately, the neocons wish to exploit such grievances and keep them active through balkanization of the region in order to prevent a strong unifying force in the Arab world from threatening the American hegemony. Until this narrative is properly addressed through journalism, the public at large will not be able grasp what is really occurring. Of course, that lack of perspective is part of the neocon's plan...


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Shhhh, be vewy, vewy quiet; I'm hunting tewwowists...


If it comes down to Trump vs. HRC there will be no lesser evil because of the quiddity of evil between the two running for POTUS.

I will support Dr. Jill Stein again. A women of high intelligence and integrity. And even though she has little chance because of the rigged political system, I will not feel like a voting sucker and will have a clear conscience.


You are out of line dismissing this with the same casual judgment you tend to make regarding every issue.

This is a WISE article.

And this bears repeating:

"Peace movements and civil society movements cannot dictate the policies of governments or multi-national corporations. Our role, through agitation and education, is to restrain their abuses of power as much as may be possible, and to influence the political context of their decision making as much as may be possible, through mass organization and mobilization."


I use harsh words because pearls of wisdom need the sand grains of irritation. The awakening that many of us believe is needed is in need of disconcerting discourse. History can no longer be viewed as accidentally evolving--there are forces (and always have been) driving it.


His biggest risk would likely be a confrontation with China over trade. I expect he'd try to ally himself with Putin, the opposite of Hillary's approach, which would be to push Putin as hard as she could, right into possible nuclear war. Putin might steer things toward peace, just not the neoconservative version of "peace" ...


It is looking more and more as if this indeed is the choice the US electorate will be presented with.


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