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DeVos Defends $18 Million Cut to Special Olympics Funding While Asking Congress for $60 Million for Charter Schools


DeVos Defends $18 Million Cut to Special Olympics Funding While Asking Congress for $60 Million for Charter Schools

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics expressed shock and anger Tuesday after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defended the Trump administration's proposed budget, which cuts ten percent of her department's overall funding—including huge cuts to the Special Olympics—while increasing funds private charter school.

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How do you spell, "C-O-N-F-L-I-C-T O-F I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-S?"



he IS speaking a different language - it’s called compassion and connection to all people.

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I just want to punch her!!! She is an expert on obfuscation. I still want to punch her.

Thank you Rep. Mark Pocan, but did you approve of this piece of shit for her cabinet position. Many did approve of sump-pumps cabinet so now we have the complete devolution of the country in progress. Thank you very much each and all



Oh wow, Betsy DeVos is cutting education in all areas EXCEPT charter schools----it’s death by 1000 cuts to public education------and yet, I bet that after viewing this awful woman–that most watchers were wishing that the death by 1000 cuts would happen to this strange DeVos person! : (



These creatures are not part of the Human Species. They are something else, something ‘other’.



Don’t get too angry with poor Betsy. She’s just a perfect example of the intellectual wasteland our oligarchy resides in. She wasn’t trying to obfuscate (she can’t even spell it) she wasn’t being difficult, or even obtuse. She was being Betsy, and Betsy, like most of the people in her rarified social strata, is an imbecile. Like Trump, she is a sociopath, incapable of empathy or understanding of anyone else’s situation. Mix that with her obvious intellectual disability, and you have what we have experienced in America since it’s foundation. A nation run by an oligarchy of idiots, serviced by a “leadership class” (think people like Kavanugh, Gorsich, Mnuchin) of loyal, often brutal handmaidens, willing to to anything to get whiff of the oligarchy.
The French of yesteryear showed us the only way to deal with such an out of touch oligarchy. Heads in baskets.



She certainly is an imbecile. If her Sente confirmation hearing had been a third grade pop quiz, she would have flunked.



Instead of just blowing off steam- call your state rep and say this is not who we are as people. Stand with teachers and teachers unions, and get off your high horse when your town or city says they are raising taxes to save schools. Only reason she hates public schools is that she and her deplorable brother have investments in charter schools. Also, let all of your friends and relatives know about this. The federal government used to fund public schools as well as the states. Now, it’s only the towns and cities because they are looked at as “quaint” by the elites. It is illegal, and the federal government is committing illegal acts by doing this. Betsy is an uneducated spoiled brat who knows nothing about education. She also hates public schools, teachers, anything that doesn’t smack of teaching religion, plus she hates disabled people. Expose her for what she is - a total moron.



If one is allowed the luxury of stating the obvious: Quite apart from the Congressional and Judicial protocols, (the collective) we are allowing Trump to remain in office…he’s now a third into his third year and it looks like Congress, the Judiciary and The Owners have ZERO interest in removing him (and his purposely-crafted wrecking crew of a cabinet). If the mass strike set for April 1 doesn’t turn out hundreds of thousands all over the country, then we can expect more of the same WILLFULLY created, flag-pinned mayhem.



Piece of shit, awful woman, imbecile, and, total moron.

That about sums up Betsy DeVos.



She certainly appears to be a moron but since she appears to be able to memorize her pat answers to any possible criticism I’d say that she is just above the rating for moron.

And yes I do know that both her and her brother are invested in the charter school for profit industry. Possibly the jails also? It is too obvious that they know nothing other than how to make themselves more wealth. True sociopaths they are.

Yes I will be contacting my representatives. In this little town where I live we elected new school board member who are interested in increasing funding for schools since they have children in the public schools.



I have one comment: Charter Schools can go it alone. We have public schools which have served our country. Our public schools are available to all and whose funding should not be cut in order to subsidize Charter Schools (in effect they are private schools). If people want to send their kids to Private Schools or Charter Schools they can do so by paying for them. Otherwise, they are free to attend our public schools!



I think she seems to look more and more like her imbecile brother Erik (the dark)Prince /BLACKWATER mercenary founder…

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Good! Remember for the ones who are against increasing funding- remind them that they had their day,. Also contact your rep and state that this is not who we are as people. Public schools until charters came along never had to be defended. Yes, Devos and Erik Prince are violent sociopaths, and yes she is just above a moron. Charter schools do not need money- they get their money from investors from Wall Street- a conflict of interest.



No kidding- stand with teachers and their unions - charter schools have public charters but they are a ruse as they are funded with investments from Wall Street.



Our taxes should NEVER be used to fund private schools. Trouble is for some reason that I admit I do not understand some of these charters have public charters so they “count” themselves as public schools but they are not. Call and write your reps and state that this is a ruse.



My response may seem counter-intuitive, however, Special Olympics condones the continued segregation and congregation of people who experience disabilities. I suggest moving that money into effective supported employment and supported living programs that should foster independence, self autonomy, and community normalization (Wolfensburger). People with disabilities want to recreate and participate in life just like everyone else.



Well, I see your point, but that does not fix taking money from public schools. Devious hates people with disabilities. We all have some as we are human.

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This Assolini administration keeps descending further and further into a living hell for us all.

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