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Devastating Floods in Texas Just Latest Example of Global Weather Extremes


Devastating Floods in Texas Just Latest Example of Global Weather Extremes

Jon Queally, staff writer

With at least a dozen people dead and the raging high waters being described as having 'tsunami-type power' in Texas over the Memorial Day weekend, the latest example of extreme weather in the United States is being tied to a global pattern of increasingly volatile events that are claiming lives and costing billions of dollars in damage each year around the world.


“Devastating Floods in Texas Just Latest Example of” Focusing only on a single Issue (Global Weather) rather than THINKING and NON-violently protesting against the EMPIRE that actually CAUSES this one important, but subordinate issue out of the hundreds of such ‘issues’ and ‘symptom problems’ that are ALL caused by the very same undiagnosed EMPIRE.

I know, it’s sort of a long Title for this article — but at least it would accomplish something ---- because,

The only way to EFFECTIVELY protest NON-violently is to publicly,
loudly, and continually; ‘call-out’, expose, and educate Americans
that the US is acting like an EMPIRE abroad and TYRANNY at home.

Signs and protesting needs to be focused on ‘shouting-out’:

“Stop the EMPIRE”

Since the Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist Empire is the proximate CAUSE of all these important, but subordinate ‘symptom problems’ like Global Climate Destruction, because:

We don’t merely have a “Big Money”/Citizens United
problem, or a domestic tyranny and NSA SPYING problem, or an NDAA
Secret Detention problem, or a corrupt unSupreme Court problem, or a
gun/fear problem, or an MIC problem, or an ‘Austerity’ problem, or an
EXPANDING WARS problem, or a ‘drone assassinations’ problem, or a
vast income & wealth inequality problem, or a Wall Street
‘looting’ problem, or a Global Warming and environmental death-spiral
problem, or the world’s largest political prisoner problem, or a
crappy un-healthy insurance problem, or shitty over-priced and
exclusive educational access problem, or, or, or … ad nauseam —
but what we REALLY have is a hidden VEMPIRE cancerous tumor of GLOBAL
EMPIRE which is the prime CAUSE of all these underlying, related, and
mere ‘symptom problems’ ---- but not even the most progressive
voices in the alternative media agree or dare raise a United Voice
against this dangerous EMPIRE ---- and which is why Kerry, Obama and
the DGE they ‘front-for’ is scared shitless that RT TV’s message of
pointing the finger at the real Disguised Global Empire is so
dangerous to their global facade of supposed US freedom, democracy,
equality, and justice, all of which is such an obvious bullshit
disguise of the real DGE.

Liberty, democracy, equality, and justice


A 2 oC future is absolutely nuts. So is a 1.5 oC future – the best option anyone or any scientist seems to be suggesting. We are only about halfway to that, and look at the mess we have already.

Stop flying, folks! And start making other changes too, right now. Making an immediate dent is really quite simple, especially for the high emitters.


When this many “problems” arise one can be sure it is systemic. Not a one-off. So we are thinking in frames for change (and so are “they”).


And Tex-ass is still not creating a plan for dealing with these disasters? What a surprise. I imagine that Oklahoma is one of the others what with that intellectual giant James Inhofe and his snowballs in the Senate. Calm down people, the Bible thumpers will tell us. This isn’t caused by our multi-billion dollar energy conglomerates and the lust affair for SUVs. This is just part of God’s warning to us we can’t have none of them there gay marriages or equal pay for wimmin and all that other librul claptrap.


Hey Bruce, those storms just happen when Jesus sneezes.


