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DeVos Hires Top Official at For-Profit University to Help "Right-Size" Department of Education


DeVos Hires Top Official at For-Profit University to Help "Right-Size" Department of Education

Diane Ravitch

Jennifer Berkshire reports that Secretary Betsy DeVos has turned to a top official from the scandal-plagued for-profit higher education industry to “right-size” the Department of Education.

As the New York Times said when his appointment was announced:


Thank heavens the Obama team was so much better...

Hope you like the privitization of public schools. The duopoly sure does. Where did Arne Duncan send his kids? Private school, of course.

Privitization: it's not just for prisons.

Shut down Enbridge Line 5!

  • Death of the "American Dream" by a thousand cuts
  • Pigs-at-the-trough
  • "Ideal" cannibalistic and predatory capitalism
  • Fox guarding the hen house

Yeah, so much for the republic and its institution of representative democracy.
The heck with the illusions of political parties.
Look at the geo-political and the socio-economic patterns of history.

If you don't know by now... If voting actually had a substantially real possibility of significantly ameliorating the plight of the citizenry, then it would be outlawed. In order to prevent such a prospect and strengthen their power and hegemony, , the power-elite has various strategies to sabotage society, even at the risk of creating power-elite a dystopia. After all, they have had so much practice in other countries.


The Obama team was much better, actually: you're engaging in a false equivalence because the Dems haven't disengaged themselves entirely from the for-profit industry, which has its tentacles laced throughout US politics. The Obama administration went after several of the most egregious for-profit offenders, including one run by this clown, and oversaw the general collapse of the for-profit model as the economy began to turn around around in 2011 (for-profit colleges thrive in high unemployment). You also apparently don't entirely understand that private schools are often not for-profit schools; they are not the same thing at all, despite your attempt to muddle them together. There is plenty to critique in the Dems' approach, to be sure, but to engage in such a sloppy, inaccurate false equivalence, even when used as a sarcastic throw-away as you have posted, is to perpetuate a shamefully false narrative that the Trump administration is really no different than what we would have seen with a different party in presidential power.


I'm quite aware of local district public, public charter, for-profit private, non-profit private, and home schooling.

My father was a school superintendent, my mother a guidance counselor, I've worked as a reading specialist and private tutor to students attending every one of the above...so spare me your condescending lectures.

Duncan embraced Common Core, delighting Republicans.
He embraced charter schools, rankling teacher's unions.
Arne Duncan epitomized the D-Party approach ever since Bill Clinton: split-the-difference and triangulate.

Triangulation, in case you haven't noticed, is a move rightward.

As far as the Obama team being better, I ask better than what? The previous Bush Administration, which increased the Dept of Ed budget significantly more than Obama's?


I graduated from Ashford in August '16 and it was not a bad school or bad experience.

Education is expensive for the public and private sectors because of lobbying by the private sector to reduce funds for public education. I wrote an entire paper on this. It started back in the late 80's and took full swing when Clinton put Sally Mae executives in office. It's been a 30 year process by the private sector and now they have exactly what they want.