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DeVos Denounced for Student Debt Relief Rule Change That Critics Say 'Takes a Scythe to Defrauded Borrowers'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/31/devos-denounced-student-debt-relief-rule-change-critics-say-takes-scythe-defrauded


Contempt for the lives of others runs in her family - and financial class.

The entire trump regime from top to bottom is characterized by massive conflicts of interest that put corporate/banker/wall street interests above the people’s! The evidence must be searched and those who betrayed their oaths and trust indicted, prosecuted, and all benefits, wealth, etc stripped from them!

Take a lesson from this when considering the frauds and for-profit motives of "charter schools, whether “non-profit” (a deception) or other - all victimize students and are another brick in the predatory for-profit mindset of vulture capitalism!


It is abundantly clear that the alt-right and the ruling members of the oligarchy in general (including the neoliberal Democrats who are opposed to any form of student debt relief, or anything remotely “socialistic,” and will not challenge Devos on this) are not just ideologues with an antithetical worldview to liberals whose views should be respected as legitimate and principled – they are downright despicable, vile, self-serving pond scum who openly hate anyone not a member of their country club of goddamn filthy rich elitists. If more people are forced to suffer and even die as a result of their increasingly oppressive laws they rejoice. They see it as a form of population control. They might as well pick anyone at random from among the struggling masses, point a gun to their head, and pull the trigger. It is pointless to try to understand or to find some way to co-exist or work with these people. They are evil personified and they want it ALL.


Hello Jessica Corbett, Staff Writer and Everyone, Is anyone truly surprised when the worst scum usurp power and keeping their plans of destroying all parts of the country and the rest of the world? Each time something is done it relies on what came before. This is a viral infection that needs to be permanently removed forever and forever. At this point in time I have no hope for human survival as that doesn’t seem to be any chance that they won’t be removed as it is already too late for radical intervention to make any changes except around the edges!


Because you simply can’t do better for an Education Secretary than a billionaire who owns several large yachts and whose idea of reform of our public school system is to convert them to private, charter and religious schools. Maybe she could do her mercenary brother Erik a favor and have “Black Water” recruiting booths for graduating Seniors. Imagine leaving your school with a diploma in one hand and an AR-15 in the other.


Yet another reminder you are but a slave to debt, a wage-slave.


James Kvall sez:
“By leaving students on the hook for colleges’ illegal actions, today’s rule sends a clear message that there will be little or no consequences for returning to the misrepresentations and deceptions that characterized the for-profit college boom.”

In an unrelated development, the Assimilated Press is reporting President Trump has scheduled a press conference for 3 a.m. Sunday in which he is expected to announce the restoration of Trump University, effective the day the new rule goes into effect.


DeVos, her brother, and the entire family should be prosecuted.
They’re grifters, and in her brother’s case, a mercenary murderer.
She should never have been confirmed.
Her brother is arranging private wars for Trump.
Just another sign of how corrupted America is.


Another money/spending rabbit hole and a waste of the courts time. How many dollars and hours are spent on suits to stop this administration from gutting the American Dream and drowning democracy in the bathtub.

Just think of the last 3 years and all the monies that gone into just defending the "we the peoples justice for all and freedom for men, women, children of all kinds (human beings).

All these people need to be jailed and assets taken. Who now sounds like the authoritarians but they’ve been stealing from taxpayers coffers for years. We need to get it back.


This might be another reason for the dump to lose favor with the public along with dump’s demand that children of military families who are born outside of the us-terror-tory now have to apply for citizenship for their children instead of being automatically citizens due to the fact that their parents are not only citizens but serving in the military.


Don’t we do it the other way around. Offer free schooling for serving in the military? Trading in the M-16 for some books and tuition?


You know what you have when these people testify in front of congress and won’t give you straight answers. Something to hide Betsy?




Good point, that is IF you survive your tour(s) and also don’t come back with PTSD or commit suicide. One of the great lies is that the military will provide you with a useful skill to use in civilian life. Yeah, if you can find employment maintaining a JO9610.97 radar unit or the backup maneuvering computer for an F-35 fighter. The biggest lie of all is that the U.S. military should be provided with enormous budgets of $700 plus billion every year to “Keep the Heartland Safe” while helping to bankrupt the country and using up most of its petroleum resources which brings global heating that much more of a reality.


Well done, very well said.

Yup, I imagine it is hard finding a civilian tank driving job or an artillery gunners position.
On the flip side, my “county veterans service officer” is one of the great ones and worked a military flight line for years before his discharge.
Military service can offer the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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this crap’s been a bipartisan affair since Willie opened up the idea of using college educations as a massive debt fraud scheme.

there’s little that DeVos is doing that Arne Duncan and several others weren’t doing before her. Like her master, she just doesn’t have the bedside manner of the middlemen that used to occupy the position.

Jubilee or nothing.

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Hello brucebennett, It’s really closer to 2 trillion per year now than the paltry 700 billion you mentioned. When you add up all of the theft by those on the right from government and ginormous business for just the last 4 decades it has exceeded 1,000,000,000,000 or 10 to the 12th power if not more.

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DeVos is laughing all the way to the bank. It’s sad that this administration has made greed their reason for being.

Hell will be too good for their souls.

Damn, what a great 12-string performance. Great song.