Has anyone ever heard the presumptive nominees of each legacy power demand budget cuts to the DoD, the Alphabet Agencies or Homeland Security Administration? Me either. Sen. Sanders has called for 15% cuts but even Rand Paul, touting a less interventionist foreign policy, has called for spending increases. The first order of business, and radical repriortising the economy will be a major enterprise, is to not raise taxes but to redirect existing gov’t spending. And, eliminate tax loopholes and change the tax code. The struggling middle class here’s the word change and thinks " higher taxes ". They become tone deaf and blind to the messenger. Because the middle and lower classes are facing the struggles of " food, shelter and clothing " on a daily basis. What we need to do will take money and a 35-40% cut in Empire building budgets is realistic. This would free up some $400 Billion yearly. That down payment could change the course of mighty rivers in Texas and elsewhere. Finally, words matter to the middle class, working class and the young, entering the work force. Just as the word progressive ( progress ) must replace liberal, those wishing to change things have got to enforce " reprioritizing " over the deadly " higher taxes ". The waste, fraud and abuse of the U.S. Gov’t lies squarely at the addresses of the Security and Police States, enabled by Wall Street and Congress. We can mitigate the worst of Climate Change, writ large, but not without ending this crazy and perverse triangulation. When enough Texas catastrophes happen everywhere there’s a waterway, people will get the message. Hopefully that message won’t be " run for your life " or " halt, or I’ll shoot. "


Neither mentioned nor analyzed is the scale of volcanic activity which also impacts weather systems. Its quite something to first just scroll through this year’s listing to see the extent.


Hello Dead Broke,

So many of us are so attached to our anger that we apply it to whole classes of humans. That creates some problems. One is that it is bad for our health. Another is that in the rush of our passions, we can overlook the details of what is right in front of us.

In the case of this article, you may have overlooked this:
“In the midwest, the number of storms that drop more than three inches of rain have increased by 50 percent.”
Just one piece of evidence in a relatively small part of the earth that our climate seems to have changed systematically.

You are of course free to believe what you like. And I am sure that your anger at men has been justified by experience. I can only hope, however, that you may sometimes gain some distance from your emotions so that you may see yourself and others as whole human beings, no matter what you or they have done.

If I have spoken out of place, I hope you will forgive me.



Apart from the loss of life and costs to property repair, what is NEVER mentioned is what all this flooding means in the way of washing all of Texas’ industrial toxins into rivers, streams, water tables, and The Gulf.

The planet’s waters become us… either nourishing our bodies via our bloodstreams or polluting them.

This state with its hostility towards Environmental safeguards is known for open mineral operations and dug-out pipelines. It’s BIG OIL’s U.S. capitol, and surely there are Defense Contractors cooking up their own sort of toxic brews… the kind of thing we’ll hear about in 12 years so that no criminal misconduct can be identified and/or prosecuted… in “real time.”

And while the article cites just the most recent storm to Vanadu, the quake to Nepal, the tsunami that impacted S.E. Asia, a recent surge of volcanoes simultaneously awakening from long periods of dormancy and the quake-tsunami that hit Fukushima–the radioactive “gift” that keeps on spewing also serve as key examples of Mother Nature’s operational systems being overheated and exhausted like an effete engine (or nuclear power plant) being forced to operate on Steroids just when it needs rehab and a cycle of rest.

There is an ENERGETIC truth to this idea of The Sabbath. All things require a “rest beat.” With so many motors burning fuel 24/7… Mother Nature is missing her periods intended for rest, renewal, and rehabilitation.

The results are manifesting in the form of all kinds of destructive natural events.


Weather and Climate change are two different things. They are related to measurments over a period of TIME. When one is suggesting Climate change they are pointing out changes over a long period of time. Weather on the other hand is a local and short duration effect. Long term changes in Climate WILL affect local weather patterns. This is not a “Theory”.

Just because snow falls in may does not mean Climate change is or is not occuring.

Now as to your fools born every day.

In my own lifetime there are plant species and animal species found ever more North due to a changing CLIMATE. Indeed farmers can now grow crops in Alberta they could not grow in 1930 because the growing season is longer. The range of trees like the sugar maple which likes a colder climate has shifted Northwards in the past 60 years to the point the sugar maple industry is all but disappearing in the North East USA with a range shift in that period of around 40 miles which is not insignifcant. Indeed it esltimate that at the current rate of tree migration in the US North east the Sugar Maple will vanish from those states within a few decades.

