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DeVos’s New Cause: The Rights of Those Accused of Raping Women on Campus


DeVos’s New Cause: The Rights of Those Accused of Raping Women on Campus

Diane Ravitch

DeVos’ world gets stranger by the day.

After hearing from rape victims, DeVos and her top civil rights official have decided to champion the rights of those accused of raping the women.

The New York Times calls this “a new look” at the issue of campus rape.


All just part of Making America Great Again. Some of us are old enough to remember. Black lynchings in the south, Jim Crow, white male privilege, female subservience, invisible homosexuals. Ahh, the good old days.


There is nothing like subscribing to a daily news aggregator feed like the MIT Technology Review and concurrently tracking the new DevosED to feel the reality of the birth pangs of what it means to be a human being.
For example: Rewriting Life Scientists Used CRISPR to Put a GIF Inside a Living Organism’s DNA

Note: the embedding experiment has the GIF image of a galloping horse in a CELL, whereas DevosED is a runaway horse that SHOULD BE in a cell - albeit another kind.

You cannot make this $#!T up. Someone ought to inform the DevosED (or is that a drug?)


Unless those accused of raping women aren’t white males from affluent families… Sexually assaulting women is all part of growing up for a rich white boy learning how to dominate and subordinate those around him as his parents expect of him. They all know this which is why rich white boys are so rarely prosecuted in a meaningful way.


This Amway whore appears to despise the common man and woman. What a condescending, greedy, hypocritical woman DeVos seems to be. A nouveau aristocratic of the North American cut. God how I hate these people.


(Warning - what I am writing her is going to be controversial - and I am in no way defending, even tangentially, DeVos)

Most campus rape accusations are legitimate and committed by misogynistic drunken jock assholes. However, there are situations where after completely consensual sex - usually the awkward sex of a young inexperienced couple, the woman will - out of the blue - accuse the man of rape. It is quite emotionally devastating to the man. One can speculate on the psychology behind the rape accusation but such speculation is unlikely to be productive.

I am writing this from personal experience and leave it at that.


Thank You.

Before I made it to your comment, I was about to write the all the (other) comments here must be from people who have never been falsely accused.

And maybe they do not recognize where they are privileged.

Devos is still devoid of basic intelligence.

I am not aware of who Candace Jackson is. But this is a very sensitive matter. It goes to the deeper psyche of our socio economic condition. In Missouri there is the case of Melinda Coleman. There is a partial film in this case. But charges against the (alleged) perpetrators have been dropped. And the family of the girl has been ostracized by the entire community and run out of town.

How can we let this happen? It is clear that the accused in this case are a from a very powerful family. The girl was left outside a house on a doorstep with very little clothing in 22F weather. There even is a film that one of the accused had taken. How can there be NO charges in the case?

There has to be a fair method on how these things are handled. Unfortunately we are letting our emotions and politics dictate innocence or guilt.


And then there was that HS Football team rape where the whole right-wing rust-belt (used to be an oxymoron) City of Steubenville rallied behind the rapists.



I am sure Devos is not well intentioned at all. But this matter has to be looked at in a sensitive, detailed, scientific and empirical manner.


And it should be added that accusations that lead to a legal action, especially a conviction, are rarely false. The big problem is the genuine rapes where nobody is convicted.


and equally in false accusation cases where someone is.


And this from a woman.
The nightmare abides.