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'Determined to Make America Dumb as Him,' Trump Ditches UNESCO


'Determined to Make America Dumb as Him,' Trump Ditches UNESCO

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

State Department complains of mounting bills, "anti-Israel bias"

The logo of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is seen on October 11, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images)


Trump the authoritarian spawn of the great generation keeping the cultural war going.


Trump already has made his core voters as dumb as he is!


In may parts of the USA, any talk of designating any significant cultural or natural feature a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” leads to local protest against it - claiming that it is a move toward “socialistic one world government” and also might restrict their right to dump their shit in the nearest creek (the designation doesn’t do this, unfortunately). This happened at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The designation went through, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site road signs in the area keep getting torn down.


Note well from the article that Obama had all but pulled out of UNESCO because they committed the heinous anti-Semitic crime of admitting Palestine to their membership.


Trump is like Billy Madison - we are all made dumber with his every utterance or tweet. Those of us who listen that is.


Shame on the USA! We get what we deserve…


The dumb version of UNESCO applicable to the demented dimwit and any number of his cabinet secretaries, Tillerson included:

U – unhinged
N – narcissistic
E – egomaniacal
S – sociopathic
O - OAFs

Their dismantling of our democracy, government, and nation will catapult us into irreversible destruction that will not be undone in my or my son’s lifetime or over several lifetimes…if ever at all.


Absolutely! What a crime.


Headline: UNESCO, Which Obama Wants US to Fund, Calls Israel ‘Occupying Power’ and Rewrites Jewish History

Despite the fact that the membership of UNESCO brought this situation upon itself, the Obama administration has repeatedly asked Congress to change the law to allow the U.S. to renew funding, offering a number of highly dubious assertions on how U.S. interests were being undermined by the failure to provide funding.

Congress has rightly refused.

Read more here:


Given his politics, it’s completely logical (though barbaric) that Trump pull out of UNESCO.

Education, and culture are anathema to rapacious capitalist governments like that of the US.

Science is revered there in the US mainly for its help in the production of war machines, but UNESCO is of no help to the US in that regard.

Dumbing down the population is very important to Trump and company, so overall, UNESCO is a drag on their politics.

Education, peaceful science and culture do indeed point the world toward “socialistic one world government", and when we have attained that we will have a world in which it is a pleasure to live.


More than half the country was already dumb as sin thanks to Conservative genes.




Yup, I frankly never found the idea of a democratic “one world government” - one that conducts its business in Esperanto, but celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity in all its forms - which is the very mission of UNESCO - to be a fine idea.


Thanks for the correction - I stand corrected and I’ll flag my post and maybe the moderator will remove it

It seems that existing laws required Obama to stop the funding in 2011 whether he wanted to or not.


Sheldon Adelson’s $45 million buys a lot of Trump.

Direct Democracy


Well that fits does it not? Trump, the 5th grader POTUS. Oh yeah, of the “free” world–imagine if the US were a free nation and not one captivated by corporations.


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But unfortunately, people continue to up-vote my factually wrong statement! Gotta love the internet!


I understood your meaning before you corrected.
Your contradictory post containing “never” made sense to me only with “never” deleted.