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'Devastating': Civil Rights Activist Erica Garner Declared Brain Dead Following Severe Heart Attack


'Devastating': Civil Rights Activist Erica Garner Declared Brain Dead Following Severe Heart Attack

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The news came just days after Erica suffered a severe heart attack shortly before Christmas Eve


A life well lived, no matter how long…


A tragic, early victim of the now-legitimated sadism emanating from the highest levels of government.


I’m sorry to hear this.

It’s not the best thing when the secondary victims of a crime bear some of the heavy burden of fixing the crime, especially if they in turn become potential targets of racial bullies.


A sad day for us all.

Trauma and stress will kill you.


The good people of this country leave far too soon while the garbage continues to infest us for decades! Power to Erica Garner and her family.


A tragic loss - her fathers murder at the hands of depraved police no doubt contributed greatly to Erica’s young death.


Heartbreaking news. Another young life lost, another committed activist lost. We need to redouble our own efforts.


I’m very hurt and saddened. I feel very honored and humbled to have lived to know of you, Erica. You are now always with us, every day going forward.


What A cruel and painful tragedy-
Here we have an old and rotten Roy Moore still kicking shit around about his miserable existence and this brave young woman becoming the victim of more than likely A highly stressful situation caused by A degenerate hate that ended her Fathers life far before his time- Life is so unfair at times- The good all too often do die young…
Damn cruel, undeserving and NOT fair-That’s about all I can say for now…
R.I.P. Erica…


Well spoken words!!!


Erica, I am praying for you. Do not let the trauma and the loss wear you down. Breathe deep and exhale deep. Use the yoga breathing, naddi suddi, alternate nostril breathing. It will calm you. Love and thank you for all the work you have done for justice.
a Quaker grandmother


I marched 2 times in Staten Island for justice for her father, Eric. I know this woman had the courage to reject the sellouts like Al Sharpton and vulture lawyers continue to demand justice which her family never received. She is a great fighter for our class and I wish her a full recovery. It is ironic she is being treated in the same hospital that I worked for 30 years and whose bosses harrassed me to the point I had a serious heart atrack. I came back and continued to fight for justice for the workers. I sincerely hope Erica does likewise.


I hope Erica hasn’t passed. Her dedication put wind beneath the wings of so many people. What our country did to her dad…passed down to her and so many, many others is unspeakable. We must continue to give the movement money and energy.


Last reports I’ve read is that she is in a coma. Though considering that she seems to be in a vegetative state now, there will be no recovery. Another casualty thanks to the rapacious system that is capitalism and the dying U.S. empire.


Thanks for update. I am so sorry for her family and close friends/ followers.

“Dying U.S. empire”——doesn’t feel like it’s dying to me. It feels like the madman and his Cabal are just now rolling up their sleeves. Empire may well be destined to die, but I think we’re nowhere near the zenith yet, much less on the downhill slide.