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Deterrents to Terror that Very Rich People Can't Comprehend


Deterrents to Terror that Very Rich People Can't Comprehend

Paul Buchheit

As people gain in wealth, they depend less on others, and thus they have less reason to understand the feelings and needs of the less fortunate.


Fear feeds the American empire's war machine that sustains the oligarchy's war economy.

If a vote for Hillary is a vote for the Wall Street war machine, how can I vote for her and not feel like an accomplice to the murder women and children? Is Trump worse?

We are all murderers now.


Thank you, Mr. Buchheit for an all too rare mix of logic, compassion, and vital statistics!

On this matter:

"Polls show that Americans are more afraid of a terrorist attack than at any other time since 9/11, even though the rate of violent crime has been consistently dropping since 1993."

I can think of 2-3 reasons for the above.

First of all, "Chump" is doing his best imitation of an American fascist tyrant and therefore MUST develop an enemy to serve as the scapegoat projection screen. Given the massive amounts of FREE media donated to Trump and "his message," it's not a surprise that his riling the Conservative Base with tales of terror leads to this opinion (as outcome).

Second: Usually in homes where domestic abuse is common, the male aggressor insists that his wife or girlfriend MADE him do it. I've watched this projection in other arenas where power is disproportionate.

For instance, look at the way the media and domestic police departments go to work tearing up the reputations of the VICTIMS of police violence; or the emphasis Israel places on Palestinian acts of violence (as if they were equivalent to organized state violence).

Because those who have favored the foreign wars of aggression MUST feel guilt somewhere in their twisted, propagandized souls... that guilt is quickly converted into pumping up further rationalizations and "justifications" for the use of force. It's a kind of engineered blind fury.

Those of us who oppose war and have sought to change this Martial State from the inside out (and still carry on that Quest) do not see these Others as an enemy, nor do we fear them. Although, having said that, it's now far likelier that some kind of attack or terrorist event would endanger our nation given the conduct of its vast MIC forces.

Like the thugs portrayed in the excellent film (exposing the dark side of Behavior Modification), Clockwork Orange, U.S. troops act like those thugs going about knocking down doors in night raids, shooting people and designating them enemies after the fact, and laughing about their kills. Some even keep trophies like bona fide serial killers. That is ultimately what U.S. military training works to turn them into. Small wonder then that the many who return home and find work at local police departments treat U.S. citizens (thus far, mostly those inside Black communities) like Enemy Combatants.



Let those who do acts, design and engineer programs, or even vote for unsavory actions carry that responsibility.

To spread it universally around is to EXCUSE its principal actors.

I oppose war as does the vast majority.

So please deposit this repugnant and false WE meme where the sun doesn't shine. Or speak for yourself! Not me! And others like me.


Leave me out of your "majority" conspiracy theory.


Sorry about that SR. But if half of our taxes go to feed the war machine, we are at least unwilling participants.


Good analysis, but there are some specifics in this case that deserve to be outed.

ISIS is or was funded by US intelligence and the Saud family.