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DeVos 'Corruption Racket' Continues as Trump Education Dept Derails Probes Into Predatory Colleges


DeVos 'Corruption Racket' Continues as Trump Education Dept Derails Probes Into Predatory Colleges

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Continuing her policy of turning a blind eye to the predatory behavior of private colleges at the expense of defrauded students, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has reportedly derailed a special investigative unit within her department that was tasked with probing abuses by for-profit schools.


Can she be any more despicable? Although the attack on public education has been well under way, especially during the Shrub and Obama Administrations, her tenure at the DOE will be the most DeVostating.


Our youth, our students have much to anger them and when it reaches critical mass it will not be just the gun violence to galvanize them into one mass explosion. They need our support. They deserve a livable future and a means to not just survive but thrive.


Right. We can wring our hands over DeVos and Pruitt, and all of the other Cabinet frauds chosen by Don and Bannon to “deconstruct the administrative state.” That’s part of the scheme; we waste our time and become further resigned to the willful sociopathy, rather than actually doing something (that is, the little we are permitted to do) about Don The Mafia Con.


Even special interests agree:


In part what is happening with DeVos is her stupidity is revealing in direct terms what was started during Reagan in the 80’s but most of the public would not face it directly even most liberals, because they simply did not “want” to see it that way; Reagan had zero respect for education. As he once said “Well, I wasn’t a great student, but…” It was sold as “cute.” And way too many Americans allowed it to stand.


DeVos is a slimy sickness infecting US schools. She and her family will be lucky to escape.
“Build those fucking walls.” Probably North and South. Berlin?


“I love the poorly educated.” --Donald J. Trump

“Quintessential ejaculation of Trump.” --WiseOwl


Betsy believes in: See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

Just, be Evil.


Right wing is for anything that harms citizens and society – especially
outright criminal activity very familiar to them.


I think that the National Anthem should be changed to the song “Anything Goes”, as it seems
that this Administration’s #1 priority is to remove any and all obstacles in the way of milking the public out of as much of their money as possible.