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DeVos Just Put Interests of 'Predatory Profiteers' Over Student Loan Borrowers


DeVos Just Put Interests of 'Predatory Profiteers' Over Student Loan Borrowers

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday withdrew student loan borrower protections put in place by the Obama administration, a move that steps away from accountability and opens the door for "rogue" servicers, according to critics.


Wicked witch of the east, Betsy Devious did this so her bankster friends will have more money to invest in charter schools.


At this point, we're pretty much down to a debt strike.

It's not as powerful a weapon as it could be thanks to the barrage of "legal" garnishments now available to the state and its corporate overlords, but it would still make their repugnant tasks more difficult.

Not another cent to this criminal enterprise dressed up as an actual country.


Are these people "real?" There seem to be so many heartless and soul-less zombies on the planet any more. Morality? Consideration foe the well-being of our fellow human beings? Hell no! How did something like this come to pass in our so-called Christian nation? Self-serving, self-obsessed sociopaths are running our government and ruining our lives. And by the look of that shit-eating grin on Betsy's face, they couldn't be happier about "getting theirs" at the expense of hard-working and ever poorer Americans.What have we become?


A truly vile person. The Trump administration hasn't done a single thing, or tried to do a single thing, that would benefit working people. Not a surprise to anyone that would visit this site, but probably with some of those that voted for him. I think that many expected him to be a mixed bag, but he isn't, he's leading a one sided class war.


Well, of course DeVos is awful; but note that lots of big time Democrats
were complicit in this - from the 2005 bankruptcy "reform" right through
Arne Duncan.

That is in large part why meany of us want to take over the Dem Party.


what the hell does this mean???

does that mean income based is being rescinded???
where is the nearest cardboard box.....I and my cats and my husband might have to call that home..
I knew it...everyone told me I was crazy...
I knew it...called my worthless Congressman about this..he NEVER responded...
Albio Sires...whatever pennies I may have left, I will spend every penny to get you out...
you smug, Clinton superdelegate., piece of you know what...
you got 85% due to the DemoRATic New Jersey political machine../???
well enjoy your good life now, which you obviously do, seeing how you are a little portly, shall we say...
I may just sleep outside your door,....I may not have anywhere else to live.


Instead of just making comments that this stinks...
what are, if any, plans to do something about this...
and other matters...//???
what are we going to do...just write on blogs and say "isn't this terrible"? and give opinions..
WHAT is being done about maybe a NATIONAL STRIKE?
like they have in Europe??? any ideas at all?
something that really SCARES THE HELL out of these bastards...
not something that just is infotainment for CNN/ MSNBC....etc.


Take it over, HELL!   I just re-registered as a Malthusian Rationalist.
It's time to DUMP the DAMNOCRAT$ and take the Vermont Progressive Party NATIONWIDE!!
    Piss Upon the PollutocRat$
    Overthrow the Oilocarch$
    Dump Debbie Duhby-Ass
    and DITCH The BITCH!!!


Vicious, brutal elitist bitch. Out to destroy the greatest public education system ever built. Supposedly John Kenneth Galbraith wrote in the postwar years (1950s) that the privileged will destroy America before they cede any part of their status. So if that's true, and we're playing by their rules, then anything goes, the old you eat the bear before he eats you context. What were Liberty Valance's last words?


Expect your local pyramid scheme (aka AMWAY) to be offering school loans, vouchers, and FunnyDementalist-approved "textbooks" any day now . . .


Graduating recently with $100,000 in student loan debt, at age 50, and given the toxic loan environment in this country and the basic immorality of saddling students with debt, I decided the best course was to repay as little of it as possible, working the system and staying on top of paperwork. DeVos's actions for me underline the wisdom of this course. I'll die with most of that debt, likely more as the interest builds up.


Be careful. If your loans are private often you can negotiate a payoff amount in lieu of defaulting. And if you do default often you can negotiate a settlement with the debt buyers who purchase your debt. Not so if you have federal student loans. The government will initiate collection if you don't pay, including garnishing your social security monthly payments.


this takeover has been in constant attempt for nearly 45 years.
it hasn't happened yet. there are reasons for that, and the faster good people learn why taking the party over isn't an option, the better off we'll be.
I spent my last 8 years in the party working toward that goal once. At every turn, elites and leadership merely change the rules to ensure their power remains untouched. Every. Single. Time.

The thing about parties is that they are literally private clubs. These days, they're basically corporations. And like those things, there is no public regulation on what parties can or can't do regarding their membership standards and process rules. And ordinary voters have about as much chance at taking the reigns as do floor workers in the average company.

You mobilize more Sandernistas? Fine. They jack up the superdelegate count. Elect a maverick? (like, say, from Ohio or Hawaii) Fine. they primary them out or let the GOP redraw the lines.

You're not taking it over. You're far better off spending all that precious energy and all those resources planning a mass defection where you are the leadership and you make the rules.


I am not sure where you got that this was the greatest public education system ever built? Have you even looked at Europe's??


That's what you get when you put a blithering idiot bimbo in charge of a complex agency. She isn't bright enough to tie her own shoes and is being directed by the wolves who want to install a system that will continue to rip us off until we're all destitute.


Same thing with me. It was largely unpayable because my timing sucked. I started my grad process when professional jobs with tenure were still available. By the time I was done, that was all gone and most new jobs in the academy were adjunct. I made more working as a security guard!

When I was still able to work, I had to change jobs about every 18-24 months! If I went longer, the vultures would descend and take half the check. Student debt is more than just peonage. It's almost like being a fugitive.


When you include America's state universities there's nothing like our system; if you think DeVoss is stopping at our local public schools, you're mistaken.


Vile describes the lot of them.

I know Trump loves the 'poorly educated', and most likely few of them will read an article such as this one and comprehend it completely, however, every day that goes by Trump and company make changes to our way of lives that negatively impact many, including, 'His People.'

It will be so sweet to see the Orange Orangutan with the Cheshire Cat smile be reduced to the loser he is when the midterm elections expose how the Trump Team 'Cut their own Throats' deconstructing our Democracy.

The only thing better than taking back the House and Senate, would be the actual 'act.'


Ms. Devoid (of brains) strikes again. The hag (Hag. An unattractive, middle-aged or slightly older woman. The term is commonly used to describe hysterical or ugly women in positions of power) that has never paid a bill in her privileged, elitist life let alone incurred any student loan debt or even attended a public school, has been handed unlimited power to enforce her insular biased beliefs, ideas, and heretical policies on our nation's youth/student population (and their parents) with the blessings of the reprobate Congress and demented despot. She, like the rest of the jackals and flying monkeys in this demonic administration will get her punishment in the end...but not soon enough.

Info on Navient, Ms Devoid's top choice to oversee collection of student loan debt: article in Forbes mag follows: Articles are as recent as January of this year:

CFPB Sues Student Loan Servicer Navient For Failing Borrowers 'At Every Stage' (CFPB = Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

and in Washington Post: "Student loan servicer Navient hit with three government lawsuits in one day"

Navient is no better than the local loan shark that uses any and all means regardless of legality, to collect a debt. Their tactics do not go as far as to kneecap their victims but they do everything in their power to destroy these victims' credit and futures. Piranhas and parasites all. (I wonder how much stock in Navient is owned by Devoid and her hubby....)