The growing season in the province I grew up in is longer then it was 80 years ago. In real terms this has extended the range of crops like corn which can be grown and harvested northwards by some 300 KM in 80 years time.

So in your claims that man is gullible and that this warming a scam , could you please detail to me how it is that plant and animal species are being conned by that fake science? Are THEY watching that same news man is watching and being duped?


Well said. We can’t get away from our environment. People disconnect all this as if the ocean, and the detritus we pour into it, somehow disappears into the ether. Opposite that, the world takes from the ocean as if it’s a golden goose, of sorts. " A lie spreads halfway around the world before the truth gets its’ pant on. " M. Twain


I don’t believe in climate change, I UNDERSTAND it. That said, I also know this part of Texas very well, having lived nearby and frequently exploring on and off over fifteen years of my life. This event was not a climate event, but rather a weather event. It is way too premature to assume otherwise. Only careful regression analysis against long-term data could suggest otherwise. Those of us who favor commitment to bending back the curve on climate do no help by histrionics. Let’s leave the snowballing to Sen. Inhofe.


Empires are made and kept in place through militarism.

In order to make militarism the center of a society, the warrior archetype must be glorified. (I term this, “Mars rules.”)

When militarism (in service to empire or your “usual garden-variety” of border skirmishes and assorted land conquests) takes hold, all things related to compassion, caring, empathy, the arts, and those other expressions tied to Primal Yin, disappear or are otherwise denigrated and devalued.

Pornography is one major method for imparting the above.

Until an understanding is in place that links aggression, militarism, AND Empire with the masculine drive to dominate, control, and then order societies according to rank (this entails particular privileges associated with money/class, race, gender, ethnicity and even religion)–this is done through maintaining the aggressive force needed to implement these protocols… a word like Empire does not adequately DEFINE the roots of this condition.

And it is THIS condition–this masculine need to dominate, to take what is perceived as “passive” and use force to control it (as is THE preferred way, and defines “the model” utilized by today’s robber-baron New Corporate Conquistadors)–that must be seen for what it is in order for a new PARTNERSHIP to form with the natural world and Gaia’s systems.

Vandana Shiva teaches this by explaining how women Indigenous farmers know how to rebuild the soil. In turn, it will help to act as a carbon sink and begin the process of restoring balance to Mother Nature’s systems which are completely OUT of balance.

This is also fully understood by the shamans of South America.

Empire is a word. If you dig deeper you find that the need to conquer and control women, nature, other races, and any considered “weak” is part of the same dis-eased ethos that is murdering this world and too many inhabitants of too many nations within it. All that, under the LIE of “Defense” and/or “National. Security.”

Mother nature is showing the effeteness of these macho approaches.

Had all the soldiers pushed into unnecessary immoral bloodbaths in the Middle East instead been directed to rebuild this nation’s infrastructure, the karmic blowback of war would have been avoided and in its place, the nation would be better prepared for climate change cum chaos.

EVERYTHING being done by the dark marriage of Big Banking with Big Militarism (and all other corporate predators that factor into this toxic mix) is off-kilter and spreading disasters.

Empire speaks of America. The real powers are now global corporations and as TPP and TIPP are apt to soon “enshrine” into “law,” no nation will be able to legally challenge what these deadly behemoths establish as their version of law–Might makes right and their self-appointed licenses to kill, pillage, pollute, and plunder: all being set into place under the guise of “free trade” or “liberty.”


You ought to educate yourself. Your views are shot from the hip with ZERO intelligence to back them up.


So let me great this straight> Are you suggesting that Plant and animal species are migrating Northwards because of “development”?

A Sugar maple tree is not aware of this “development” As to your not having SEEN these changes , it because your eyes are not opened. I have SEEN them in my own lifetime as I grew up on a farm and know what we could grow there 40 years ago , what can grow there now, and what my grandfather could grow there in 1910. The Science tells us due to the simple laws of thermodynamics that the further North one goes the more noticeable these changes will be.

