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'Devastating, Illegal, and Unethical': Trump Denounced for Imposing Sweeping Attack on Abortion Rights Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/devastating-illegal-and-unethical-trump-denounced-imposing-sweeping-attack-abortion

When are WE going to summon up the Courage to put an end to this Trump Nightmare? Time we stopped the Debating… don’t you think? Our lives are on the line, and nothing is being done about Any of it!!!

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So presumably, a person or group who did not receive federal tax dollars would be able to make abortion referrals, but if they did not provide abortions themselves, then also presumably, Title X clinics would be able to refer patients to them. “Sorry, we cannot give you an abortion referral, but here’s the contact information for people who can.”

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Why do so many christians hate abortion and love war?

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ALLEGEDLY this nation is dedicated to equality for all –

but clearly women are underrepresented in our Congress by miles and miles.

And white males “Christian” Dinosaurs are running Congress for their benefit.

Overpopulation is necessary for Elites/Patriarchy to hold power and profit by
enslaving others.

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