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DeVos and Defrauding


DeVos and Defrauding

Christopher Brauchli

D’ye think th’ colledges has much to do with th’ progress iv th’ wurruld?” Asked Mr. Hennessey.
“D’ ye think ,” said Mr. Dooley, “tis the mill that makes th’ wather run?”
— Finley Peter Dunne [Mr. Dooley], Colleges and Degrees


“… if a choice has to be made between taking steps to help the needy…or the taxpayer, the taxpayer wins.”

I beg to differ: billionaires don’t consider themselves to be taxpayers (hence all the lobbying, bribing, media control to change/eliminate perfectly good, sensible tax policy), the choice is between needy taxpayers and themselves.

Of course, the billionaires win, over and over and over again.


There are so many fronts on which the Trump “Administration” is sub par, operating outside the law, and just plain evil.
But I think in some regards, DeVos is possibly the worst. The level of control she has at the Department of Education is so large and most Americans these days are frankly idiots when queried about it. This was all coming, messing with education at the university level (HOW IN GOD’S NAME IS SHE REMOTELY QUALIFIED TO MAKE THESE DECISIONS?) Americans are sitting on their asses while all this happens. I personally felt bad vibes when this whole “profit” usually online university stuff started. In many cases it’s pretty clear students are getting a substandard education AND propping up the GOP casino economy. It IS ultimately going to come crashing down, ruining it for everyone. Maybe American’s don’t deserve a decent public education system. They showed this trait when they went for Reagan-who did nothing but mess with the University of California. Education should impel people to make good decisions. This is the worst.