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'Devastating': Thousands Evacuate as Mexico Struck By Yet Another Massive Earthquake


'Devastating': Thousands Evacuate as Mexico Struck By Yet Another Massive Earthquake

Jake Johnson, staff writer

This post may be updated.

On the anniversary of the horrific 1985 earthquake that killed at least 5,000 people, Mexico City on Tuesday was rocked by yet another powerful quake that destroyed buildings and forced thousands to pour into the streets for safety.

The U.S. Geological Survey placed the quake's preliminary magnitude at 7.1, and local outlets are reporting that several people have been killed.


This is tragic. I hope that our government will step up and help our neighbors.


The real tragedy is starting tomorrow morning when super-hurricane Maria hits - possibly leveling San Juan which is already devastated at the hands of the neoliberal vulture capitalists Puerto Rico. I am not even optimistic that the US government will help its own Puerto Rican citizens. So Mexico? Forget it!


And how very inhumane, tragic, and deeply sad that all these tragedies are occurring when we have a diabolical racist demented dimwit at the helm. We may never recover from his cruelty, criminality, and brutality.


Is the media even paying attention to what is happening in St. Croix right now and what will happen in Puerto Rico by early morning? This is looking far worse than Irma - which hit no densely populated and was less intense. The winds, flooding and massive landslides are going to be catastrophic. A 175 mph wind will carry a human body away and into any obstruction at aircraft speed and kill them. There will be no safe place to take shelter.

No doubt, like the Haiti earthquake, we will have to listen to Democracy Now to know what happens. I Hope Juan Gonzalez’s family is going to be OK.


Fat chance, Hawk.
Our alleged government can’t even help our people, unless they are Pentagonal.


After the 8.2 earthquake two weeks ago they were concerned about very strong after shocks …

Is this what this was … ???

The magnitude 7.1 shock killed at least 217 people, nearly half of them in the capital, 32 years to the day after a devastating 1985 quake and less than two weeks after a powerful tremor killed nearly 100 people in the south of the country.


I heard this question put to a seismologist this morning. He said that aftershocks are usually closer in both time and proximity than this, so probably not - but there will be further study into the possibility.


It may strike you as far-fetched to consider the link between seismic activity and global warming. We’re seeing a simultaneous increase in both, but correlation is not causation - not always, anyhow. Correlation may spur investigation which establishes causation. And there’s a growing, compelling body of scientific literature on this subject. It’s not too far-fetched for scientists to consider.

The lithosphere, the rocky Earth, is actually mushy and malleable, like a big rubber ball. Think of the shockwaves spreading from an earthquake epicenter, like ripples in a pond. When the weight pressing down on the surface changes because gigatons of H2O are transfered from ice at the poles to sea water at the equator, or even when hurricanes bring large fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions might be provoked.

Respected British geologist Bill McGuire has written a book, and a Guardian article, about this:

How climate change triggers earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes


Trump…“If Mexico had built that wall, this earthquake would not have happened”.
Would it surprise anyone if he said this?


One of the very few major problems on this earth not caused by humans.
SFO and LA next ?


I watched an obscure video on you tube not long ago that actually predicted the hurricanes and two earthquakes accurately. Just a note here it was by a young girl.


Aleph –

The Pentagon in a “Secret Memo” to W Bush in 2004 made clear that Global
Warming was more of a threat to the nation than “terrorism.”
In that memo, as they recited all of the weather events which would be
increasing in frequency and severity, they also mentioned earthquakes.
A year or two later, “earthquakes” were removed from the memo…
presumably in a scrubbing of the memo and not by the Pentagon.

So far, this is as close as I could get to the actual Memo … rest of articles merely discuss it.
I’ll keep trying.

Commissioned by esteemed Department of Defense planner Andrew Marshall, the report paints a scenario under which global warming could pose a threat to the world “greater than terrorism” — complete with mega-droughts, widespread famine, and rampant rioting. But while it has sounded alarms on Capitol Hill, it hasn’t provoked so much as a peep from the White House.

And …
The Pentagon’s Carbon Bootprint
In 2012, oil accounted for nearly 80% of the Pentagon’s energy consumption, followed by electricity, natural gas and coal.

Had heard Thom Hartman comment on that about 10 years ago, but until
now hadn’t found back up report for it.

Needless to say, Pentagon and WARS/MIC create Global Warming.


form –

If you mean earthquakes, the melting of the glaciers will bring more frequent
and more severe earthquakes … due to the changing pressures on the
tectonic plates and also on the earth’s crust.

That info was included in a 2004 Pentagon secret memo to W Bush stressing that
Global Warming is more dangerous to the US than “terrorism.”
About two years after the memo, the memo was scrubbed and “earthquakes”

Please see my reply to Aleph below.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s shameful that the Pentagon is exempt from reporting its carbon footprint (and that our abject media never even asks). That’s the rule in a military/police state: the uniformed are never held to account.

Thanks, especially for the link to the Gar Smith article.