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DeVos' Reported Solution to Mass School Shootings? Scrap the Rules Designed to End Discrimination Against Students of Color


DeVos' Reported Solution to Mass School Shootings? Scrap the Rules Designed to End Discrimination Against Students of Color

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A school safety commission formed after 17 people were murdered at a high school in Parkland, Florida in February plans to formally recommend that the Trump administration rescind "groundbreaking" Obama-era policies that aimed to prevent discrimination against students of color, according to the New York Times.


Betsy DeVos is Exhibit B—of course, Exhibit A is her boss—in support of the observation that money can’t buy class, compassion, good taste or brains.


This might be a good time to read or re-read Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, Why We Can’t Wait along with Eric Foner’s, The Story of American Freedom especially if you identify yourself as “white”. And also read Black Rage.

“Emancipation was a Proclamation but not a fact”, Lyndon B. Johnson. "

“The pen of the Great Emancipator had moved the Negro into the sunlight of physical freedom, but actual conditions had left him behind in the shadow of political, psychological, social, economic and intellectual bondage.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today it is debatable, for large numbers of black folks, if they even have physical freedom given the massive and largest numbers of black people imprisoned and the unjust treatment codified in unjust laws that make this possible. De Vos, that “christian” pervert, is making sure the school to prison pipeline is alive and well.


A truly odious individual who perverts “christianity”.


Ya know, I finally figured out Trump’s appointment criteria, hire ass kissing, low IQ racists.


I don’t say this to be mean or snide, but I’m glad you’ve come to that conclusion. It’s in the narcissist’s handbook (Trump’s their poster boy), everyone thinks like me, everyone is below me.


So the fight goes on. And it will continue until white America owns it’s part in creating a negative culture among our black brothers and sisters. The story of keeping the black man down never ends. Force people to live in reservation style neighborhoods, perpetuate poverty, aid in the creation of a (separate) culture, enhance an environment of crime as an alternative to working for a bigoted white workforce, and then blame all of the problems that arise from this treatment on to our African Americans as though they brought it on themselves.
Until we recognize and treat the bigoted ways of the white man, you can’t fix the negative outcomes of an American black culture.


Ok, from what I read this report suggests that if segregation restored , mass shooters who are almost all white would go to the Black schools to kill kids and this would somehow make it all better?


For all the keystrokes spent on this issue, it’s near-impossible to find mention of the fact that some 90+% of mass shooters were on at least one, and often more, psychiatric drugs at the time of the incident. Could BigPharma be afraid of the liability issue? I mean, it’s not as if there weren’t multiple reports of these drugs causing suicidal/homicidal ideation.


If it was a naturally occurring phenomenon America would not be the only place it happens.
It is curious to say the least that so very little effort has been made to try and discover the root cause.
They are focused exclusively on psychology, and even then every incident is treated as an isolated anomaly.


Can’t argue with anything you said, nor would I want to. Good post.


Yet those same drugs are prescribed to Children in other Countries. They would affect those other people the same way.

Now I would allow they a contributing factor but believe that the Cultural differences still a significant factor . I think there a “condition” for want of a better term that has been indoctrinated into specific populations that act as more fertile ground for those people on those drugs to “act out” acts of violence. If the threshold to Commit violence is lower in the first place, these drugs might well have a more noticeable effect.

Contributing factors are likely the degree of wealth inequality , the emphasis a culture places on “social standing” and being accepted in a group , the “Celebrity Culture” and the like.

I moved from a small farm in Central Alberta to North Alberta when I was around 14. There was a distinct difference in the “culture” of the schoolkids that I noticed right off and that was self image and peer group pressure to be “noticed” and stand out from the others was much greater in the town I moved to among the Students. Being cool was important. I speak to cousins in that same small town and they have indicated that the School Culture we used to know has changed so self image and being ``cool is paramount. I can only conclude it tòo , through the medium of Television and mass media , has devolved. There a whole lot more alienation now and those drugs are not going to help a person already feeling that alienation.

I suspect the same things occur country to country.


Great post- but we the people need to keep hammering away- letters to the editor, voting out the morons, and working with our own communities - that is where it is at. Remember it is the states and local communities along with parents and other taxpayers who decide about policies. Devious is a billion dollar baby who is clueless about life. If she attended college at all - it was probably for business and theocracy.


In today’s schools, I even hear five year olds try to be “all that” - no doubt that they got this from their dumb as rocks parents.


I remember working in an inner city school system- nobody wanted to address issues that were caused by parents or even include parents in any educational workshops etc. Like kids live in isolation.