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'Devastating Effects' of CA Prop 22 Begin as Albertsons Stores Move to Replace Unionized Drivers With Gig Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/devastating-effects-ca-prop-22-begin-albertsons-stores-move-replace-unionized

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Yeah, that will fix everything. No steps forward, ten steps backward instead.


Workers have been relegated to being commodities, bought and sold as cheaply as possible by corporations who have seduced our elected officials with bribes in order to obtain the legislation that is undermining our freedoms.


Gig-based app companies are multinational too, the King of Saudi Arabia is invested significantly in some of these companies and it seems a growing trend. There is a bigger picture here too.


In before @zed comments on trade deals.

My local Whole Foods Market, which only sells one item I want, since the (destruction) purchase from Amazon is full of gig shoppers now and the parking lot is full of gig / delivery drivers.
I have to park at the end of the lot and navigate isles full of people and carts. The store even closed down more than half the registers because they are not used anymore.

I have not used any app based services. I spoke to a neighbor who said restaurant delivery was a 30% markup.
The problem isn’t “gig-ing” per-se, most trades people are gig workers, in a way. It’s the app companies “middle-manning” that’s ruining it. The problem is, there are plenty of people to do the job for less. I remember the taxi drivers tried hard to shut this stuff down when it started. Taxi drivers used to do all this stuff too, without the app. I used to have a couple of “business cards” for various people happy to drive me around or fetch stuff and make deliveries.


Americans voted for this.

They like working for nothing. And paying too much for health insurance.

It’s what they call freedom.


The authorized dealers telcom companies use are a huge problem. They are closing more corporate stores and opening more third-party dealers whose employees aren’t protected by unions and they don’t have the same benefits, etc. e.g. AT&T, Verizon, etc

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There are a lot of unintended consequences though, more vehicles on the road etc. I imagine zed will be along soon to expand on some of them. It is a corporate model that benefits corporations, not workers.


Why is Robert Reich all about workers and stuff now?

When he actually had some power, he brought in NAFTA.


“Gee, maybe if we slap it harder, we can get another golden egg out of that goose.”


How does that work exactly? It sounds like a bad deal to me, especially for remediation of problems?

I simply do not patronize merchants who do this. My local Walmart went entirely to self checkout, not a single cashier in the place, I put my purchases back on the shelves and left never to return.


As Pearl sings "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.’

It is a bad deal, for almost everyone, except those higher in the companies. I do know for the remediation of many issues, they rely more on live chats, etc. To buy new phones, data plans they are utilizing authorized stores more and more and they are eliminating stores and employee positions.

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What would happen in a world of only gig workers? People would not have sick pay or paid vacations or workmen’s compensation or retirement benefits or stock options. Some legal rights involved with worker rights and friction might be more difficult to manage.
Is it necessarily bad? Many are choosing this path. Be your own boss!
It seems to me that this is a trend. If so, governments need to figure out how to provide protections for the workers in another fashion.

In one sense there is more freedom, with the right to refuse work, setting your own schedule, defining your vacation time.

What about paying taxes? How many gig workers report their income properly? Likely not so many. So I would imagine that states and governments will have something to say about it eventually.


I thought that might be the case and thank you. Wondering how we can change this too.

If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit of a devil’s advocate. I like to picture the other side of a comment or situation.
I know of good companies in my area that pay union wages and good salaries.
Kimberly Clark and Keller are prime examples, but there are other companies that treat employees decently.

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these workers are in luck. Any day now that great Community Organizer cum POTUS is going to find those marching shoes and join people as they protest for their rights. Any day now…

Classic example of people voting against their own best interests.

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Too bad because they bag groceries MUCH better than Albertson’s, where they just toss it and wait for you to do it yourself. If not they act like you put them out. But baggers cost SO much, and you know trickle down is a pug wet dream.