If you are oblivious to the fact plant and animal species are shifting their ranges in response to climate changes then you are simply not observant . You can consult any of a number of “Plant hardiness maps” which will help illustrate these changes.


WE don’t pour crap into the ocean. Many people are respectful of nature and do not do this.

Primarily it’s big oil with its naked, empty promises of “We won’t do it again” (pertaining to massive oil spills and pipeline ruptures) that are the guilty parties.

There was an article so poignant I can’t shake its profound intimations–it was done about 5 days ago on what’s about to be done off the coast of Alaska… Military sonar and other auditory horrors shot into one of the last marine sanctuaries where whales and dolphins can continue their love songs.

There is a Hopi (or perhaps it belongs to a different Indigenous Tribe) myth about whale song keeping this planet in balance. (I used this premise in a movie script later turned into a novel. And Star Trek had its own take on this same GIFT to life and this planet, the whale species).

It is difficult to know if the MANY posters who traffic in the one-size-fits-all frame of WE do this out of lazy, sloppy thinking or a Think Tank’s deliberate attempt to constantly and consistently take what is done by corporate predators–the same ones who fund the campaigns of ignoramuses like the governors of Texas and Oklahoma (to ensure that NO sane environmental standards CAN be imposed) and repackage it as “everyone’s responsibility” is a paid meme, a talking point that shows up more than ANY other in these threads.

If the Occupy Wall St. movement, the exposures of The Deep State, The financial graft proven by The Piketty Study, and the absolute lack of the public’s representation in just about any meaningful congressional vote (*or policy, as proven by the Page & Gillens Study) are taken together… all show that it is a 1% power-consortium that is doing most of what ails this planet.

To those who chant that U.S. citizens are sheep (conveniently ignoring the speed and degree to which corporate policies are going global and The War on Terror continues the maintenance of a system of controls ON civil liberties that many of us know to have been contrived from its false flag get-go), then what can be argued is that sheep will follow where shepherds, i.e. authority, direct them.

The fish rots from the head… and in the case of our own nation, the HEAD is not protecting the BODY of the citizenry. It answers to the 1% and this ilk, in turn, is poisoning our air, water, soils, food supply and public health.

Too many subjects are analyzed as separate arenas. Connecting dots shows that with extreme autism, and extreme Diabetes, and extreme Depression (anti-depressant drugs are the #3 leading drug sold, globally–since Disaster Capitalism contains its own version of Psychological blowback… quite profitable, at that), extreme Cancer rates, extreme Obesity, and so much more.

The rapist and rape victim are NOT the same entity.


You’ve obviously never spent much time in the oceans. And, I’m not talking sea cruises. WE do pollute, the sea of plastic and container garbage is real, btw. WE just don’t show it to the people who like to eat swordfish, shark fin soup and the rest of the usual delicacies. That’s not just the 1%, that’s WE, as in US. The cornucopia isn’t just for the !% and shouldn’t be. Changing the market basket of what is " good " is OK by me, but I’m not delusional, either. And, you haven’t gotten out of the same accusatory and backhanded slaps in % years. Talk about a one trick pony. Sheesh!


So flooding is not enough that Texas has to add earthquakes too?


Excuse me but it well established that the presence of Cities as example will affect local weather and will do so for hundreds of miles around. The reasons for this are varied but include extra heat generated being shed into the atmosphere and particulate matter that is shed acting as airborne particulates that will hold mositure in the atmosphere. NASA oberved long ago that if one goes downwind from a City clouds will form because of that city.

The presence of trees or lack there of will have much the same effect, Deforestation in the Amazon leads to less rainfall as there less cloud formation because of the transpiration effect. (Trees leaves shed mosture into the atmosphere which leads to cloud formation and then rainfall).

The presence of bodies of water also affects weather. The larger the body of water the greater the effect. This is most evident as example in the area around the Great lakes. While these are natural bodies of water local weather changes also occur near artifical lakes created by the damning of rivers.

Mans activities can indeed affect weather at the local level and Climate over the long term. The greater the scale of those activites the greater the effect on climate.