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'Devastated Lives': Shell Sued Again over Catastrophic Spills in Nigeria


'Devastated Lives': Shell Sued Again over Catastrophic Spills in Nigeria

Nika Knight, staff writer

Royal Dutch Shell must pay for the lives and livelihoods destroyed by the decades-long deluge of oil spilled from its pipelines in the Niger Delta, two lawsuits filed in London on Tuesday charged.

"Shell has an appalling record of obfuscation and misinformation with regard to its dealings in the Niger Delta," said Peter Frankental, director of Amnesty International’s UK Economic Affairs Programme.


Not only did Royal Dutch Shell exploit the Niger Delta and pollute the region, they were a co-conspirator of the assassination of internationally respected Ogoni leader Ken Saro-Wiwa. RDS is the very definition of colonial criminal that together with corrupt local rulers deprived the people their rights, share of profits, clean/livable environment and many activist lives!

http://chartsbin.com/view/mgz history of largest oil spills

The fossil fuel industry are some of the worst polluters on earth! They have destroyed whole ecosystems and local resources and fisheries! The only thing worse and more destructive this criminal industry is responsible for is the corruption of representative government, "regulatory" agencies, politicians and legislation crafted for their benefit and profit at the expense of all others! They have never paid full reparations for their greed and contempt for the Earth!