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Developing Countries Ask If People Will 'Be Left to Die' as US, Russia, and China Snub Global Covid-19 Vaccine Effort

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/developing-countries-ask-if-people-will-be-left-die-us-russia-and-china-snub-global

So the US, China and Russia are Siamese capitalist triplets conjoined at the bank joint?

Suspect poor Chinese, Russians, and Americans will not be getting the vaccine anytime soon. At the same time, rich Hondurans, Bolivians, and Mexicans will have no problem getting it. This is about social class, not racism or ethnocentrism.


Well, Trump will likely be gone by the time a (viable) vaccine is available at scale. He may claim he has developed one before that, but no one in their right mind will risk using it. If he remains as President after Jan 20,2021, then we have bigger problems, at least in the US.

What are the chances that a vaccine will be developed by labs/testing done outside the US, China, or Russia? Maybe not too great, but can we blame whoever develops it to distribute it to cooperating partner nations and freeze out the selfish threesome?

C’mon, peoples of the 3rd world nation’s: you know that the US, Russia, and China always leave “people to die,” so why the inane question?


“Are people to be left to die?”

If the present leaders and their owners of the US have anything to say about it, the answer is yes, their saying the same thing to the bottom 70% of their own citizens, starve and die, we don’t care, we got ours.


Absolutely, they don’t care or are unable to feel anything.
Do we want to trust a hurried vaccine when the origins and handling of the virus were botched by the same uncaring people?


I bet there are Jonas Salks in Cuba if only they had enough funds for the research. Instead they ship off to countries in need and use their resources to assist others.

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Vaccines in theory seem to be a good idea:…but there are a" few, small "problems…as this TECHNOLOGY is used today. Herd Immunity is the goal; funny that they use such a word (livestock, sheep, cattle) in reference to humans…

  1. Big Pharma has no liability for problems of damage or death related to their product.
  2. Many tax $$ are used in vaccine development.
  3. Babies are given so, so many injections of different vaccines,…way before their immune systems have developed.
  4. The US Military injects many vaccines into their assets, their human soldiers.
  5. The contents of each vaccine is not disclosed, who knows what they are injecting… in the" past" vaccines would include heavy metals such as mercury, a neurotoxin …that may still be true.
  6. Many have argued and made connections with vaccines and diseases/conditions such as autism,
  7. Bill Gates has significant financial investments related to the biotech industry, to vaccine development. His financial returns depend on the success of these big pharma companies and their vaccines, financial return…the more vaccines the better…oh yes,and there are stories of his interest in population control & eugenics in his past… everything is connected…
  8. and to rely upon vaccines as the magical solution, the only solution to this pandemic is really not a great idea… Providing healthcare access to increase the general health of all people would be a much better solution…the stronger each person is the better that they are to respond to the virus…and this will build “herd” immunity…and why not strengthen social support and food availability for all, this will increase the healthiness of more people.
  9. and then in theory if there was a vaccine that was safe and effective, who is going to have access to it?..everyone?..or the well-connected…?
  10. and to categorize all who have concerns about vaccines as anti-vaxxers…what a great way to shut down conversations and truthful investigations…what a conspiracy, right… … these vaccines must be ok, right, hmm… Trump is pushing hard for one soon… soon you will be safe…with Warp Speed…
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What a dishonest article. Why should joining COVAX be a metric to determine which countries will be helpful to the developing world by making vaccine available? Both China and Russia realize that most international organizations have been infiltrated and have come under malevolent influence by western countries, particularly the UK and United States.

OPCW (Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Warfare) has been corrupted such that whistleblowers have been forced to come forward and reveal the fact that when, for example, in investigating Syria’s alleged chemical attack in Douma they ignored any evidence that went against the predetermined conclusion that Assad was responsible for the attack.

We live in a world where the United States and western countries can simply declare, without any supporting evidence, that elections were corrupted and decide who the winner was thereby violating that country’s right to self-determination. That has happened in Venezuela and Bolivia and now there is an attempt to do the same in Belarus.The Organization of American States in another example of an international organization corrupted by the US and in this case Canada and right-wing regimes in the Americas.

China will be distributing vaccines in all South American countries. Russia will be providing its vaccine to 20 countries, as a matter of fact Mexico will be receiving 30 million doses next month. It is only the United States who has been a bad actor, seizing PPE bound for other countries and speculatively buying up the entirety of vaccine production from many suppliers. So much propaganda.


Thanks for pointing out what a bad piece of Amerikan propaganda this is. Amerika is the only country that not going share unless you pay the big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If had money I fly to Russia for their vaccine.

Common Dreams you should take this down.

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I was also surprised at the article’s allegation. Russia and China have been very forthcoming in sharing their vaccines with needy countries. China did prioritize, however, the African countries as vaccine recipients. Of the six vaccines accepted by the WHO and apparently approved by the Lancet, three were from China and they’re now internationally tested in their third, final phase.