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Detroit Teachers Hold Sickout to Protest Broken Funding Promises



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The USA has a lousy educational system because people always fight good ideas to improve education. In most industrial nations, students perform much better than they do in the USA. They are more advanced in math, science & social science. Many Europeans learn more than one language. Most Americans think if foreigners learn English, there's no reason for them to learn their languages. If Americans don't learn other languages, they can't communicate with immigrants that do not speak English.


Agreed. I remember the 'Golden Age" of teaching, when educators had a part in designing and implementing the curriculum. Amazingly, students learned. For each new test that students are expected to be proficient in, please first have all of our "legislators" take it - just a fun idea to see if they are "proficient" enough to lead.


By the way, in watching "news" coverage of the strike, important information is not presented: the teachers have a percentage of their paychecks deducted to be set aside for payment over the summer months - it IS their money. So what the Detroit Public School System is doing is actually THEFT of the teachers' money.


There are Charter Schools in Detroit, at least three that I can identify. That's a fact. My question would be, will the teachers be paid promptly in the charters during the Summer while the public school teachers will not? A good journalist would contact the teacher unions in the city to find out. The charters love HRC, and I believe I remember back during Bill's reign when the Clinton's were in office that one of them had interest in an investment group that had charter assets.


Abhaya makes the mistake of inappropriate collective thinking. Detroit doesn't have the money to pay its teachers. And others aren't necessarily obligated to pay for it. They have their own students to educate.

(As for Michigan, I don't know how much responsibility the state has to put up money. But I have heard of instances, such as a Federal judge ordering funding for Kansas City MO schools, where the inner city schools got much more funding / student than any other school district in the state. And Washington DC pays more per student than any other district.)

As for spending to fight ISIS, I can safely assure you that Detroit isn't funding that. In the Mitt Romney paradigm, the very large % of Detroit's population are takers, who get more from the government than they pay in taxes.

Given that about half of Detroit students don't graduate and only a quarter can read at grade level, the children there are not currently receiving an appropriate education from DPS teachers. So the teachers may not deserve the money they are getting. What should Detroit students be learning? [The next bit is meant satirically....] Given that Detroit is such a seat of 'taking', perhaps the education indicated for Detroit's youngsters is a 'School for Crime', to learn how to take from others at the lowest cost of consequences to the criminal. And, from history, crime is a precursor for violent revolution.


A true statement. Reporting I see elsewhere reports that the most consistent opponents fighting good ideas to improve education are teachers' union bosses and organizers. And teachers' unions, as collective unionized bodies, protect mediocrity and punish excellence.

Comparing and contrasting would be interesting. I do know that elsewhere which school a student attends has a big effect on what sort of job the student can get later in life. Parents know this and pressure their kids to get good grades, and get into the best schools. And parents also enroll their kids in after-school hours 'juku', 'cram schools'. And schools, particularly in Japan, are more meritocratic than American schools. People here in America who complain about testing have never lived through 'exam hell' in Japan.

As another sort of contrast, I read about a Greek teacher complaining to his class about how unprepared they were. In the same breath he was advertising his own paid after-school-hours class. It is not hard to find many instances in other countries where teachers are slack and indifferent in front of their public school classes, just drawing a salary for showing up, and active with their after-school-hours class. (The difference of pay for performance. Emphasis on the 'for performance'.)


Charter schools are CORPORATE schools - they are not required to produce the same test results, standard curriculum as public schools; they take our tax dollars from public schools; charter schools may select students whereas public schools take all students; and charter schools can hire un-credentialed "teachers". Charter schools are a corporate scam and a rip-off- see who supports them.