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Developing: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Taken to Hospital


Developing: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Taken to Hospital

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. military whistleblower Chelsea Manning was taken to the hospital on Wednesday. Though one reporter tweeted that it was a suspected suicide attempt, the reason for the medical visit is still unconfirmed.


The security-state 35 year imprisonment of Manning is an abomination and utter travesty of justice - it is a political warning to whistle-blowers as sure as it is to the press!.
When corporate/banker thieves/parasites, the rich and politically powerful and connected evade justice, victimize millions, rob, pollute, and commit political crimes, most often walk free with no consequences or charade monetary 'fines" only, the imprisonment of political prisoners or the poorest to enrich the Prison Industrial Complex is the crime! Mannings punitive sentence should be rescinded to time served, or pardoned.
It's unfortunate the principle architect and collaborator of the security-state is now president and it would be up to him to pardon Manning to save her life - Obama is far more likely to pardon a financial criminal like Clinton pardoned Marc Rich.........


When will they admit the War on Terror is a war on peace and put Baby-Bush-Cheney in Jail? She should have been released by now. The whole world looks at the U.S. in horror and knows not to listen to a world of it from Corporate Government or Corporate Media.


If you want more of the same, then vote for HillBilly.
Sanders supporters aren't giving up. They know the fix is in and that Hillary tried to steal the primary election. They're going to the DNC to occupy it and make sure Sanders gets the nomination. The line in the sand has been drawn. No more status quo fascist regime!


Exactly my initial thoughts, I'm guessing she realized she would be in jail at least 4 more years if not 8. I'm so sorry Ms. Manning, that we don't have a more equitable justice system, you don't deserve to be imprisoned nor vilified.


From what I've read about her treatment, from the beginning, she has, so far, endured the unendurable.


Vote for Jill Stein, who will use the power of presidential pardon to release Chelsea Manning.


I hope this isn't true, but have to wonder about the timing, coming the same day as the FBI announcement that laws about security don't apply to Hillary.

Someone tortured and imprisoned for whistle-blowing through the release of classified information about war crimes might have a problem with that.


The goddamned c**t gets off scott-free and Chelsea -- who actually DID THIS COUNTRY AND WE PEONS a favor that can NEVER BE REPAID -- is still serving 35 years for doing the right thing!


Send that k[h]unt to GITMO and waterboard her till she S-C-R-E-A-M-S![


Yes. Jill Stein would pardon both Manning and Snowden and drop the witch-hunt against Assange.


Hang in there, Chelsea!
We know the System is screwed right now, but the time will come when you and other Peace Heroes will sit in seats of honor. Promise me you will stick around long enough to enjoy it.


Cookie, totally agree! Makes one wonder if the "suicide attempt" was of the Sandra Bland variety, but with less "success". The military will stop at nothing to keep their little secrets and Chelsea alive is a daily threat to them. I pray for her.


Follow the trail of fraud to find out how we got here. See annavonreitz.com


No one should be tortured. NO ONE.


Hang in there Chelsea. You deserve an ocean of love.


Or Trump.